Mysterious floating Orb in pyramid is once again attracting scientists from around the world

The National Reporter
By Scoop Brown
After nearly a decade since it was first discovered, the mysterious floating Orb is once again attracting the attention of the world wide scientific community.
The floating Orb along with the skeletal remains of a half human half cat was discovered when an exploratory device was sent into a newly discovered passageway in the pyramid.
Click below to read the original story of this amazing discovery!
Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

floating gold ball chamber

Golden sphere floating in the air in the second chamber

To this day scientists have been unable to figure out how the mysterious golden orb is suspended in mi-air.
Some of them have speculated that the story is a hoax o that the Orb is the product of computer imaging manipulation.
All of these theories have been poo pooed by the scientific community as childish answers to a phenomenon that they just can’t figure out.
“Most of these hair brained conclusions are borne out of frustration because they just can’t understand how such a thing can exist.” Explained Doctor Thomas Martin.
Doctor Martin is one of the scientists who is actively investigating the strange floating Orb.
On April 6th 2019 thr mysterious floating orb seemed to come to life.
The following video is an audio recording of the event that has left the greatest minds of our time baffled.
judge for yourself.

What can this alien voice be telling us?
Is it a friendly greeting from another world or is it a threat?

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59 Responses to Mysterious floating Orb in pyramid is once again attracting scientists from around the world

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  2. TheBritt says:

    I would love to believe this but the orb is so terriblely edited its a embarrassment , then there is the fake shiz on the wall , yuck
    Then the skeleton of the alleged (Felumon)
    Feline-Human , really , such Drivvel.
    Your efforts are far-sub-par & may i suggest getting any computer that was built after 1987 & preferably one that dose not use floppy discks + maybe im pushing it here one with a graphics card.
    Whoever you are who thought it to be advantageous to there career to do such a bad job and publish this needs to find more dimly lit audiences.

  3. Have the scientists decrypted the mysterious message yet?
    We are all very eager to find out what these ancient people have to say.

    • Charles says:

      Why don’t you check out the Final translation of The Emerald Tablets…Thoth the Atlantan 35-50,000 bc…He tells of a secret key under the Great pyramid that he builded(his term)…to generate the energy to open the portal of light…predates bible story by centuries and to think how this person would know about astral plains galaxies universes,multi universes and even the true version of the great flood is in as well…Very tells of human beginnings and keys left to help us!😎🙃

  4. Kelly Nicole Parker says:

    They have found how they cut rocks, the orb is a phonetic cutting tool used to cut stone thru sonic frequencies. So this persons tomb must have been a great builder.

  5. D.... says:

    Maybe it’s telling you it’s battery is running low and needs the Sun to recharge it’s self.

    • Spermstorm says:

      Why would they waste all the remaining energy to play a recording telling us the battery was getting low when all they had to do was install a blinking red light?

  6. I know what the orb is.
    It is a balloon made of thin gold foil filled with helium.
    The ancient Egyptian builders used them as a plum to measure the tip of the peak very accurately.
    I and my team of Egyptologists have found several of these plum balloons in the pyramids and other structures..
    The voice it was emitting was simply a local radio signal it was picking up.
    Mystery solved.
    There is also noting at all unusual about the so called, “half human/half cat” skeleton.
    These were a now extinct breed of Cheetah whose human like appearance was accomplished by lashing the beasts face with leather braces that would deform its facial features and give it a human like appearance over time.
    I have also unearthed many of these skeletons.
    The specimen in the photograph is real, it is on display at the Cairo museum of antiquity.

    • AmaJen says:

      Yet you never published your findings?

    • Geoff says:

      National Report is a fake news website that posts fictional articles related to world events.[1][2] It is described by as a fake news site,[3] by as a satirical site[4] and by The Washington Post as part of a fake-news industry, making profits from “duping gullible Internet users with deceptively newsy headlines.”[5] The National Report describes itself as a “news and political satire web publication” and provides a disclaimer that “all news articles contained within National Report are fiction”.[6] The disclaimer, however, is not printed on the main page, which instead claims that the website is “America’s #1 Independent News Source.”[7]

      • TokenRacist says:

        None of those sites mention the national reporter.
        You sir, are a liar.
        By the way, this is not a fake site.
        It is a real site with real storys.
        and you are a fag.

      • david miller says:

        CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, Washington Post. All fake news as well. Nat’l Report in good? company.

    • Louis Pearl says:

      When Bigfoot tells me it’s true I’ll believe it. I’ll be visiting Orion’s Belt this weekend and will ask around. Since the wormhole nearby is under repair due to a leak from lack of funding from the infrastructure bill, a donation declaration is being set up under my name. Until then light years inquiries are unavailable. Bigfoot’s mother has not returned my calls. For more update text or beep me on the grid.

  7. Laz Laza says:

    Each block from the pyramid is one light year a piece. That means that the pyramid is pointing to a place 2 million 500 thousand light years away. If that is true than that puts it near the triangulum constellation near andromeda galaxy

    • John Nichols says:

      That way not be too far fetched. As a cipher who has been working on the voice message I may have found a breakthrough last week.

  8. Darina Maslauskas says:

    Cat people still exist today. They can turn from a human into a cat in seconds but they can not turn back into a human for some hours. This skeleton looks like it was turning into a cat and got killed before the transmogrification was complete as the head is the last bit to change. These people are of ancient Greek and Egyptian ancestors and originally come from another galaxy. They tend to be very wealthy and hold positions of power and high esteem.

  9. joe says:

    you all need meds

  10. Kros says:

    Fu.k do You realy thing that people will believe this sorry? what an embarrassing graphic! this whole article is a failure!!!!

  11. Stoney says:

    If they discovered a supposed secret chamber, or two as they claim, how in the hell do bats get in to shit there? We’ve always been told that the pyramids were air tight. I would have thought that all the true things that are discovered at the pyramids was fascinating enough, without making shit up.

  12. Doubtful_Dave says:

    How did they get the skeleton out through that tiny hole the camera went through?

  13. Mark says:


  14. Call me tom says:

    This is real. That voice is real. Aliens are real anyone who doesn’t think that there’s any one other than us needs meds.

  15. Turns out the voice is from side 2 of the Crazy Train album played backwards

  16. Anna Johansson says:

    Hi this intonation sounds very much like a little swedish in the start and then mostley some chinese language.
    Cheers Anna a half deaf singer and musician.

  17. George Kouba says:

    first of all, I would like to point out that the skeleton found in the first room would not be standing at its own given the thousands of years passed. it would have been flat on the room floor. the cartillage holding the bones together has been long gone. how can the skeleton be still standing beats me. this is a hoax.
    second. the golden sphere is also a hoax.
    if it was real, it would have been a major story for all the world to talk about.
    it would be the ultimate proof of other beings living in the cosmos other than just us humans.
    this defies gravity and any physics scientist will be on top of this story to learn how this phenomenon can occur in our present time, where we are trying to learn new things about gravity which may help in many of our recent discoveries about science and especially physics.

    please, either be truthful about your findings, or just stop your nonsence.
    thank you

  18. Von says:

    Go charlie i agree

  19. Evelyn says:

    Well the gravitational pull I’d there you can see the ground under forming a circle and it is gravitational so as it’s still there and nothing can move it shows importance of someone still having protective senses towards what is in there. The sphere also looks like the ufos. Shiny and gravitational. If they have pried it and it won’t move it’s because yes it belongs to another species. I was just thinking what if since they used to rule someone made a new species and it’s us. We don’t have animal faces which is not attractive do they split the genes and now we’re human. Smart humans. Their probably pissed now and left. What is the message though. That’s still unclear. Any one decipher it yet.

  20. Mario Rose says:

    The pirámide is a advance tecnologe of the past; before the deluge.

  21. Late_Hate says:

    Where has The National Reporter gone? I sincerely hope that Ace Flashman and the wonderful people behind The National Reporter are safe during the COVID-19 epidemic. I have reread every one of the factual and crucial articles on this website, and even more than once. It has been about 1 1/2 years since the last post, and I am in negative spirits. I have lost my job, I have lost my children, I have lost my wife, I have lost my home, I have lost my good health, among various other misfortunes. Especially during this challenging time, mainstream news outlets provide no coverage of the true stories. It is a great shame about the endless lies, which plague most media sources. I look for a true, fair, complete narrative, and throughout my time on the internet, this was one perfect informant. My intention of this comment is to plead for The National Reporter’s return, and to bring back honest reporting.

  22. G. Veens says:

    What a nonsense story. How did they get a ‘skeleton’ through a pin hole? Pictures of first tunnels are crisp and clear, the last two tunnels are a bit blurry accept for the (Photoshopped) items. Use your time for scientific research instead of writing bullsh**.

  23. Reggie Wiggin says:

    Why are governments hushing up anything that has to do with ” WORLD” History. The entire population of this amazing planet has the right to know what was going on in our history. Every country is keeping silent when archaeologists find something unexpected. America is doing it with a pyramid discovered in Alaska, China with all pyramids found in there country, and Egypt continues to do it with almost every discovery. I say screw the gag orders and let’s get our real world history figured out.


      All Governments FEAR Mass Panic The U.S. Government got a first-hand case back in the 1930s when they broadcast War of the Worlds as a Radio Show That is why they suppress certain discoveries they won’t take a chance

    • George Kouba says:

      Dear Reggie
      I understand why you emphasize on getting the truth out to the world.
      The scientific community does not have the power to over run governments.
      They do not have the power of MONEY to get the governments to have to listen to what they say.
      The scientific community only keeps looking for answers that they think they find and after a short while the discovery changes. They themselves do not know where they are or what they are looking at.
      Just like the Dark Matter. Now they say that ” dark matter does not exist “.
      I just hope they once say ” WE DO NOT KNOW ”
      the reason behind what you say is MONEY and the power of keeping the public in the dark.
      The more we are in the dark, the more governments have CONTROL.
      Look at what is hapening to the world because of COVID 19.
      Do we know the truth about where it came from or if the shots we are taking are truthfully a cure?
      If I put a blind fold over your eyes, you will be at my mercy of where you step.
      If I give you your sight back, you will have a say about where I am taking you.
      SO, keeping the public in the dark, keeps the powerful in charge and the weaker in check.
      Keep that in mind my friend.
      Let us not stay in the dark.
      Let us take this blind fold off and see where we are going.

  24. George Kouba says:

    I write to the scientific comunity of the world.
    If there really is a true phenomenon that may help in the discovery of a way to keep things floating, it should be worked on with haste. the reason I am enphasizing this issue is because I am realizing that the world keeps a lot of things being discovered from the public for the sake of making money in any way possible. just like the discovery of Nikola Tesla for a world with free energy and free electricity.
    could it have been a slight possibility that Tesla himself stopped his discovery for the reason that he did not want the world governments to control the actions of the people around the world, because that this free energy works on 8 Hz, just like the power that the human brain works on ???
    the answer only lies in the hands of the big minds of our small Earth.
    we need to know why this scince was not completed by Tesla and why the BIG FISH ofthe world only want to make money off of the backs of the people. how much money can anyone make and in the end we do not take any of it with us when we die.
    o urge the scinentific comunity to give the world what they should know about all what we have on our world to live a better life.
    to whom is working on getting the truth out to us.



    • Corvette1953 says:

      if you look at it from a religious point which is heaven is eternal life pagen is selling out for all material possessions then in heaven you don’t need nothing but if you’re planning on sticking around then you will need everything the idea is to keep us from going up so if they don’t tell us anything or give us anything then they have it all which puts them in charge of us

  25. Larry says:

    Maybe Houdini from 1904 could explain it, how many Sikh magicians who graduated from levitation years training, in the monastary, would you need to make the orb float 18 inches, in exact position, in its exact chamber positioned, for 4500 years?? And the pyramid was built exactly to the mm., from a model on another planet that worked? No joke, the magicians are/were real.

    • Larry says:

      Some physics research on that one, long term and short term levitation are interesting subjects, and a big vacuum on it so far.

    • Larry says:

      Some physics research on that one, long term and short term levitation are interesting subjects, and a big vacuum on it so far. Unless the priest/magician (the same one) commands the orb to drop, and snaps his fingers, it will not drop, it gets a hidden force to keep it in exact position, how long who knows.

      • Larry says:

        How would I know, i was helper,assistant to a magician/priest long,long ago; they have super extra special skills; raising an orb would be a simple 3 to 8 second feat, as throwing a rope up 6 ft in air and stay there, until brought down by same magician. These magicians have many other skills. There were ancient magicians in Egypt.

  26. Ich bins says:

    Idiots fake news

  27. Jake Wizard says:

    It says “Menamu ish tiskus > Ish bari is bar’ antnoius > shabu subusa’r ishtbar(not clear) tusakarsubuanar (not clear); It is ancient ashkadian language which predates sumerian dialect. If I were to translate it into English, it would be speaking about the shabyu, the lion; “Do not enter, Shabyu ishtbar (lion) protects this realm; natural or nature ( “subusa’r – tuskarsubuanar” something.. not clear)” Shabyu pronounces like “sha bah you” and “isht’ bar” means lion. The final part of the message is not complete so I couldn’t understand it.

    However, this dialect is pretty accurate, so where did you get this audio from? It’s a warning or a threat.. either one. I don’t know if this is for real or you just made this up and figured out how to speak ashkad…

    • John Nichols says:

      Jake, not too bad on the translation. I used a cipher and a supervised machine learning algorithm to decode the voice message. I was able to express the voice into logic and convert to our dialect in English. I am still working on a few gaps but it claims to be one of nine celestial beings from alpha Centauri. I am not a astronomer but this message has fascinated me to decipher the message nonetheless. I will post as I decipher more of the recording.

  28. D Henry says:

    Ok, explain how they got the “cat” out of the pyramid.

    And, when and why they go back in to look at the “orb.”

    Whoever wrote this tale is so full of shit. The “National Reporter” is not as credible as the National Inquirer which is a waste of ink.

    • Juanita Flores says:


  29. benito estacio says:

    They drilled an only a small hole and the skeleton is much bigger, maybe they demolished the top of the pyramid so can bring out the skeleton, good magic.

  30. Yuu Sakumi says:

    Funny how this comment section is still alive

  31. Mercedes Niccals says:

    Naive people need crazy and unreal stories and fantasies to fuel their stupidity.

  32. Andy says:

    Buenas tardes Andy desde Colombia.despues d leer el caso , les cuento ya tuve una experiencia con energía q están aun en ese lugar … Esas q espiritual .está cuidando algo muy especial .pero es.muy poderoso es bromas .deben de respetar y brindar ayuda…mil gracias

  33. Joe says:

    Try playing the voice backwards at a slower speed

  34. Anthony Burrows says:

    Is there not an audio recording of a message which hasn’t been deciferd yet!band if so ,can we listen to it?why is this amazing discovery being hidden? And why are the egyption antiquities namely Zawhi Hawass still in employment as they are keeping legitamate discoveries hidden from the world.Do they not realize ,it is because of these reasons why people do not wish to visit Egypt any more.This proves beyond doubt that the egyptions did not build the pyramids.

  35. Don says:

    This is the biggest bunch of bull feces I have ever seen or heard of,only an idiot would believe this stuff.

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