Skeletal remains of half cat / half human now on display in Cairo museum

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The skeletal remains of what appears to be a half  human / half cat has been removed from the recently discovered hidden chamber of the great pyramid and is now on display in Cairo’s national museum.
Scientists from around the globe have been arriving in Egypt to study the strange skeleton,  many of them do not believe that it could be real.
“We know that the ancient Egyptians were accomplished taxidermist, this is most likely one of their creations they made to scare away thieves.”  Dr. Jason Hendley of Oxford university told us.

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Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

Some of the scientists agree with Dr, Hendley while others are less sceptical.
“I find it quite perplexing that the spinal column of the creature is actually attached to the skull.”  Dr.Winston Gorjone explained. “If this was the creation of some ancient taxidermist, the attachment of the skull to the spinal column would have been obvious.  There would be wire holding the skull to the spinal column. In this case, there is not.   The bone is fused together naturally which would indicate that this skeleton may indeed be the remains of some long forgotten species of animal.”

The half cat/ half human skeleton that was found in the recently discovered hidden chamber in the great pyramid.

“What we must not forget is that ancient Egyptian lore is filled with half human/half animal beings.” Dr. Gorjone said. “The question that now lies before us is whether or not they were imaginary or if they really existed.

Examples of ancient Egyptian half human/ half animal Gods.

The National Reporter – What can you tell us about the mysterious floating orb that was found in the hidden chamber?
“I am not at liberty to discuss it.” Dr. Gorjone said. “For now the golden sphere is considered a state secret by the Egyptian government and we are not allowed to discuss it with anyone.”
The National Reporter – How soon do you think the secret of the floating sphere will be uncovered and when it is, will this information be released to the public?
“Right now the sphere is still inside the great pyramid. From what I have been told it can not be moved.  Technicians have tried using hydraulic pistons to force it free from its present position, but the force field it is generating is to powerful.   What it is and how it has managed to stay afloat for thousands of years is still a mystery.”

The National Reporter  will be on hand when the mystery of the floating orb is discovered and we can guarantee our readers that they will read it here first.

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Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

Location of newly discovered hidden chamber in pyramid

A small well hidden chamber has been discovered by a robotic probe in the Khufu pyramid.
In 1993, a robotic probe was sent into an air shaft and after many twists and turns, was stopped by a marble door in its path.
What lied beyond this door was a mystery until late last month when scientists were given permission to continue their exploration by drilling a small hole though it so that a fiber optic probe could be inserted into it.

Once the hole was drilled, the optic fiber probe was inserted and the exploration of the shaft continued.

The fiber optic probe traveled upward into the shaft for several yards turning and twisting until it came to an open chamber approx. ten feet deep and five feet high.
What it reveled inside that chamber was shocking.
Standing in the middle of the room in front of a second doorway was the skeletal remains of an animal.
But this was no ordinary animal.
It appeared to be a large cat with a deformed human head standing guard in front of the entrance to the second chamber.

Skeletal remains of a strange animal guarding the second entrance in the chamber

When the image of the animal was displayed on the video monitor, several scientists thought  that it could be the actual remains of one of ancient Egypt’s most revered mythical half cat half human beasts.
Could this be proof that they were real?
The skeleton was scrutinized for nearly three hours by the exploration staff and the image was aired in real-time around the world to several major university’s.
What the beast is remains a mystery, but one thing has been determined.  It is a real skeleton, not a sculpture or the creation of an ancient taxidermist.
The probe continued past the skeleton and slowly made its way through the second opening into the main chamber.
The small light that was emitted from the fiber optic probe scanned the pitch dark room for several minutes, it appeared to be empty.
The chamber was much to large for the tiny light to illuminate,  so a second more effective light was sent up the shaft to the chamber to aid the fiber optic camera.
When it did, it revealed a much larger chamber than the first.
When the video probe turned and faced directly into the room an even more shocking sight greeted the scientists.
In the middle of the stone chamber was a golden sphere about one foot in diameter floating in the air about eighteen inches from the floor.

Golden sphere floating in the air in the second chamber. Take note of what appears to be a shadow under the Orb. This is not a shadow, it is discoloration from the energy source radiating from the Orb. This force is also pushing the bat droppings aside.

The scientists were amazed at what they were seeing.
The sphere was just hovering in mid-air.
There were no wires holding it up, it was not an illusion.
It has been estimated that the floating sphere is directly in line with the top point of the pyramid .
When word of the mysterious floating sphere reached the Egyptian antiquity Department, the exploration team was ordered to cease their activity and withdraw the probe immediately.
The video tape was confiscated and they were ordered to leave the pyramid.
The next day the Egyptian government issued a gag order that forbid any disclosure of the skeletal remains of the half human half cat and especially the floating sphere.
They were to remain a state secret until it could be determined exactly what they were.
Fortunately the story was picked up by The National Reporter before the gag order was issued and we are at great risk bringing this astonishing find to the world.
What the scientists will uncover about these strange objects is unknown at this time, but you can depend on The National Reporter to be the first news agency to carry the story.

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