Meet the worlds luckiest purse snatcher; victims purse contained 20 million dollar winning lottery ticket!

Lucky purse snatcher

Who says crime doesn't pay? Purse snatcher Joe Hillingsly with his girlfriend Annie.

The National Reporter
Petty crook and purse snatcher Joe Hillingsly of Kissimmee Florida was out to make himself some quick cash last week in his usual way.
Bash some woman over the head with a bat and grab her purse. This security camera footage recorded Joe making the big score that changed his life.


Martha Pendleton lying unconsious after Joe Hillingsly knocked her out and grabbed her purse. Mr. Hillingsly is seen in the upper portion of the photo climbing into the get away car driven by long time girlfriend, Annie.

“It was just another day as usual.”  Mr. Hillingsly told  The National Reporter. “I was going to grab a few bucks from some old bag so me and Annie could get high. We love drugs and we are both avid drug users, but we can’t afford to buy them because neither of us work.” He said.
“As we were cruising for a target,  Annie spots this old skank in a parking lot,  so we pulled in and I got out behind her.”
“She didn’t even know what hit her!” Annie laughed. “The old bag crumbled like a wet rag when Joe creased her skull with his baseball bat.”

After they had made their getaway back to their apartment,  they dumped  The contents of Martha’s bag onto the floor and looked for money and anything of value that they could trade or sell for drugs.
“We were kind of pissed off because there was only around five dollars in change.” Annie said. “But then Joe found the lottery ticket and we checked to see if it won anything.”

And win they did, to the tune of 20 million dollars!
The lucky couple immediatly took their winning ticket to the state lottery commision and staked their claim on one of Florida’s biggest winning jack pots of all time!

When The National Reporter  caught up with the unlucky Martha Pendleton, we asked her what she thought of Joe and Annies fantastic luck.
“It’s not fair.” she sobbed. “That was my lottery ticket, they stole it from me. The bastard hit me over the head with a baseball bat and stole my purse. I had to get 57 stitches and I can’t pay the hospital bill.”


Sore loser Martha Pendleton

When The National Reporter played the video of Martha’s interview to the state lottery officials, they had this to say.
“Oh, boo hoo hoo,..Martha can whine and cry all she wants.” State lottery director Bud Tilly said “I don’t see her name signed on the back of the winning ticket unless her name is Joe Hillingsly.”

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