Ace Flashman

Hello, my name is Ace Flashman.
I am a reporter for the daily news and have decided recently to scoop all of the newspapers with this blog.
I hope you will enjoy these breaking news storys as they happen.

13 Responses to Ace Flashman

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. gmdyeah says:

    Love the site brother. Thanks for checking out Great Moments of Dumbness. I will definitely promote your site to everyone I can. Take care reporter.

  3. Ahme says:

    Is this site for real? You have a wild imagination..

  4. Just me says:

    I saw and loved your golden sphere image in this video. Cool pic!!!

  5. Danny Wayne says:

    Everyone needs to research this seal of honesty. It is one of the most prestigious awards in journalism.

  6. Jo Ann M. Smith says:

    I have been reading your posts on the iCarly set. If you want some other stories about the Nick on Sunset stage where they filmed, please contact me. You have my email.

  7. Joel says:

    Hi, I have recently been reading about the hidden chamber discovered at the peak of the great pyramid and the sphere and half cat half human skeleton that was found inside. Apparently the skeleton was removed from the pyramid and the sphere could not be removed due to an anomaly of some kind that held it in place. I was wondering how this was done without wrecking the pyramid or taking it apart because a robotic probe was needed to enter the chamber in the first place so it seems very unlikely the skeleton came out the way the probe went in. How did they enter the chamber and remove the intact skeleton which would not fit back through the shaft the probe used and attempt to remove the sphere ? Have they taken apart some of the structure at the peak to allow entry? I didn’t think this was allowed ? Is there a recent photo of the peak of the pyramid that shows it has been taken apart and rebuilt?

  8. kenya says:

    Teen” Section = Flying Penis ???

    and other questionable content for that age group.

    You sir, need to be closely investigated.

  9. You’re a fake news outlet aren’t you lol I mean come on the Antarctica story is just ridiculous and the flaws in the story are obvious to the trained eye.

  10. Rudolf Ganz says:

    As if we need more disinformation. Such an idiot working for the darkness.

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