Hidden for decades; Secret room in Whitehouse attic reveals the mummified remains of Woodrow Wilson’s genetically deformed brother


The whitehouse, Scene of last weeks erie discovery.

The National Reporter
While repainting a seldom used upper corridor in the Whitehouse last week, a crew of painters discovered a trap door in the ceiling that had been hidden underneath a thick layer of plaster.
The painters let their curiosity get the better of them and they broke through to see what was up there.
“I took out my knife and started prying a big chunk of the old plaster away and then the whole thing  just fell down in one big chunk and crashed to the floor.  There was crap all over the place, man.” Manual Hernandez said. “There was an old trap door in the ceiling and at first I was afraid to go up, but then my friend Jose started calling me chicken, so I opened it and stuck my head up.
It was pitch black up there and it smelled stinky, like an old ladies house, y’know. Have you ever been in one? man, they stink like crap, man. So, I tell Jose to hand me his flashlight so I could see if there was anything good up there.
When I shined the light around, all I saw was a bunch of crap on the floor and picture of some old gringo on the wall.”

eire attic room

Manual Hernandez, the very first person to see the room in 100 years; The room was really stinky. There was a bunch of crap on the floor and there was a picture of some old gringo on the wall..

The National Reporter  “Did you climb up into the room to investigate?”
“Oh yeah,..I went up in the room with the flashlight and junk, I ain’t no chicken, Y’know?”
The National Reporter  “What happened up in the room?”
” I started looking around for stuff, y’know? and there was another room behind me with a small window letting in the sunlight. I could see a small table and a chair, so I walked over to it to see what kind of stuff was in it, y’know? That’s when I saw that thing laying on the floor looking up at me! Man,..I turned and ran so fast that I fell down the trap door and kept right on running.”

The National Reporter  went to the Whitehouse to see if we could get further information on his discovery and perhaps even a photograph of the thing he saw, but to no avail.
The trap door was being guarded by heavily armed secret service officer, Walter Bromworth.

Guarding the entrance

Heavily armed secret service agent Walter Bromworth guarding the ladder leading up to the recently discovered attic room.

“No one is allowed beyond this point.” Special agent Bromworth told us.
We could see people in lab coats up above us through the open trap door mulling about the room and speaking back and forth, but we couldn’t make out what they were saying.
“We are from The National Reporter  and we were wondering if we could conduct an interview with someone in charge of this discovery.” I said.
Agent Bromworth just smiled and shook his head no.
A second later a man wearing a white lab coat stuck his head down from the trap door and looked at me.
“Did you say you are from The National Reporter ?”  he asked.
“Yes, I am. I am from The National Reporter.” 
“It’s alright officer, You can stand aside and let the man up.”
Agent Bromworth stepped aside and allowed me to pass.
I climbed up the ladder and entered the small dark musty room, it was littered from one end to the other with bits and chunks of plaster and paint that had crumbled and peeled with age and fallen to the floor.
Decades of neglect had exposed the cross thatched wooden sub frame in the walls in several spots around the room, large fanned out piles of mildewed plaster laid strewn across the floor before them as though it had been tossed down by force.
Hanging on the wall right in front of me as I ascended into the room was a very old and yellowed linotype portrait of president Woodrow Wilson.
The edges were brown and curled,  the tips had long since cracked away and fluttered to the floor to join the damp, musty decaying debris.
It was just like Manuel Hernandez had described it.
As I surveyed the small dingy room, a bespectacled scientist who appeared to be in his mid thirtys walked out of the room that I assumed was where Manuel had seen his monster.
“Are you really from The National Reporter?” he asked.
“Yes, I am.” I answered.
“Thank goodness, we have been trying our best to keep all those moronic tabloids from learning about this.  The last thing we need is to have them making up some ridiculous story about this discovery.” He said.
“We know we can trust  the National Reporter  to report the real story to the public and not some silly made up nonsense about bat boy aliens controlling the president from a secret mind control room in the Whitehouse attic.”
“I know what you mean, the supermarket tabloids have a tendency to go over the edge with their silly storys.  But don’t worry, you can trust  The National Reporter  to report the facts and nothing but the facts.” I assured him.
“Yes, he said. “we are aware of the fine reputation  The National Reporter  has earned for their honesty and integrity in journalism. 
We are honored to have The National Reporter covering this historic discovery.”
He smiled and then instructed me to follow him to the other room.

I walked directly behind the scientist as he entered the room, once inside he stepped to his right.
That was when I saw it.
I couldn’t help but let out a slight gasp from the shock.
“Oh my God,..What is it?” I asked.

Mummified remains

I let out a gasp when I saw the mummified remains looking up at me from the floor.

The mummified corpse was about four feet long.
The upper half of the body appeared to be humanoid, the lower half appeared to be from an aquatic species, a fish of some kind.
I could see a long dorsal fin running down the length of its back to its tail.
His head was raised in the air and his face seemed to be frozen in agony, indicating that perhaps he had suffered a sudden and excruciating death.
It had no gills, so I assumed it breathed air.
Naturally if it couldn’t breath out of water it would have been be in a large tank or at least had one nearby.
There was none, so I concluded that the lower portion of its body had to be some sort of genetic deformity and completely unrelated to any species of fish.
“Do you have any idea what it is?” I asked.
The scientist held up a stack of technical reports from the FBI’s forensic laboratory.
“From what we have learned from carbon dating and DNA testing, It is the remains of Herbert Wilson,  Woodrow Wilsons deformed older brother.” he said.
“During Wilson’s presidency,” He continued.  ” it had been rumored that he had an older brother who suffered from a very rare genetic condition that twists it’s victims into grotesque forms.”
“So, you are saying that this is the actual remains of Woodrow Wilson’s genetically deformed brother, Herbert?”
“That’s right, we now have physical proof that the persistent rumors going around at that time about Wilson’s older brother are true.
There can be no doubt that he kept him hidden from the public to prevent the office of the president from being compromised by yellow journalism during wartime.”
“What are you going to do with his remains?” I asked.
“After the news breaks of this discovery, which we trust will be tactfully done and in very good taste  by  The National Reporter,  he will be buried in the Wilson family plot along side of his brother and family members.”

The National Reporter wishes to ask the  public to please respect the privacy of the Wilson family as they pay their last respects to their long lost relative.
The funeral service for Herbert Wilson will be for family members only.
Aerial photographs of the service will be taken by The National Reporter helicopter which will be hovering over head photographing and video taping the entire funeral, so there is no need for anyone to bother the family by sneaking over the wall with your cameras.

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25 Responses to Hidden for decades; Secret room in Whitehouse attic reveals the mummified remains of Woodrow Wilson’s genetically deformed brother

  1. Wow, this article is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of
    things, so I am going to convey her.

  2. ryan says:

    wow the whitehouse is going to have more secret rooms than just 1 its an american command post

  3. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

    • Ace Flashman says:

      Sorry to hear that your comment did not appear.
      The staff at The National Reporter, is always eager to hear from our readers.
      You may have mistakenly tapped the cancel reply button instead of the post comment button.
      Feel free to try again.

  4. John Smith says:

    Fuck the bitch ass piece of shit faggot who made this story up. Oh yeah, and fuck the bitch made wannabe chonsy frat boy white nigger president we have today!!! Bitch ass chonse!

  5. John says:

    complete and utter bullcrap! People that make up this kind of poser news are asses and you should be ashamed

  6. SWag says:

    So Fucking Fake

  7. hi says:

    this a phenominal article of this decade.

  8. sarahaah says:

    can i write something

  9. I forgot says:

    Dis I like man, like dude, imma tell my children and granchildren about dis

  10. Cool pizza, but not that cool says:

    this is obviously fake… it says they are recently taken when these photos are in black and white… so u know what… BOUNCE BIRCH!

  11. Vernon Wilde says:

    This story is absolutely amazing!
    That creature in the photograph is frightening to behold indeed!
    I am sure glad I never encountered such a beast for surely I would soil my trousers with copious amounts of liquified feces!
    All of you who think that the story is fake are shallow and pedantic.
    I especially like the way the photographer immortalized the image using black and white film instead of being shallow and pedantic and photographing the terrifying sight in color.
    I wonder what the room smelled like?
    Hmmmm,.. perhaps the topic for a study group comprised of my Harvard colleagues.
    Discussing the life expectancy of imbeciles is getting a bit shallow and pedantic.
    Time for a change.
    Yes, this topic will do nicely.
    Oh my, I have an erection.
    In hindsight I realize that perhaps I should have kept that bit of personal information on a need to know level.
    I hope you will all forgive me.
    Tah for now and I hope you can join my study group for some interesting conversation.

  12. . says:

    That ‘mummy’ is an obvious photo shop. And the paragraph between the scientist and the reporter it was just buttering this blog up! Oh we can trust the national reporter etc. I would believe the secret room maybe even a dodgy looking document in it… But this.

    • Tinkys purse says:

      Gee, ya think?
      I am beginning to suspect that some Bugs Bunny cartoons might be all made up aswell.
      I mean a talking rabbit that walks upright?
      What a fake!
      Why would anyone lie like that to everybody?

  13. Matt Howard says:

    This is all made up crap. He never had a brother by this name, and there is no mention of a deformity. This type of journalism makes me sick.

    • Moe Howard says:

      If he had a deformed brother who he kept hidden in a secret room and didn’t tell anyone about him, why would there be a record of it?
      Narrow minded conclusions such as yours that arise from a lack of intelligence and a fear of breaking away from popular belief is the reason why the world is in such sad shape.
      If this kind of journalism makes you sick, then leave.
      You wouldn’t want to puke all over your computer and impede your access to all your favorite porn sites.

  14. fettabsaugung says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about faltenkorrektur.

  15. STERV says:

    what a joke nice pictures..from the 1900’s…earlier comment really says i love how they used old film technique to preserve the old feel…what a joke…again…should have used black and white on the SS agent as well… FISHBOY what a joke. had to say it again…this is why nobody respects the media…when you have to try and convince people you’re a creditable reporting company in your own story you know its all BS.

  16. STERV says:

    that picture that is supposed to be the white house isnt even the white how…look at the cheap doors and door knobs…dead fucking give away.

  17. Nikki says:

    First of all I would like to state that he never had an older brother, so this whole thing is a hoax. I hate to break any of your fantasies but it’s all a fake. His mother gave birth to him, his two elder sisters and one younger brother.
    Second of all if this was so real why wasn’t it on the news???
    Third of all those photos are sick. Anyone can a see someone just made them up.
    Hate to say it cuz it would be cool if it was real but it’s not and that’s life.

    • First of all, as Moe Howard pointed out above, his deformed big brother was a family secret.
      That is why there is no record of him.
      If it was a secret hidden by the family there won’t be any thing about it on the internet.
      And first of all, the photographs were all verified by the Federal Department of Photograph authenticity department in Washington D.C.

  18. Joseph Malotte (Radeina) says:

    I love learning about the past. It doesn’t matter what country just as long as it has some mystery to it. Like for example ancient machinery or ancient technology we haven’t figured out today,such as metal statues. There’s a lot of items that history and science cannot account for that has been designed and built in the past. Especially the very distant past.

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