Trio of Kids find amazing money machine!

Old abandoned house where the kids found the amazing money machine

The National Reporter
Three youngsters who live in Johnstown Pennsylvania were out exploring last summer when they decided to go to the old abandoned house a mile out in the woods from their suburban neighborhood.
At first they were afraid to go inside because the house is rumored to be haunted by old man Bubba, the previous owner who had died there last year.
But the spirit of adventure out weighed their silly fears and they climbed in through a window.
“The house was smelly and there was a lot of raccoon poop all over the place.” 12-year-old Jimmy Winters told us.
“Yeah, smelled like poop real bad.” His friend Andy Whitehall added.
“I heard old man Bubba used to go to the bathroom on the floor and put his doody in plastic bags then he would throw them at people.” 10-year-old Tommy Wright said, he was the youngest of the trio.
The National Reporter – He sounds like he was quite a nut case.
“Yeah,..he was a stupid. We used to throw rocks at his truck when ever he drove down our street.” Andy said.
The National Reporter – Tell me about the amazing money machine you boys found.
“We found it in the basement, it must have been old man Bubba’s machine.” Andy said.
The National Reporter – Where is it now?
“It’s still there.” Jimmy said. “It’s too big and heavy to move.”
The National Reporter – Well, why don’t we take a ride out there and get a look at it.
The boys agreed and we all piled into The National Reporter Hummer.
The boys directed me to go down a dusty dirt road that twisted and turned through the woods, after nearly two miles we pulled up in front of the dilapidated house and got out.
“We got to go in through the window because the door is locked.” Jimmy said.
I helped the boys climb into window then I followed them inside the dark filthy house.
It really did stink awful and there waas piles of raccoon poop all over the place.
 Once inside we made our way down to the damp musty basement.

The National Reporter – O.K. boys, where is this amazing money machine?
“It’s over there.’ Jimmy said pointing to the far corner.
I swung my flashlight around and there it was surrounded by piles of money.
The amazing money machine.

The amazing money machine with brand new money piled around it.

“We made a lot of money with it already, do you want some?” Andy asked.
The National Reporter – Sure, I’ll fill up my hummer with it.
There was more money than I have ever seen in my life, the kids were telling the truth.
It really was an amazing money machine!
The National Reporter – How does it work?
The boys scrambled over to a stack of boxes and took out a thick pile of paper and placed it into the back of the machine.
“Now all we have to do is push this button and it makes money.” Andy said.
I watched in awe as the machine hummed to life and an instant later it began spitting out brand new one hundred-dollar bills.
The National Reporter – That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!
What are you boys going to buy with all this money?
“I’m going to buy a dirt bike and a swimming pool for my back yard.” Andy said.
Jimmy smiled and said he was going to buy a gigantic television just for playing video games on and a dirt bike.
Tommy was going to buy an all terrain vehicle and a BB gun, the kind you pump up 25 times and shoots half way through a phone book.
“What are you going to buy, Mr. Flashman?” Andy asked.
The National Reporter – Do you boys know what a hooker is?
All three of them shook their heads no.
The National Reporter – Well I’m going to buy a bunch of them.
“O.K.!” Jimmy said.
After that we made more money and scooped it up and loaded it into the hummer.
I dropped the boys off at home and bid farewell to Johnstown and made a beeline back to the land of hookers and beer.

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8 Responses to Trio of Kids find amazing money machine!

  1. i want to buy me a money machine today.

  2. Keith Taylor says:

    Genuine bills or counterfeit? Watch what you do with that cash, Ace: it could get you a long stretch in the slammer!

  3. In some states it is perfectly legal to print and spend counterfeit money.

  4. jeweljamatia says:

    If I have a money machine, first of all . I ll Sold the problem with fucking world….

  5. jeweljamatia says:

    If I have a money machine, first of all . I ll Sold the problem with fucking world….indian, jeweljamatia, mobile 9774968218

  6. SALIU says:


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