600 million year old fossils of tiny humanoids found in Antarctica, Anthropologists baffled

Tiny fossilized skeletons were found in the Whitmore mountain range

The National Reporter
fossilized skeletal remains of what appears to be extremely small humans have been discovered in the rocky terrain of Antarctica’s Whitmore mountain range.
Interestingly enough, this discovery was made while yours truly was in Antarctica on assignment for The National Reporter to debunk a ridiculous tabloid story about a UFO base in the area.    

Top; Basecamp with National Reporter tent in the foreground. Bottom; Star reporter Ace Flashman walking with his investigative team.

While investigating this silly story with several colleagues, we happened upon a group of paleontologists who were searching for evidence that dinosaurs had once roamed the Antarctic continent before it tore loose from Africa and south America and drifted southward to its present location.
What they found instead astonished them, not only because of what it was but because of its age.
“We tested the fossils and have determined without a shadow of doubt that they are at least 600 million years old.” Doctor Marly of Cambridge University told us.  “600 million years ago, jellyfish first appeared. There were no human beings in the world and there wouldn’t be any for for nearly five hundred and 60 million years. There weren’t even any dinosaurs around at that time.”
“The first skeleton we found was hidden within the layers of a large piece of sedimentary rock that we had broken loose from the mountainside.
We knew that it would most likely  contain some fossils because of its type and age.” Dr.Marly explained.
“When we split the rock apart  we were completely confused.  Here was this fossil from an age when the appearance of the first vertebrates were still millions of years off and it was a complete skeleton. And not only that, it appeared to be human.”    

First fossilised skeleton they found was less than a foot tall.

“The second skeleton was a very good specimen, Unlike the first one, the second skeleton was in a fully extended position with excellent detail.” Dr. Marly told us. “It is quite obvious from our study of these skeletons that they are definitely human and not a species of primate.  Who they were and how large their population was and if they were technologically advanced is a complete mystery.”

The second tiny skeleton was very well-preserved and showed quite a bit of detail.

The fossils have been flown to the National institute of ancient studys in Washington DC  for further analysis.
The National Reporter  will be doing a follow-up report on this amazing discovery within the next few months. 
The National Reporter would also like to stress to our readers that these tiny fossilized humanoid skeletons are not the remains of extraterrestrial aliens as we expect the tabloids will be reporting it when the news breaks.
If you encounter any storys of these fossils that claim they are extra-terrestrial in origin, please ignore them.
Only in The National Reporter  will you read the truth about them. 

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98 Responses to 600 million year old fossils of tiny humanoids found in Antarctica, Anthropologists baffled

  1. Kevin says:

    Read Rand & Rose Flem-ath’s “When the Sky Fell” and it’s sequel by Rand Flem-ath & Colin Wilson, The Atlantis Blueprint and you may be a very good idea about why these fossils are here… I caution you, this book will destroy your current paradigm and thinking about our ancient past.

    • ross c says:

      this story is beyond unbelievable. Hominids have not occured anywhere else on earth even nearly this size. Some people may argue that a decrease in size may be a adaptation to exstreme cold and lack of food however hominids are smply not resigned to survive in that type of environment. This article argues that the fossil is from the devonian period this is a physical and evolutionary inpossibility not only had vertibraes not even evolved yet but also the oxygen levels in the atmposphear were very low and would not have sustained a multcellular organism with advanced lungs which by this time in history had not even evolved. Also all primates including this so called hominid fossil evolved from tree going mammalian orvivores with pre hensile pentactile limbs capable of traveling well through trees and at this stage in history tree had not yet evolved, It is possible that if the fossil is genuine that it may have fell from another rock layers much younger however the explaination of such a small hominid as well as its location would have to be explained. So many things contridict this fossil that it is beyond ridiculous. I personally would love this fossil to be genuine as would love to see something so amazing but its just not realistic. The funny thing is that this article has frowned upon the idea of some people claiming thaqt this could be a fossil of ET. The chances of this being a ET fossil are extremely slim but more likely that the theory being proposed. In the devonian period the most advanced orvganisms on earth were jellyfish and primitive anthropods. Physical chafrecteristics such as pentanctile limbs, lungs, brains, , skin as we know it, ears(inner ear bones) and even our concept of the modern heart would not evolved for millions of years. In fact in this time the only attributes we could share with the creatures of these times are simple eyes and the beginning of a predator prey relationship which in this time was still a new thing

      • grassroot says:

        You are going on the assumption that there was only evolution and not a creation.
        Only the creation story and record can cover the facts.

      • Shahzad says:

        very rightly said Ross ……….100% agreed with you……….

      • Eric Briggs says:

        then explain why troglodytes have been fossilized with fine stitched human footwear

      • you have a closed mind your explanation is only one theory there are many.

      • Delores Newman says:

        With all due respect, were you present during the time of their existence? Everything no matter how smart we are is speculation on our part. No science is exact. But you did make many valid and excellent points.

      • D says:

        I saw this a while ago, 6 mo.s ? They were saying it was a type of Faery in Iceland. Fae de denaan type. The people totally have ‘known’ of them for centuries. There. Prob solved.

      • Keith Adams says:

        This is interesting, but more than likely a fake. Be cool if it wasn’t, but I will remain skeptic for the time being. Hats off to the people who think evolution is just a theory. They obviously don’t understand a scientific theory. Natural selection is the theory we use to explain evolution, which is a fact. An observable fact.

      • JTD says:

        ross c is spitting out worn out pseudo science. evolution is only a theory and that’s where the science stops to date. I suspect the alleged humanoid fossils are fake. until scientific evidences are supplied with the photos – no banana folks. when are we going to abandon the ‘hoorah for our side” syndrome? grow up ross. you’re giving science a bad name and science is giving you a bad name. good day.

      • Nick nock says:

        The fact that humans think they can recreate and explain what happened on earth 600million years ago in itself is ridiculous don’t you think. ?

    • Milton Lowe says:

      Looks like the bone image were chiseled in the uneven surface of the rock

  2. Ace Flashman says:

    Your your lengthy attempt to disprove the discovery of these tiny humanoid fossils is very interesting but flawed on many levels.
    There are quite a few factors that you have not taken into account.
    You are assuming that the location they were found in was in the southern polar region when in fact the continent of Antarctica was much farther North in the equatorial region at the time when these tiny humanoids walked the Earth.
    A thinner and much warmer atmosphere would result in diminutive physical proportions in more advanced species such as these.
    Environmental demands could have dictated this species minute physical attributes in the same manner that certain species of dinosaur were gargantuan in size as a result of their environment and food supply.
    Another flaw to your argument is the climate conditions and the fauna that existed during the time of these tiny humanoids.
    You are assuming that it would have been frozen as it is today and the type of vegetation that existed in that area at the time is impossible to determine since it has completely vanished.
    The climate shift and the fact that Antarctica is an isolated Island continent would also have insured the total extinction of this usual species.
    You are also under the assumption that beings like the ones found in Antarctica could not possibly have existed in the time period because it is believed that only jellyfish existed at the time..
    Obviously you are mistaken since the evidence that such a life form did exist is at hand right before your very eyes.
    Whether or not the scientists who made this discovery are correct and these are actual humanoid fossils from 600 million years ago or it is simply a fluke and they are actually the remains of a team of dwarf explorers who set out to map the Antarctic continent in the 1880’s is yet to be seen.

    Thank you for participating in the National Reporters comment section and we hope you enjoy reading future articles.
    Make sure you view our video news reports which on Youtube.
    the Staff of The National Reporter.

    • jason says:

      Very well said and according to the peri recce map Antarctica was green and not covered in ice and that was only the 16th century

    • JTD says:

      Sorry Ace bad science. Farther north? What if the entire planet was warm at some time in the geo past? Possible? Maybe? Could have been? Nobody really knows now do they? So called modern science suffers more myths than ancient mythologies. I have the strangest feeling that there are those out there in Cabal Land that wish to keep the commoner common. A? Good day.

    • JFORD42 says:

      So wait…if this discovery is true, doesn’t it totally mess up our current theories about life on earth? I welcome this eventuality, but I feel like if this discovery were demonstrably true, it would be making international headlines. It’s totally wild!

  3. grassroot says:

    See grassroots’ reply,,

  4. Ace Flashman says:

    We are not going on the assumption of theoretical ideology.
    This article is rooted in the physical evidence that was discovered.

    • ross c says:

      thanx for the reply to my comment i see the logic that the land in question may not have been part of the antartica as it is today and of corz there are many possibilities that the argument i stated can be picked apart however i find the idea of a primate pre dating the evolution of not only mammals but also tyhe evolution of a basic land going pentactile limb or even lungs a bit mad. I suppose it is possible that the fossil may have slipped to a lowwer rock level implying it is older i suppose anything is possible and i like ur logical view. However i agree with ur statement that a theological analysis is simply not what this article is about. After all in creationalism the world is only 6000 years old lol i have respect for all religion but i dont comment of theological stories by using evolution as a argument as it would just be insulting in the same way that using god as a reason for this fossil is just insulting to science and to our intelligence. Anyway looking at this story from a purely logical point the only reason why this isnt in every newpaper and new channell is simply because it is rediculious and clearly a fruad. Im sure that no real or respectable scientist would touch this one lol

      • Roy says:

        I can’t find your video news report on youtube, I would love to follow how this news unfolds

      • Clive says:

        I find it quite surprising you believe the scientists who do not believe in God , but are the ones who deliberately get all their dates wrong when it comes to so called evolution ,I do not believe in evolution as such or at least natural selection . There was nothing natural about it but more like incidental , or accidental but what ever , it was certainly deliberate life does not occur from nothing i believe some one did instigate life on earth but did it with no general purpose or direct aim . that was perhaps millions of years ago . But then God intervened and started again which is why we have so many mysteries to solve ,and why everything seems so contradictory and confusing . The only time any of us is going to know the truth is when we die if you meet God or find yourself in hell , you will know .

    • Roy says:

      Nice joke by the way, I’m laughing hehe

  5. Ali says:

    Where else is this story on net ?

    • Dave Mann says:

      It isn’t any where else on the net you dim wad.
      It’s a fake made up story like all the other story’s on this blog.
      It’s all for amusement, it’s a parody.
      Why is it that only people who try to appear to be intelligent have a problem grasping that idea?

  6. Rache says:

    Unfortunately the first skeleton pictured is a laser etch, not a fossil. The second is what appears a bad photoshop or perhaps a drawing on stone. (Great art by way…) but in no was is this empirical evidence of anything. Neat though, but fossils they aren’t.

  7. scott says:

    so many people are so damn stupid.

    • Captainsweatpants says:

      According to Eric Cartman at least 1/4 of the population is retarded.
      This is true because it was on TV.
      I’m not making this up.

  8. Chiggerdenigger says:

    I knew this story was real as soon as I saw the national reporter tent.
    Something like that can’t be faked with Photoshop, it just can’t.

  9. I Believe that the Ace Flashman-picture is fake. No shadows, no legs, wrong seize.

    • Chiggerdenigger says:

      I believe that it is fake because I am not an anal retentive pseudo intellectual who examines Photoshopped images that are accompanying a obviously fictional story.

    • Keith Shaffstall says:

      It’s the “Little People” that built the preserve in Hawaii!? They needed something else to do and went sailing to Antarctica to build the Alien bases down there!? What’s the problem?

  10. ry says:

    Of course this isn’t true they even contradicted themselves in the article… he says we knew there would be fossils in the stone because of the age and type of stone then next sentence says that at that age there was only invertebrates.

  11. Carlos Cunha says:

    something incredible, there are many mysteries that still need to unravel

  12. Dan Russell says:

    omg just google the pics of the skeletons and you will find the blank rock. The skeletons were added. what a joke!

    • Chiggerdenigger says:

      LOL. How much time did you waste to research this?
      The joke is on the fools who go out of their way to prove it’s fake.
      Can’t you see that?
      Did you read the new story about the 7th Beatle?
      Why don’t you all settle in and spend the next few weeks proving that the Beatles didn’t have an accordion player named Billy Moore.
      Go over to Paul McCartney’s website and ask him yourselves.
      How about the story about Hillary Clinton peeping in her neighbors bedroom windows?
      They even have a picture of her caught in the act.

      • Wilhelm von Lau says:

        The REAL SECRET– the TRUTH about the accordian player The Beatles shame compelled them to cobceal for over 50 years was this:
        The REAL squeeze-box Artiste was none other than a very young Tinky-Winkie. A TELETUBBY!


  14. unfortunately ignorance is great 🙂 scientist know nothing about really what was and what not when ( before many millions of years ago) All is possible , and yes to many ignorant walks around trying to be smart

  15. Sir Alex says:

    Amazing and unbelievable story. That’s challenge in evolutionary trend and human migration theory in New world as well.

  16. Sir Alex says:

    How is it possible? During Paleozoic era. Under silurian Period 443 million years ago up to 416 million years ago. Here we saw spread of jawless fish throughout the seas. Mollusks and colars also thrived in the oceans. But the big thing happened on the land. The first undisputed evidence of terrestrial life begin. Plants evolved but had no leaves or vascular tissue that allows modern plants to siphon up water and nutrients. Only vertebrae that called tetrapods were started to colonize the land. Thus due to simple explanation how did such hominoids appeared and tend to survive in such period. Whether such remains there should be inter coalition between younger and old rocks cemented together to give us such period of time. That news astonishing me as one of Archaeologist. I asked myself in such environment how this tend to survive and get food and shelters. This seems to cut across and stuck evolutionary trend a bit. They should do more investigation to come up with a stuff elaboration.

  17. Ashif says:

    This may be possible. What if Antarctica was part of north america and geographical location was on west as suggested by below article?


  19. At one time all of the continents were connected as one large land mass. What exactly was living on Earth during that epoch is uncertain as the fossil record does not contain every living that ever existed. It is fragmented and incomplete. Humanoid animals of one sort or another probably have been around once land mass existed. These same types of creatures are probably universal throughout the cosmos. It is by design. Not evolution. We used to believe that man did not exist during the age of Dinosaurs – but now new fossil records show this is incorrect as human foot prints tracking a limping dinosaur in stone hundreds of millions years old clearly reveals. At one time the solar system was different than it is now with more planets in it – with Mars and Phaeton being inhabited. There was also contact between all three planets higher intelligent species… and interbreeding and hybridizing programs going on. Then interstellar raiding and warfare cultures from within the Milky Way Galaxy began various over throws and destruction of Mars, Phaeton and Earth. Earth has been spared destruction because it is a rare jewel as a Water World. Phaeton was pulverized by either an asteroid hit or it was intentionally blown out of the solar system because of warfare. Mars too was destroyed by Mega Atomic Detonations as is now discovered… The Earth’s Moon was inhabited as well and the relics of that time remain on the far side of the Moon and NASA and RUSSIA are fully aware of it. There are probably other outposts on other moons as well as it would only make sense that space traveling Beings would need ports to get from place to place. Keep in mind – if something can travel throughout the cosmos in 455 minus degrees Fahrenheit conditions, why then couldn’t it live and exist in Antarctica? Some Humanoid types could actually be designed to live in such extremes. They could be designed to live in extremely cold, toxic and high pressure places too like the Giant Planets of our solar system. UFO’s have been seen coming and going from our SUN – so what type of Being could withstand such a thing? MAN today does not know the history of the Cosmos or what was and is now in it. If Mankind actually did know just what was out there – I think we’d go collectively insane… we really do not want to know!

  20. thistheish says:

    I don’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes. The first question; are they from the continent? We’re they drifted there from elsewhere? Second, are they in fact humanoid? Perhaps it was a fish. Third; are therever larger ones, hidden underneath the ice? 4. If in fact true, what consequence does it have for our understanding of Antarctican history?

    • Holy shit, dude!
      The Antarcticans will have to rewrite their history if this is true!
      Do you think these little guys built the pyramids?
      I bet they did because it’s always weird shit like this that ends up doing stuff like that.
      It’s on Ancient Aliens all the time with that funny hair dude.

  21. Heath lambert says:

    Well the first looks plausible but the second is definitely a fake. Every fossil i have ever seen, the bones were solid not an ink looking out line. The skull on the second has dots for eyes where there should be hollow sediment and no solid skull.

  22. Lars Lindh says:

    Don’t need to be a scientist to see that those are drawings on stone, fossils are built by layers of mud and dust, compeare to real ones and you see the difference. No 3d. Graphics in fossil. Why create fake news,. Please. ?

    • Why create fake news?
      For people with a sense of humor who like to be entertained.
      People with a broom stick up their asses should move on and let other people have their fun.
      Saturday night live has a fake news show on every weekend.
      How often do you send them e-mails bitching and complaining about it?

  23. National Institute of ancient studys” (misspelled and dose not exist, nor does Dr. Marly) BS.

  24. And…..Someone have noticed, this skeletons are copy of the Vesalius engraves? This “fossils” are Fake, indeed. Review the “Humani corpori fabrica” and you can see the original skeleton models for this “fossils”

    • You might be right.
      Maybe the person who made that fake is a mentally ill weirdo like the person who drew this?

      Any sane person would know that this site is intended to be humorous, but who ever drew this image is screwed up in the head.

  25. Julia thyer says:

    I hsve not been here before. Are these Resl or for fun?

  26. Wilhelm von Lau says:

    Ms. Westhaven–
    I’m a retired Electrical Engineer and a Volunteer Research Fellow for a team at The University of Chicago/Wolfram Research AG. I’m not a “paranormal”, UFO, etc. “buff”. And, of course, I know nothing more of these particular diminutive Hominids than what is posted in the preceding article. If I could, I myself would blissfully regress back to 1980 and the false hubris the Sciences indulged in. That Civilization began in Mesopotgamia circa 5000 BCE. That the First “Humans” set foot in North America circa 50,000 years ago. That we are all alone in One “Real” Universe, the “Other Universe(s)” being mere mathematical curiosities. That we are not, in fact, co-existing–literally living among– another “dimension”. A real place. Somewhat different than “Our Side” (for simplicity of reference they’ve termed “Fast Side” due “here” the velocity of light being C=~186,000mi/310,000km per second; “Their Side”–“Slow Side” C=~177,700mi/296,167km per second) In ratio, if time (Slow Side) equals Unity (1), time (Fast Side) equals 3.18343. Basically for every hour that passes “Slow Side”, 3.18343 hours pass “here”.
    I am, of course, unacquainted with you. I know nothing of your beliefs, background, source of your studies, linguistic abilities etc. I would also prefer to keep it that way. I’m an old man. But after perusing your post it seems you, and a growing number like you, once again “missed the target”. But, Ms. Westhaven, you did indeed “hit the tree”.
    The “world” as we have, and I had, come to know, for many others like me shall change.
    It must. Consider this, just for thought: what if the Great “Alien Invasion”– the fearsome “Extraterrestrial Super Soldiers” come to “enslave” us– in fact is composed of about 40,000 children. The oldest of the first arrival being the rough equivalent of about 4-6 years old? Females to male ratio around 4:1; of that number maybe 1 out of the 4 females is potentially fertile, will not reach sexual maturity until about age 20, and might at best deliver 3 offspring (with a gestational period of approximately 19 months, but young born significantly more advanced than homo sapiens, for example ambulatory a day or two after birth).
    You likely think I’m insane. I wish you were right.

  27. Tiny humanoid found in Antarctica story? Its a
    “FAIREY ” not a Goblin!

  28. Pingback: Uimitor: într-un articol din 2009, se vorbeşte despre descoperirea unor schelete de mini-creaturi umanoide, cu o vechime de 600 de milioane de ani! – Universul by Lovendal – Site stiintific si de mistere

  29. Jeffrey peter says:

    Ahhhh Yorick!!!! I knew him well….and Bob..

  30. Dr Diana Bernhart says:

    Decades for the fakeNess of piltdown man to be revealed. This story will not last that long because anybody who knows what a fossil looks like knows human skulls do not do well flattenned to. 20 millimeter……. the graphics here are juvenile. No not the skeletons, the lack of skill in making the illustration.

    • Millie Arkey says:

      What makes you think their skulls were made of bone and not cartilage or some other soft rubbery material?
      Have you done any research on these tiny humanoids?
      You should never assume.
      When you do you make an ass out of you and me.
      By the way,they are not illustrations.
      They are photographs.
      I’ll bet you’re not really a doctor.

  31. Desiree Allen says:

    It would be cool if this story were true but there isn’t information about it on many other sites, it would’ve gone viral if people could verify it. And if you Google “Dr. Marley, Cambridge University” there’s nothing.

  32. NB says:

    If anyone is, or knows a researcher in the Los Angeles area that would like to look at some of these. I have some. I came across this story looking for information on them. I have been working on some fossils I’ve found in my yard for about 2 years now. At first I thought these little humanoid like things that were on the back of 2 of them were just my imagination, and they would prove to be something else as I progressed on cleaning the specimen up. Then more recently I began to believe it was some kind of ancient art. Then I noticed they had real teeth.

    I’m not trying to pull a hoax. If these are just art then they are very strange looking things for ancient humans to be depicting in their works. If I can find a way to post a pic of one I will.

  33. Joe says:

    These so called “fossils” look as though someone drew them on the rock with a pen or pencil. If these are real then why haven’t they been in palio magazines or other publications? This article is now over 8 years old and you’d think there was some further conclusions or evidence to follow up on but there isn’t so I’m calling this a hoax until we see more credible proof.

    • NB says:

      Well like I said. I have some small humanoid fossils. They are smaller than these ones though. IF ANYONE IS IN LOS ANGELES, and knows about these things. I am keeping this offer open. You are welcome to come and research them. These things are humanoid in the fact that they have 2 arms, and 2 legs. But they look like reptiles otherwise. I’m gonna say they were likely living in the ocean or something.

      What do you have to lose? A little time? Someone in the know, come look at them. You will be fascinated.

    • NB says:

      And, really. The title of the post itself tells you that it’s either BS, or completely skewed by science, or corrupted by science.

      “600 Million year old”??? To me that says people are making things up right off the bat. These timelines are completely ridiculous. Can the human mind even begin to wrap itself around a mad up number like that when it pertains to years? If fossils are that old, and we’ve only been here for the tiniest fraction of 1% of that. Then fossils wouldnt be rare. They would be everywhere. Yes I know “Specific, rare conditions to make fossils” But in 600 million years. You would have hit those conditions MANY MANY times. Also, with the huge number of pole shifts, and floods, and hurricanes, and earthquakes, meteor strikes, what ever other thing that could damage earth,rock, etc. That would take place in that span of time. What are the odds that Bob,is gonna dig down 3 feet to install sprinklers, and find a complete fossilized skeleton of anything dating that far back? Yet it happens…. Dont get me wrong. I’m not fighting for religion or anything. But the fact is, these timelines are made up, and totally retarded. I can’t believe people buy into this stuff because science says its true. Science is not only mostly theory, but its becoming more, and more clear that it’s intentionally skewed.

      Humanity is being kept dumb. And being further dumbed down every year. Experts in the fossil game, are the dumbest of all. Blinded by their education. Which intentionally steered them wrong.

      Wake up.

  34. Ian Shears says:

    I believe that these hominids or humans of such slight stature are related to Cairns 1m ancient aboriginal Australians in the following way: CUT chronology gives the date 600 Ma translates to -3214.873 or -3214 B. C.; Noah sends out the first settlement/first Colonists to Italy -3219 or 3219 B. C. ; a land connection according to Ron Blakey of Colorado Plateau Geosystems’ maps is present at and post 600 Ma.

  35. Cold Phoenix says:

    a quick internet search will reveal there is no doctor Marly who works at Cambridge University

  36. Ryan says:

    So, Ryan, and NB are one and the same..

  37. Dan Geske says:

    I think its time for science to break from traditional thinking about man’s origins based upon such findings.

    It’s clear that an evolutionary process as we once believed must be abandoned and new theorys form in light of the recent surmounting fossil evidence Antarctica and many others.

  38. francis says:

    there is no way woodrow wilson would tuck his brother away in the attic of the whitehouse of all places

  39. francis ross says:

    our scientists , archeologist ,paleontologists do not know all the history of this planet . if there is any proof of life before man came along , check out what lies underneath the ice in Antarctica.publish the truth and STOP LYING ABOUT IT. mankind WILL FIND OUT THE TRUTH

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  41. Jan says:

    I don’t know which is more ludicrous. Is it these ridiculously fake images or the story itself? The image of the “team” walking along the rocks makes “Ace” appear to be a giant among his team of small humanoids. Thowe “fossils” are so laughable that they really aren’t funny at all. How did I end up here? I think I Googled vintage fashion. Good grief!

  42. Blake says:

    Why is everyone arguing over very obviously photoshopped fossils. Those aren’t even bones! They literally just photoshopped art of human skeletons over rocks!

  43. A J. says:

    You’re all fighting about this and poo pooing each other’s close mindedness but did anyone care to research the institute for ancient study’s in DC which doesn’t seem to exist?

    • enato says:

      exactly,neither is there a Dr.Marly at Cambridge, Fake stories like this do a great disservice to the search on that continent for real discoveries.

  44. Clive Redworth says:

    When are you people going to realise that evolution is a load of crap and cannot be prooved for a single second ,in fact it falls flat at the very first statement .And while I’am at it an asteroid did not destroy the Dinosaurs ,because evidence has just been found that dates back to no more than six thousand years .

  45. Tuci says:

    600 mln is a quite huge number to be pulled out of someones arse.

  46. abcadi says:

    Well, I was amazed until I found this disclaimer saying “all news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news” on https://nationalreport.net/disclaimer/

  47. enato says:

    it’s FAKE and shame on all the publications that reprinted this ,there is no Dr.Marly at cambridge

  48. Penny says:

    Folks, it’s September 2020 and this exact same article has been going around since 2009, without a peep otherwise or anything new! Yes, it’s bull and I 100% agree with the ross c explanation comment below!

  49. Steve jensen says:

    You do realize that this is satire and intentionally so, right?,
    These articles are written with the intent to be humorous.
    If you believe these articles, you may Want to consider joining the LDS Church or helping people transfer money out of Nigeria (for a small fee)

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