Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

Location of newly discovered hidden chamber in pyramid

A small well hidden chamber has been discovered by a robotic probe in the Khufu pyramid.
In 1993, a robotic probe was sent into an air shaft and after many twists and turns, was stopped by a marble door in its path.
What lied beyond this door was a mystery until late last month when scientists were given permission to continue their exploration by drilling a small hole though it so that a fiber optic probe could be inserted into it.

Once the hole was drilled, the optic fiber probe was inserted and the exploration of the shaft continued.

The fiber optic probe traveled upward into the shaft for several yards turning and twisting until it came to an open chamber approx. ten feet deep and five feet high.
What it reveled inside that chamber was shocking.
Standing in the middle of the room in front of a second doorway was the skeletal remains of an animal.
But this was no ordinary animal.
It appeared to be a large cat with a deformed human head standing guard in front of the entrance to the second chamber.

Skeletal remains of a strange animal guarding the second entrance in the chamber

When the image of the animal was displayed on the video monitor, several scientists thought  that it could be the actual remains of one of ancient Egypt’s most revered mythical half cat half human beasts.
Could this be proof that they were real?
The skeleton was scrutinized for nearly three hours by the exploration staff and the image was aired in real-time around the world to several major university’s.
What the beast is remains a mystery, but one thing has been determined.  It is a real skeleton, not a sculpture or the creation of an ancient taxidermist.
The probe continued past the skeleton and slowly made its way through the second opening into the main chamber.
The small light that was emitted from the fiber optic probe scanned the pitch dark room for several minutes, it appeared to be empty.
The chamber was much to large for the tiny light to illuminate,  so a second more effective light was sent up the shaft to the chamber to aid the fiber optic camera.
When it did, it revealed a much larger chamber than the first.
When the video probe turned and faced directly into the room an even more shocking sight greeted the scientists.
In the middle of the stone chamber was a golden sphere about one foot in diameter floating in the air about eighteen inches from the floor.

Golden sphere floating in the air in the second chamber. Take note of what appears to be a shadow under the Orb. This is not a shadow, it is discoloration from the energy source radiating from the Orb. This force is also pushing the bat droppings aside.

The scientists were amazed at what they were seeing.
The sphere was just hovering in mid-air.
There were no wires holding it up, it was not an illusion.
It has been estimated that the floating sphere is directly in line with the top point of the pyramid .
When word of the mysterious floating sphere reached the Egyptian antiquity Department, the exploration team was ordered to cease their activity and withdraw the probe immediately.
The video tape was confiscated and they were ordered to leave the pyramid.
The next day the Egyptian government issued a gag order that forbid any disclosure of the skeletal remains of the half human half cat and especially the floating sphere.
They were to remain a state secret until it could be determined exactly what they were.
Fortunately the story was picked up by The National Reporter before the gag order was issued and we are at great risk bringing this astonishing find to the world.
What the scientists will uncover about these strange objects is unknown at this time, but you can depend on The National Reporter to be the first news agency to carry the story.

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Mysterious electronic implant discovered in mans tooth

Bizarre implant was discovered during routine dental exam.

The National Reporter
Wally Hanson, a sixty-seven year old retired police officer from Albany New York, got an unexpected surprize last week.
While visiting his dentist for a routine check up, a mysterious metallic object was discovered in his tooth.
“It’s weird as hell.”  He said.  “It’s a tiny electronic implant of some sort.  I have no idea how the hell it got there.  It wasn’t there the last time I had my teeth X-rayed a year ago.”
His dentist, Dr. Fred Wallington had this to say.
“I never saw anything like this.  There is no opening anywhere near the implant. No scarring or filling, it’s like it just grew there.”

There are no markings to indicate how the strange electronic implant was placed into the tooth.

Mr. Hanson contacted the FBI about his mysterious implant the day after it was discovered and they were very interested in finding out what it was.
He was immediately flown to Washington DC to under go some extensive tests.
Dr. Bernard of the FBI’s forensic medical investigations unit conducted several tests on the object and concluded that it was a transmitter of some sort and that  not only was it transmitting a  very high frequency signal,  it was also receiving an incoming signal.
What that incoming signal is and how it is effecting Mr. Hanson is a mystery.
“It doesn’t seem to be having any kind of effect on Mr. Hanson.” Dr. Bernard told us. “But we do know that every time it transmits, a few seconds later a signal is returned to the device.”
The National Reporter – How often does the implant send out signals?
“We’re not sure, but it seems to be at least four times a day. They are very short and easy to miss, so there may be more.  Some of them only last for a hundredth of a second, but despite the short transmission time, there is a lot of information being exchanged.”
The National Reporter – Do you have any idea who or what put the implant in Mr. Hanson’s tooth?
“Not yet, but it can be anything from some kind of marketing device placed in there by a corporation or a foreign government using it to spy on us. And we aren’t counting out extra terrestrial’s either.”
The National Reporter – Do you have any idea’s what the signals are saying?
“They are in some kind of code, but it isn’t the usual binary code.  This is weird, it’s in some sort of quad code.  So far we haven’t been able to make heads or tails out of it.”
The National Reporter – Have you tried to remove it?
“Yes, and when we did the implant immediately lost power and shut down.  Apparently it is rigged to disable itself if the tooth is removed, so we have to study it while it is in Mr. Hanson’s mouth.”

The FBI has still not been able to decipher the code or locate the origin of the implant.
They have informed The National Reporter they we would be notified when they have learned more about it.
Until then, we will just have to wait.

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