Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

Location of newly discovered hidden chamber in pyramid

A small well hidden chamber has been discovered by a robotic probe in the Khufu pyramid.
In 1993, a robotic probe was sent into an air shaft and after many twists and turns, was stopped by a marble door in its path.
What lied beyond this door was a mystery until late last month when scientists were given permission to continue their exploration by drilling a small hole though it so that a fiber optic probe could be inserted into it.

Once the hole was drilled, the optic fiber probe was inserted and the exploration of the shaft continued.

The fiber optic probe traveled upward into the shaft for several yards turning and twisting until it came to an open chamber approx. ten feet deep and five feet high.
What it reveled inside that chamber was shocking.
Standing in the middle of the room in front of a second doorway was the skeletal remains of an animal.
But this was no ordinary animal.
It appeared to be a large cat with a deformed human head standing guard in front of the entrance to the second chamber.

Skeletal remains of a strange animal guarding the second entrance in the chamber

When the image of the animal was displayed on the video monitor, several scientists thought  that it could be the actual remains of one of ancient Egypt’s most revered mythical half cat half human beasts.
Could this be proof that they were real?
The skeleton was scrutinized for nearly three hours by the exploration staff and the image was aired in real-time around the world to several major university’s.
What the beast is remains a mystery, but one thing has been determined.  It is a real skeleton, not a sculpture or the creation of an ancient taxidermist.
The probe continued past the skeleton and slowly made its way through the second opening into the main chamber.
The small light that was emitted from the fiber optic probe scanned the pitch dark room for several minutes, it appeared to be empty.
The chamber was much to large for the tiny light to illuminate,  so a second more effective light was sent up the shaft to the chamber to aid the fiber optic camera.
When it did, it revealed a much larger chamber than the first.
When the video probe turned and faced directly into the room an even more shocking sight greeted the scientists.
In the middle of the stone chamber was a golden sphere about one foot in diameter floating in the air about eighteen inches from the floor.

Golden sphere floating in the air in the second chamber. Take note of what appears to be a shadow under the Orb. This is not a shadow, it is discoloration from the energy source radiating from the Orb. This force is also pushing the bat droppings aside.

The scientists were amazed at what they were seeing.
The sphere was just hovering in mid-air.
There were no wires holding it up, it was not an illusion.
It has been estimated that the floating sphere is directly in line with the top point of the pyramid .
When word of the mysterious floating sphere reached the Egyptian antiquity Department, the exploration team was ordered to cease their activity and withdraw the probe immediately.
The video tape was confiscated and they were ordered to leave the pyramid.
The next day the Egyptian government issued a gag order that forbid any disclosure of the skeletal remains of the half human half cat and especially the floating sphere.
They were to remain a state secret until it could be determined exactly what they were.
Fortunately the story was picked up by The National Reporter before the gag order was issued and we are at great risk bringing this astonishing find to the world.
What the scientists will uncover about these strange objects is unknown at this time, but you can depend on The National Reporter to be the first news agency to carry the story.

Breaking news!

Click the link below to read the latest update on the mysterious floating orb!.
Floating orb astounds scientists across the globe!

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182 Responses to Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

  1. this is real says:

    this is totally true!

    • i believe this says:

      wow seriously! The half man half tiger skeleton is astounding!
      What strange creatures roamed the earth way back then.

      • Ace Flashman says:

        Quite a few people have claimed that the floating orb is fake because they can see what appears to be a shadow undernieth it.
        This is not a shadow, it is discoloring of the ground under the orb.
        Forensic scientists are guessing that this discolored area has something to do with the energy radiating from the orb that is keeping it afloat.
        The photograph was taken with a very long exposure using an extremly dim light source as required by the Egyptian department of antiquity.
        Bright lights can cause damage to fragile wall paintings that are thousands of years old.

        Keep reading The National Reporter for more exciting news storys from around the globe!.

      • steven says:

        But how do you explain away the megalithic pyramids with such perfectly cut stones that weight up to 70 tons in the kings chamber or the 200 ton base stone at the 2nd pyramid? Nothing on earth can build such a gigantic structure like this today. …

      • BOb says:

        NO STRANGE CREATURES the same ones that live today

      • ET says:

        its called a sphinx

      • Peter Scheunemann says:

        It exists a photo of a stone relief where two men clothed like Assyrians or Babylonians keep two dogs on a leash.These two dogs have human heads!
        I tried to find it again via Google nothing! I think they suppressed them.I saw the photo in a book but. cannot remember the title. When i saw your photo of the scelett they were my first thought.

      • Robert G Reeks says:

        This is true, My mum was there she knows about this stuff. She gave birth to the cat creature after having sex with a Sphinx.

      • Pingon says:

        Utter bullshit

      • Song says:

        Atlantis, Lucifer Bael and hecate were trying get humans to mine for them again since lucifer threw a hissy fit since hes technically insane for a few eons because of a huge mistake they made going somewhere they werent supposed to. part of them were taken off then never came back together right. But i digress. giving us freewill by throwing a hissy because he was denied his turn to rule. later in atlantis after we were sentient highly inteligent and capable 400+ year lifespan he was creating new gene types and chimeras that were strong and inteligent to be our “TASK MASTERS” thats what a minitaur is, thats what 90% of chimeric legends derive from.

    • ColinJDavies says:

      Isn’t this just a reprint of the Scientific American Article?
      Also int he 4th image showing the probe about to go into the hole, I notice there are some Symbols on the roof that appear to be enhanced hieroglyphs. As the Camera has reversed them, They obviously spelled E V I L at some stage. I’m surprised no one else has noticed this.
      Anyhow keep up the good reporting !! Way to much info is being suppressed.

    • Paul Rinderknecht says:

      I known that a hole was effectively drill, and everythings was retransmited on live.
      I never heard about this animal ,nor this ball.I think the Dr Hawas will transmit this if it was.
      Sorry to don’t beleave all I “see”.

      • Helen Parks says:

        If you go to http://www.hiddentextsofnostradamus.com you will see a pdf forum titled
        WHAT THE PYRAMIDS ARE FOR and within that here is an extract

        1 54 1 Deux reuolts faits du malin falcigere,

        1 54 2 De regne & fiecles faict permutation:

        1 54 3 Le mobil figne a lon endroict fi ingere

        1 54 4 Aux deux egaux & d’ inclination
        (battle of Cunaxa – fighting over the use of a time portal at Cunaxa)

        AN GERONIMO – chief of the Anakim most likely Lord of the air waves (frequencies)
        The Ruach, YHWH (Isch Wjsch) who is En.lil

        these lines have others which connect the above information 1 13 : 1 43 and 4 29 in this pdf forum

      • mikegish says:

        Good for your Paul, I remain skeptical as well.

      • Ray Watson says:

        How do they make up all this shit. Lying is a national USA pastime these days.

    • tom says:

      people we are beeing used

    • Graeme Andreissen says:

      Totally disgusting, more like. the golden orb is very obviously Photoshop, and the cat skeleton is most questionable. it just looks very fake on the whole

      • Rho says:

        I agree. Clearly photoshop work, and honestly, I could do better. I have found flaws with every photo in each “story” from this group. Obviously this I s a tongue-in-cheek reporting group. Lol

      • Chiggerdenigger says:

        Oh no,..you mean this story is fake?
        LOL, what a pair of ass holes.
        Everyone knows it’s fake you dumb asses.

      • Travis says:

        The orbs power and energy are so immense that the camera is picking up extra resolution over its presence on the image. Duh. Admit it the evidence is right there! Same with CatMan….

      • zygmunt says:

        And skeleton still standing since 3000 years….. Fake as elephant

    • Peter Scheunemann says:

      Now we have 2017 November.I heard in the local News that they found a 10 squaremeters big room in the pyramide.Interessting is it not?

    • It is a battery to power the alien robots Perhaps some of the Egyptians gods were actually robots

    • George Kouba says:

      if this is totally true, the whole world’s scientists would have been all over this phenomenon trying to prove how this sphere is hovering and for thousands of years and who is controlling it, or what is controlling it. it would have been and still is the talk of the world’s leaders.
      I think that this is all a hoaks.

  2. Adam says:

    Are you serious? This is the most amazing story I have ever read!!

  3. hnm very intersting story. The national reporter is a very good source of information.

  4. TMAN says:


    “Bat droppings”


    Having been inside both Khufu and Kaphre’s pyramids I can tell you it’s practically knee deep with the stuff.

  5. Robert Tenney says:

    if that egyptian secret room was so locked up someone had to drill thru it how did the bats get in?

    • Ace Flashman says:

      They got in through some round about way.

      • Morgan James says:

        There were air channels in the pyramid and I’m sure the bats found their way through such entrances. It’s more likely that bats infest 2000+ year old pyramids than for a couple of mice to get in a residential basement, and THAT happens all the time.

    • Joe Annett says:

      Good point… obviously only bats are going to know the password to the Batcave. 🙂

      • Cronje says:

        Thank you for an ekcellent artical. I had a close look at all the fotos and they are defintively real. You get the truth out there.

  6. Bennyd says:

    This is all (comments and article) complete rubbish. There is no orb, skeleton or bat droppings. Also the sketch of the great pyramids internal structure is the most inaccurate I have ever seen

  7. BigNick says:

    If it is all fake how do explain the article about the skeleton and the mysterious orb in Scientific American?
    They even had the photos.
    Scientists have speculated that the floor of the chamber is built out of magnetic loadstone and the mysterious floating orb is a gold plated sphere made of loadstone.
    The half human half cat skeleton is nothing new.
    Archeologists have found several of them in and around Giza.
    You should do a little research before you criticize facts.

    • Bennyd says:

      So those photos above are real??

      • BigNick says:

        Yes, they are real photos.

      • Bennyd says:

        So…. The fact that the background is pixelated and grainy…. and the image of the ‘orb’ and the ‘skeleton’ are not! doesn’t maybe point to the fact that maybe…. Just maybe ….. they have added later?

    • Bennyd says:

      Also the fact it is in a paper means it is completely true… I point you to such an article http://www.flickr.com/photos/62440303@N04/5683785190/

      • BigNick says:

        The Sunday sport is a humor newspaper.
        They post ridiculous story’s that they make up for the amusement of their readers.
        How would they know if a WW2 airplane was discovered on the moon?
        Did they go there and take pictures of it?
        Does the Sunday sport have their own spaceship?
        Maybe they are aliens with their own private flying saucers.
        HA,ha,ha what nonsense.
        They have no connection to the national reporter what so ever.
        The Sunday sport has never earned the Seal of Honesty from the International reporters association like the national reporter.
        You seem to be forgetting that this story and the photographs were printed in scientific American.
        The Sunday sport,.. indeed.

      • Bennyd says:

        Ok – maybe this credible story has more in connection with the national reporter …. https://aceflashman.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/look-up-in-the-sky-flying-penis-seen-over-pittsburgh/

    • Bennyd says:

      I do however believe magnetism has a role to play with how the great pyramid was built and it’s overall purpose. Coral Castle in Florida is worth reading about if your interested in such things.

      As for research, I have read a number of books on the subject, and having actually been inside the subterranean chamber, and both queen and kings chambers, I can say there is definitely something unique about the structure. Its resonance being one! How it vibrates!

  8. Slobesky28 says:

    LOL, the famous Pittsburgh flying penis!
    My cousin got it on video floating over the buildings downtown.
    He even had it on youtube but they deleted it because they said it was too obscene.
    The national reporter offered him 1200 dollars for it but he already deleted it.
    It was a big balloon made out of sheets painted flesh color with helium filled garbage bags inside.
    It was freaking hilarious!
    Now they say it made it all the way to Europe.

  9. Me says:

    Lovely well polished pieces of photoshopping. After centuries of bat dropping’s the artifacts are pristine? C’mon a skeleton of a cat like creature with the skull of a human attached. An orb very shiney and any one can photoshop a hue to change the colour to make a shadow. If it were true the objects would be dusty, dirty, filthy, but no, they’re dazzlingly shiney and clean. So gullible some people are

    • Funguy says:

      How would the objects be dusty dirty filthy if they were in a closed chamber inside the pyramid?
      After a few years of still air, every speck of dust in the chamber would have settled to the floor.
      How much dust filth and dirt do you suppose was in that chamber?
      Enough to produce a noticeable pile on the orb?
      No, at most you would see a slight film of dust in a close up high resolution photograph which this obviously is not.
      Odd how you claim to be able to tell that this low resolution image is Photoshopped.
      As for the pixelation.
      I checked and there is nothing out of the ordinary.
      The photos are real, they are not Photoshopped.
      The objects are just as dazzlingly clean as most artifacts taken from the pyramids and other air tight tombs.
      Gold doesn’t corrode.
      It remains dazzlingly bright and clean even when it is submerged under water for centurys.
      If you look at the upper left side of the photograph you will see that the gold statuette on the wall is just as dazzlingly bright and clean as the orb.
      I will also point out that it is very unlikely that the debris scattered on the floor is bat droppings since the chamber was hermetically sealed for thousands of years until the scientists drilled the hole in the obstruction.
      The debris is most likely stone chips left behind by the builders.
      This would explain why the energy being emitted by the orb has pushed them aside in a circle.
      The Orb is magnetic and the stone chippings are lode stone.
      Further more, this is not the first mysterious floating orb found in the region.
      Several others have been uncovered in tombs located in the valley of the kings and all of them have been in pristine condition.

      • George Kouba says:

        if all of what you say is supposidly true, why the world’s scientists are still hushing up over this unique phenomenon. this should have been the world’s most strange thing seen ever.
        i believe that, either the world’s leaders are hiding the truth from the world, or this has been proven to be fake and the world still doesn’t know the last news about this orb.
        about the skeleton. if the skeleton was real, then, either there is real heavy black magic that was present in the past and may still be nowadays, or the skeleton was contructed in a way that it appears real.
        personally, I think that this is not real at all.

    • Joe Annett says:

      Yup.. photoshop was my first reaction… and not at all well done at that. 🙂 A four yr old with crayons could have made it more convincing. 🙂

    • Joe Annett says:

      No.. not at aaalll The same force field that kept the orb afloat and displaced the bat droppings on the floor beneath it obviously would have made any droppings from above slide off the orb like criminal charges off a price fixing banker. Yes I am joking. 🙂

  10. Dingo says:

    LOL hey flashman how many replies did you put in saying wow.. etc..

    what a totally bunch of bs lol

  11. Matt Rudd says:

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to see it on TV someday! 🙂

  12. Dani says:

    What a waste of time for such a superfluous article! It isn’t even funny nor a well-made fake! Should it make readers smile?

    • Ace Flashman says:

      It should make intelligent readers think and give pseudo intellectuals a means to climb up on their make believe pedestals and proclaim an epiphany of what is obvious.

    • BillySamson4546 says:

      Chill out Dani.
      If you are smart enough to use words like superfluous you should be smart enough to understand what a parody is.
      Anyone reading this blog with at least a sixth grade education knows it is just for amusement and not to be taken seriously.
      You are a complete asshole.

  13. Ben young says:

    I can’t believe you have revealed all of these secrets to the world. Without telling them the most important find they made. They also found the truth of why the pyramids were built. They were built as counter weights to balance the world similar to the lead weights used on our car tires today. Unfortunately for us we are more concerned with preserving the past than performing the crucial maintenance on the weights. After thousands of years of erosion and theft they aren’t heavy enough to do their job. We are all doomed!!

  14. Lauries says:

    Does anyone have any links to the mentioned Scientific American article, or any other articles about this? I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find anything. Thanks

    • Tazman says:

      You have to keep looking.
      You can’t let this fake story go on fooling the population.
      We are all depending on you to prove this story is made up because we are all so stupid we can;t figure it out ourselves.
      God speed, Lauries!

  15. weird says:

    3 times fake. as the skeleton, also. all chambers are perfect made by cutted atone in the pyramid. nice bats in egypt – they live in dessert. also – the sphere is photoshoped. yaks ! waisted time !

    • Frodothe2nd says:

      Next you will be telling us that after hours of careful study you have come to the conclusion that Bugs bunny cartoons are fake.
      Most of your research being based on the fact that rabbits can’t talk.

  16. Jeff says:

    The picture of skeletal is computer-generate. There a huge difference of original entry and the added skeletal , which is shining and look better create. So, this is not the original picture. It’s not even a good photoshop !!!

    • Frodothe2nd says:

      You and weird just won the idiot award.
      Please feel free to debunk all the rest of the fake stories on this blog.
      If it wasn’t for people like you and weird the rest of us would have no reason to doubt the validity of these stories.
      We all thank you for your research.

  17. In my book THE GREAT PYRAMID HISTORY WITHOUT A PAST I deal with this subject from a different angle-humor. Bruce Stafford

    • On a humorous note, have you noticed how the pseudo-intellectuals do all sorts of research in an effort to prove that this story is fake while the allegedly less intelligent people can see that it is made up just by reading it?

  18. Mike Ringley says:

    thats hilarious – someone needs to go back and take photoshop lessons again – 1950’s scifi movies are better

  19. Kafir says:


  20. yougottabekidding says:

    learn to photoshop

  21. Helen Parks says:

    The engraving on the ceiling about the robot is the sign for Aquarius (the age of) and the rest is a star map dated 9,200 BC. Something not many of us alive to day could accomplish. The skeleton should be questioned simply BECAUSE it is standing up. The ball is another matter entirely, since SOMETHING produces the huge rays that go straight up (and my own idea is that this is a form of PROPULSION for the Earth) just to tip her out of harm’s way. For one thing – under Giza is a time portal (copper plaque found in Psunnene I tomb showing coils, battery banks and Tesla coil with electric light pole plus heavy water). For another NONE of the PYRE-AMIDs was ever a TOMB. Herodotus clearly says the Pyramid was ALREADY there when Khufu was building the water channels (which took ten years on their own). This was necessary because the Nile had moved away – begging the question “why need water in and out of the pyramid”? Then of course Herodotus also clearly states that the SEPULCHRE (tomb) of Khufu was constructed IN[side] a NEARBY ISLAND. If you go to page 22 of the Book of the Dead (Wallis Budge) you will see clearly the electric light pole with eyes at the end of each “frond” and a Tesla coil… not even going to discuss the “mega bulbs” which also have Tesla Coils…

    • George Kouba says:

      i do believe that the pyramids were never constructed as tombs. they were power stations.
      either built by aliens, or aliens helped with the know how of how to build them. there is no way in hell that the people in the past were able to build such monuments that last for at least 5 thousand years with no help of something out of this world.
      Annunakis are real and they were able to live for thousands of years. we were not given the sprcific gene that gives us the ability to live that long because we were the lesser race that was made to work for the Annunakis. they were the race that gave the information to the people of Egypt of how to build the pyramids. they were built in a way to transfere power and receive power. tombs or no tombs. there was a race that made us and helped in the construction of those pyramids all over the world.

  22. lovehates123 says:


  23. YourGuysAreHilarious says:

    LOL horrible photoshop. I can’t stop laughing at people.

  24. Carl57689 says:

    This is one of the most amazing story’s I have ever read.
    To think that an object that can defy the pull of gravity not only exists but the technology for this advanced device existed thousands of years ago is absolutely mind boggling.
    I am planning a trip to Cairo soon and I intend to examine these artifacts up close.

  25. john says:

    worst photo shop ever. total crap

  26. how about the logic says:

    does it matter that the column in the back is not Egyptian at all and that not even a tiny mouse skeleton can stand on its own as it would crush under the weight of the skull? Also does it matter that the Photoshop in these images is so bad that maybe a 3 yrs old did it?

    • None of it matters one bit, sport.
      It’s all in good fun.
      It’s cynical assholes like you that take these stories seriously enough to spend your time lamenting over their validity.
      I challenge you to find a three year old who can comprehend the use of a computer and Photoshop software well enough to do a better job than the ones you see here.

  27. robert estlinbaum says:

    That orb in underground purporting to be real is fake with obvious lighting errors. Shyster stories like this gives new-agers a bad rap. Bogus story to boot. Gives me more resason to abstain from ‘wordpress’ silliness. Thank you.

  28. Jason Johannsen says:

    If you’re going to Photoshop a half-human/half-cat skeleton into a picture from inside the Pyramid of Khufu, you could at least make an attempt to make it appear real. It’s like you just plunked it down. And I’m not even going to touch that horrid “floating ball” image at the end. Sheesh folks, get a life.

    • Wally gummer says:

      Get a life?
      For someone who no doubt spends most of his/her free time on the internet and then criticizing someone who makes humorous news storys for laughs, you sure are quite the hypocrite.

  29. yudi says:

    Not that I am judging , just one question pops in my mind …. Firstly , yes the pics seem photoshopped , dat too by a rookie , or been taken by some kind of camera that makes the objects of amaze stand out of the background 😀 .. 2ndly arent bones bound by ligaments that will decay in time , leavng nt a skelton but a pile of bones?

  30. Shawn Gibson says:

    The last two pics are so fake it’s funny anyone believes it.

    • Fletch says:

      What is really funny is the retards who try to sound like they are intelligent and waste their time researching them to prove they are fake.

  31. Gorge says:

    This information is completely rubbish

  32. I don’t trust anything out of Egypt. First why do they say air shafts when they don’t go outside? they go to a dead end where you see the door with the two handles. The Great Pyramid is the most complex structure on Earth. Don’t you think that the Egyptian version of the C.I.A. haven’t explored every avenue of that structure looking for extraterrestrial weapons to use on the Israelis?. If you want the truth get my book THE GREAT PYRAMID HISTORY WITHOUT A PAST. (lulu.com)

  33. justin says:

    Guess he’s never watched the chariots of the gods or even knows why the central kings chamber stone slab are place as such. Think about the gold top with passing storms lightning coming from the gold cap toward the sky (tower effect) reverses and filters or transforms the energy into the slabs for storing in empty space between 2 plates in this case several plates where millions of voltages could be harvested slowly or controlled releases. Enough power to open a gate into the afterlife. Lightening is the first strongest nature resource in the local area of Egypt and they do get them. The other is the sand frictions creating static electricity which collects in the stone but is not strong enough could act as an extra source. A good conspiracy to create is what happens if you zapped a gold cap on the pyramid with a bolt of electricity given the pyramids design and shape maybe then it will all make sense.

  34. justin says:

    p.s think about saint Elmo’s fire and the gold cap in certain conditions after being struck by lightening…all seeing eye anyone. A great god like skeptical if your are an Egyptian at the time.

  35. Why believe anything out of Egypt? The article says live but I remember another ‘live’ one when Zawi Hawas was seen climbing down a shaft and a minute later he was seen climbing out.I believe if there was anything in the Great Pyramid the Egyptian version of the CIA would have gone in there looking for weapons or other ancient alien technology.If you want the truth read a book called THE GREAT PYRAMID HISTORY WITHOUT A PAST.(LULU.COM)

  36. ioana hamilton says:

    so many things were kept secret by world guvernments I m sure this could be a real story but the mass of the population is too stupid to see how its being lied and manipulated most of the so called scientists won t admit facts just because it would make their science look stupid! the humanity will never be prepared ti find out the truth about itself….we are still too primitive and narrow minded.

  37. Judy72 says:

    Why do so many people believe that huge stone structures like this could not be built today?
    Are they just saying this because they are repeating what the people in documentary’s say.
    Does it make you feel intelligent, like you are some kind of expert on this type of technology?
    Why couldn’t we built huge stone structures like the pyramids today?
    Can someone please tell me where have we tried to build huge stone structures and failed?

  38. neymar jr says:

    well it is real and some tomb had bacteria

  39. Grunman says:

    And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

    Luke 17:26

  40. fletcher the farris says:

    sup boooooooooyyyyyy

    • Can you please post comments under one name instead of pretending you are several people engaging in discussion?
      So far you are calling yourself. Bob,tom,Bill and fletcher the farris.
      You can say what you want, but don’t abuse the site for your amusement.
      There are other people who want to leave comments.
      Using a school computer to spam websites can get you into serious trouble.

      The National Reporter
      Security Staff.

  41. Angel says:

    Your map shows a shaft and room connected to the north shaft out of the king’s chamber, but the images of the robot you show are of the robot being fed into the south shaft out of the queens chamber. I have also watched the videos of both the exploration of the north and south shaft from the queens chamber, and they have the “Gantenbrink’s door” blockage, but where are you getting your information about the king’s shaft info. Is there a video, artical, link, something that can be viewed?

  42. The exact location of the shaft is actually being kept from the public at the request of the Egyptian government.
    The National Reporter has used images to illustrate the existence of recently discovered passageways while withholding any mapped details of their actual location to respect the wishes of the Egyptian department of antiquity.
    Sorry if there has been any misunderstanding on this matter.

    The National Reporter
    Staff science editor
    Dr. Jonathan Benchley

    • Angel says:

      The antiquities is quick to suppress any information that will disprove the tomb theory, and I know when then robot was sent up there in the 90’s they where upset that the images where released before the antiquities had time to block the release of some of them. But the claim that there is another section off of the northern shaft (other then the area they like to refer to as the thieves corridor) was not anything I has ever seen, and I was trying to see if there was any substance to the claim. I know the area behind the door off the antechamber is something they do not like people to focus on, and they try to say it was a forced tunnel like the thieves entrance, but anyone who has seen the photos of what is behind the door can clearly see that the conduit in the top south corner is as clean and perfect as the other conduits with the system, and that the conduit is connected to the norther shaft by a vertical conduit from the back end of the so called thieves corridor.

      In any case, any photos that you may come across, I would love to see.

      PS. Have you looked into the hole that was next to the box in the king’s chamber? I only have a few old photos from ~80-90 before they filled it in.


  43. axel widell says:

    omg the pictures looks sooooo real (sarkasam)

  44. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of the coming of the Son of Man.

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  46. bill nada says:

    pay more of you want believable photoshop

  47. You could do better than this! Not really funny … you do not have more serious matters to consider ?!! it’s Null !

    • Chiggerdenigger says:

      I hope your day hasn’t been ruined because of this outrage.
      Maybe you should head over to the looney tunes website and angrly inform that rabbits and ducks can’t talk.
      You can introduce a new character to them while you are at it.
      Sourpuss, the grumpy cat.

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  49. Jodie says:

    Good photoshopping on the cat. Bad photoshopping on the orb.

  50. tomas says:

    zobaczcie rysunki w gizie przedstawiajace faraona za nim niesli cos na ksztalt lampy z przewodem do amfory ,czyli bateri ,egipski statek z takimi amforami znaleziono na dnie ,i po wydobyciu amfor do tej pory sa w nich znikome ilosci energi,a odnoscie pomieszczenia ukrytego pod sama kopula piramidy ,niechca jej otworzyc bo sie boja ze znajda tam urzadzenie tak zaawansowane ze zmieni punkt widzenia na nasza cywilizacje ,i co najwarzniejsze zalamie wiare w nasze religie ,isie okarze ze jezus ,allach budda itp, a bylo ich 12 ,to nikt inny jak naukowcy powracajacy z wyprawy miedzy galaktycznej na ziemie,i pruba odbudowania ludzkosci po kataklizmie

  51. гоша says:

    интерестно, что Трамп сделает что бы его уважал путин?Как Дональд Трамп победил на выборах luvers1.livejournal.com/

  52. mich says:

    The gold figure of the woman (the scorpion goddess Selket, in fact) is from Tutankhamun’s tomb. She’s wearing a New Kingdom style dress. And if that’s not a shadow beneath the ball, why is the ball darker on the bottom half? To top it all off, I’ve seen video games with better graphics than this. This is almost as good as any mummy story ran in any tabloid.

    • mich says:

      One more thing…what is GRAVEL of a type and color that is not found in Egypt doing in a STONE passageway? That looks more like the underground tombs in Ireland.

  53. Miguel says:

    PHOTO SHOP. Just look at those two images that were added on top of two photos! They are clearly CARTOONS. People will believe Anything on the internet! Fake as Fuck.

  54. john says:

    Wow after all these years, they found my cat and his gold ball. Thanks everyone. 😛

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  56. wombat says:

    Childishly bad looks like something sent in to
    Tony Hart’s “Gallery”………..

  57. T says:

    This is from 2009 ?

    • Dino half cat says:

      Theres no bat shit on orb. Lol. Must be like a self cleaning oven..lmao. you would want to be the first bat back so you could get the best hanging spot. Drop a crap rite on center for 100 points. Lmao

  58. Joe Grech says:

    I guess that the skeletal remains of that thing (!) is a fake. Why because skeletal remains don’t stand erect but fall haphazardly to the ground. On the basis of this I guess that the whole report (sic) is made up. Further more how is it that the outside of the pyramid is built so precisely and yet the walls inside those rooms are similar to caves????

  59. serak says:

    funny fake

  60. Mitch Skidmore says:

    You need an English native-speaking editor. I have noticed it for the last few years.

  61. Jacob says:

    I’m calling BS on this one!

  62. Adolf says:

    Balderdash, poppycock, pure fevered mind fabrications! Who will believe this shit but the most gullible of human beings?

  63. Arlinda says:

    Lies!!!! You are so full of bs😭😭

  64. Barry Miller says:

    Why is there a shadow under the gold sphere when the light source is coming from the side? One more observation why do we not see the reflection of the light source in the sphere reflection? could it be bad photoshop work!

  65. Ron Holmes says:

    I use to have a half human half cat pet named Bones, but he ran away from home one day and he took my floating orb with him…SO THAT’S WHERE THEY WENT!

  66. Chris Ogilvie-Herald says:

    That so-called second chamber is nothing more than a European Neolithic longbarrow and has nothing to do with the Great Pyramid or any pyramids in Egypt. The ball and image of Isis have been superimposed on the image. These claims and story is utter nonsense with fake images.

    • John Ashe says:

      Chris Ogilvie-Herald
      Why is it that people who try their best to sound knowledgeable are so stupid?
      How can anyone with an ounce of intelligence even think that this story is anything but fiction?
      Everyone knows it isn’t real, it’s just a joke.
      All the storys on this blob are made up and intended to be humorous.
      And guess what,..the joke is on you and anyone else who wastes their time scrutinizing the story and the shabby photo shopped images to come to the conclusion that it’s fake.
      You should go to a children’s magic show and ruin the fun for the little kids by telling them it’s all fake.

  67. Jum says:


  68. Richard Ramacieri says:

    Well well well..what a piece of crap this whole story..Its funny that we didn’t heard Gorgio Tsoucalos talking about this new discovery ..He shure would have make a full episod on that matter on Ancients Aliens..after all, this is the guy who told the world that the inside of the great pyramid where equiped with electric lamp !! By the way, I suggest that you go on Youtube and watch Ancien Aliens Debunked. You will be surprise….

  69. Joe Bilodeau Calgary Ab. says:

    I’ve studied archaeology for years ! I feel this is my calling ! I’m 72 years old now and have the same interests as when I was 6! This is an amazing discovery! Where did we actually come from? I’m a Christian and how are we mixed into this equation? Please before I pass into the spirit world give us more explanation!🙏! Go researchers Go! I’m so excited!

  70. Ira Goldberg says:

    Everybody knows that the pyramids were built by space aliens and their flying saucers.
    The floating orb must therefore be of other worldy origin, some sort of artificial intelligence that powers the pyramids.
    This has to be why modern day pyramid power devices that are supposed to radiate rays that prolong life don’t work.
    They don’t have one of these floating orbs inside of them..

  71. Jan says:

    Like Swiss cheese, this story has a lot of holes.

  72. Angel says:

    Why, nobody speak for that in public. This is one of the greatest discoveries on our time and no one speaks about it. So that is why the visits in the piramid was stopped, not because the tourist presence is damaging the environment in the piramid.

  73. Mike says:

    Sorry but this story is balderdash. Floating orbs, half cat, half human cat creature oye vay.

  74. TeeJay says:

    Total BS

  75. R.Thomason says:

    I believe,I believe,I believe this is the biggest bunch of photo opted,fake crap Ive seen in my entire life.zahi hawass would not have allowed all this action anyway. What a bunch of bull.

  76. This all makes sense, the floating orb sounds exactly like the floating dragon head they found in in China.
    They also found the skeletal remains of a strange hybrid animal at the entrance of the floating dragon head room that was apparently stationed to protect it.
    Experts figure it may have been some kind of long forgotten force that was harnessed by the ancients used to lift heavy stone blocks and maybe even use for transportation.

    • The floating orb can be generating an anti gravity shield around it sort of like a magnetic force field that blocks out the pull of Earths gravity.
      That is how scientists speculate UFO’s defy gravity and can move at such high seeds.
      The orb could contain a long forgotten element or a process of creating such an element that can defy gravity..
      Anti gravity may be easier to achieve than we have always thought it was.
      Perhaps this was a well known method to perform the seemingly impossible tasks that are still to this day a puzzle as to how they were accomplished.
      As for the deniers leaving their pessimistic comments here, I saw the skeletal remains of the cat with the human head in person at the Cairo museum.
      It is real and so it the orb, I can assure you they were not created with photo shop.

  77. Here is more proof of floating orbs for the doubting Thomas’s.

  78. Russell. says:

    This is a bunch of Photoshop garbage. Aside from all looking fake, the shadowes are protruding downward and not from the opposite direction of the fiber optic cable.the entiretyof the pyramids are Smith hewn stone unlike this all un-uniform passage. Furthermore how would both bats and insects get in to where the chambers are literally air tight?

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  80. Tony Regazzoli says:

    A discovery like this would be World Wide News , Nothing has ever been disclosed ,
    My Grandfather was in Egypt in 1920’s said
    saw dogs with bound heads from birth changed shape , size of Dogs head looked grotesquely humanish. ?
    (China bound women’s feet change the
    size and shape)

  81. heinz hubbuch says:

    just plain BULL SHIT!

  82. Enriqueta Wymark says:


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  83. Nidhin sreekumar says:

    Fake news photos are Photoshop work

  84. Robert Smith says:

    I have pondered this situation at some depth and have come to the following conclusion: The very
    early Egyptians discovered the science of micro-biology (genetic manipulation) and were able to interfere with normal development of the embryos
    of humans, cats, lions, alligators, birds and turn the then “modified” developing beings into what
    they desired – half human, half bird , half human half lion, etc. The edifices shown in statues and
    paintings on the walls of the pyramid halls, were not products of someone’s imagination, but images
    of real living beings. Unfortunately ( maybe fortunately!) such genetic manipulation is illegal today.
    Regarding the construction of the pyramids and the prolific use of over 100 ton blocks of stone,
    there is no doubt they knew how to nullify gravity therefore enabling them to treat these massive
    blocks of stone like so many bales of hay. Bob Smith, retired USAF CMSgt, 33 years active duty.

  85. Paul says:

    True up to where they drilled into the stone and shone a light inside but the rest about the Skeleton and sphere is total bollocks

  86. oscar says:


  87. Jordan Zantow says:

    Dude that is a sweet skeleton!

  88. Urs Rohrbach says:

    Es ist möglich
    nach meiner Meinung,den diese Kultur hatte manche Geheimnisse wo wir immer noch Staunen.

  89. Dennis Callehan says:

    I don’t believe that

  90. manickam gunasekaran says:

    The skeleton is a made up one.
    No skeleton can naturally stand up like that .
    It can be a fake one or the bones have been sutured or tied at the joints to stand on its legs.
    There is something wrong some where .
    Then there is the question of how the skeleton was retrieved through that small hole ?
    In one bulk ? Has any DNA testing attempted on the skeleton once it is retrieved ?

    Then the question of the orb.
    It looks very shiny even after 4000 years.
    Even if it is made of gold , how can it remain
    as if it is POLISHED / MADE yesterday even after
    4000 years ? It sould look somewhat dimmer
    because of its existance in such an un -ventilated condition for over 4000 years

    Then the question of retrieval of the orb
    Was any attempt made to get it like they did for
    the skeleton ? Or did they attempt at -least to touch it – through the probes they sent in – to know any super natural effect comes out of it ?
    Then the question of recording of the sound / voice from the orb. How and in what circumstance that they did the recording ?
    Did they expected it ? Has the people tried to communicate in answer to the orb ? If not
    why ?
    what about the follow up action on the orb
    Is it monitored continuously ? through audio
    and video ?

  91. Roberto Perez says:

    My compliments to the scientist that discovered this find. This is proof that we are not alone in the universe.

  92. Doobs says:

    Unbelievable, Egypt uses video tape!

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