Mysterious floating Orb in pyramid is once again attracting scientists from around the world

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By Scoop Brown
After nearly a decade since it was first discovered, the mysterious floating Orb is once again attracting the attention of the world wide scientific community.
The floating Orb along with the skeletal remains of a half human half cat was discovered when an exploratory device was sent into a newly discovered passageway in the pyramid.
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Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

floating gold ball chamber

Golden sphere floating in the air in the second chamber

To this day scientists have been unable to figure out how the mysterious golden orb is suspended in mi-air.
Some of them have speculated that the story is a hoax o that the Orb is the product of computer imaging manipulation.
All of these theories have been poo pooed by the scientific community as childish answers to a phenomenon that they just can’t figure out.
“Most of these hair brained conclusions are borne out of frustration because they just can’t understand how such a thing can exist.” Explained Doctor Thomas Martin.
Doctor Martin is one of the scientists who is actively investigating the strange floating Orb.
On April 6th 2019 thr mysterious floating orb seemed to come to life.
The following video is an audio recording of the event that has left the greatest minds of our time baffled.
judge for yourself.

What can this alien voice be telling us?
Is it a friendly greeting from another world or is it a threat?

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