Body of Osama Bin Laden floats ashore in Somalia!

Osama Bin Ladens badly decomposed and half eaten corpse is seen here after it floated ashore in Somalia.

The remains of Osama Bin Laden who was killed by U.S. Navy Seals last week washed ashore in Somalia early this morning.
Local fishermen were aghast at the sight as they made their way to the beach.
“”Aaaaiiieee, is Osama!” They shouted.

Somali officials arrived a short time later to calm the terrified crowds who had assembled to view the remains.
His body had been picked clean to the bone by crabs, fish and seagulls although much of his his trademark beard still remained on what was left of his face.
Public officials assured the throngs of onlookers that it was not an act of witchcraft, the current merely picked up his dead body and dragged it across the ocean dumping it on the beach.
After they had cleared the crowds away, the officials took the badly decomposed remains of the deceased terrorist leader into custody.
“We are sure it is Osama.” Head inspector Harad Marahad told The National Reporter.
“Can you explain how his body floated free of the weights that were placed in the shroud with him?”
“Yes.” Inspector Marahad said. “The body was hastily placed into the shroud by doctors aboard a Navel vessel and they mistakenly sewed the fabric shut with dissolving surgical thread.”
“You mean the type that dissolves inside of the body after surgery?”
“What do you plan on doing with his remains?”
“We don’t know at the moment, perhaps we will sell it to an interested party if we get any offers. Most likely we will bury him at sea as the U.S. did originally.”

It was later learned by The National Reporter that the Somali government did indeed rebury the remains of Osama Bin Laden at sea and he is once again sleeping with the fishes.

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