The Jersey devil captured on film!

Leeds point (red circle) alleged birth place of the Jersey Devil.

The National Reporter
Dave Morrison, a life long New Jersey resident, had planned on capturing the Jersey Devil on film ever since he learned about New Jerseys official monster when he was in the third grade.
Story’s and sightings of the Jersey Devil ( Also known as Mother Shrouds devil child and Mother Leeds 13th child.) have been circulating around the garden state since 1735 when the Jersey Devil is alleged to have been born in the small village of Leeds point.
Dave Morrison set out last October a week before Halloween to finally fulfill his childhood dream of photographing the Jersey Devil.
“I had twenty camera’s all equiped with motion detectors set up in the thick woods East of Leeds point road.”  He said.  “Anything that moved in front of them would get its picture taken.”
The National Reporter – How long did it take you to get your photograph of the Jersey Devil?
“About three days.” He said. “I checked the camera’s every day to see if they had been tripped off.  Every camera was tripped off when I checked them in the morning and it cost me a small fortune to develop all that the film. I ended up with dozens of photographs of deer herds and even one with a raccoon playing with the lens, but nothing out of the ordinary. That’s is, until the third day.  I got up early to collect all the film from the camera’s as I did the previous two days and took them back to my motel room to develop them.
I looked over the negatives and it was the same stuff.   Deer, wild turkeys, raccoons and squirrels jumping past the lenses, nothing out of the ordinary. That is until I got to the negative with the big shadow in the middle of the path. I figured it was just a group of deer standing around.   I took out my magnifying glass and held it up to get a closer look.   My heart started pounding a mile a minute when I saw what it was,  I could see what it was but I didn’t really want to believe it until blew it up and printed it out on paper.  When I had done that I couldn’t believe my eyes. There is was as plain as day sitting on its haunches no more than twenty-five feet away.
It was the Jersey Devil!
I estimate that when standing upright, it was at least ten feet tall.
It had a face like a horse and bat wings exactly like so many witnesses described it. I guess it is safe to say that they were telling the truth when they said they saw it.” 

Photograph of the legendary Jersey Devil taken with a hidden camera in New Jerseys pine barrens.

The National Reporter – How did you feel when you saw it?
“To tell you the truth, I was kind of scared.” Dave said. “Even though it was just a picture I couldn’t help but feel a little terror when I looked at it. I felt like it knew I got it’s picture and it was going to get me for it.”
The National Reporter – I’ll bet you aren’t too excited about going back into the woods to collect your camera’s.
“No, I’m not.” He said. “I borrowed every one of them from my friends, so I can’t just leave them in the woods. I guess I will go back first thing in the morning and collect them, then I’m getting the hell out of here. I am scared out of my mind right now at the thought of having to go back into those woods by myself.”
The National Reporter – I don’t blame you one bit.
“You know,..if the Jersey Devil came back it would make a great story for The National Reporter, especially if they had a reporter on the scene.”
The National Reporter – Yes, that sounds very interesting Mr. Morrison and I hope you have no problems rounding up all your camera’s.
“I’ll bet you would get a great big raise if you were to interview the Jersey Devil.  Imagine the publicity for The National Reporter!”
The National Reporter – Yes,..a great big raise and oodles of publicity.   Well, thank you for your time Mr. Morrison.  I will see to it that your picture gets published as soon as possible.
“Hang on,.. I’ll write you a check.” He said. “I’ll leave the amount blank and you can fill it out for what every you want. All you have to do is go into the woods with me.” 
This reporter dashed out of the motel room before Dave Morrison could get out his check book. Getting the news to our public as fast as possible is job #1  at The National Reporter.

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38 Responses to The Jersey devil captured on film!

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. dont post stuff like this anymore, please says:

    this looks shooped, i can tell by the pixels and seeing a few shops in my time

    • Ace Flashman says:

      While many of our photographs may appear to be shopped, or shooped as you write it in your language, the staff here at The National Reporter works diligently to seperate true storys from fabricated storys.
      Every story we publish is true and carries The world famous and highly respected seal of honesty from the International Reporters Association.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond and we hope you will continue to enjoy our highly informative news storys from across the nation.
      The staff of The National Reporter

      • mike says:

        that picture is definetly faaaaaake do you think were all dumb!?

      • Sam Winchester says:

        This is the only real photo of the Jersey devil in existence.
        Every other photo I have seen is fake.

      • zombiekillerchick says:

        okay i would like to see the vid because it might make this seem a bit more realistic but for now i am going to stick to the fact that
        1.the pixels ARE off
        2.the trees in front are different from the ones near the “jersey devil’
        and 3. last time i checked it was called the jersey devil NOT the jersey ant eater
        no offence but im gonna go with fake sorry if i seem lame and boring to some of you i actually love cryptids and beleve in them but im not gonna say that every picture i see is real im trying to beleve you guys are making it hard

      • really? how long are you gonna try and pass this bull?
        and seriusly “highly informative”?
        why the hell are you people buying this crap its not scary
        do i need do yell it from rooftops TAKE PHOTOSHOPING CLASSES OR STOP BEING A DUCHE!!!
        ITS F A K E! FAKE
        wow just wow

      • You spelled Douche wrong.
        It isn’t duche, it’s douche.
        I hope this helps you because you seem to be on the verge of having some sort of nervous break down over this story because some of it might have been fabricated.
        It’s all for amusement and not really intended to be taken seriously.

  3. mike says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! nevermind ur funny i like this website

  4. not telling u that says:

    i googled jersey devil it had that thing in the pic but it wasnt yours you put that pic on there R-tard.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      No I didn’t.
      If you are going to abbreviate a word, do it right.
      Removing a letter and replacing it with a dash is not abbreviating the word.
      It is mispelling it.

      Thank you for visiting The National Reporter.
      Please come again for the latest news from around the world.

  5. Happy Kun says:

    My Mind Just Blew up! Im so crazy about Cryptids! I also am wanna SEE a real Cryptids just once. Thanks Dave!

  6. Happy Kun says:

    Take a picture of The Loch Ness Monster Dave 😀 Wish you good luck in all your adventures in Capturing Cryptids,

  7. Happy Kun says:

    @:”Not Telling u that” , Maybe Ace Flashman is right youre all wrong. Maybe He/ She Just Posted it on That R-tard thing

  8. john says:

    Scary stuff. You wont catch me in the woods alone.

  9. dan says:

    the photo is clearly fake and so is this website the jersey devil is not proven to be real and if this photo was real scientist, cops, or anyone who specializes in these crap would say it was real and the whole country will now it is real and it would be on tv also if you say that scientist don’t know about this website i would say you are full of crap because it was one of the first website i saw when i typed down jersey devil

    • Repothon876 says:

      This photo is clearly fake?
      Holy shit, are you serious?
      LOL, What a douchebag!
      You are the only one who can’t see that this whole site is made of LULZ .

  10. This is just as real as that Bartlett crypid with the big toothy smile and moustache, Lolque.

  11. dog chapman says:

    i saw the same creature last week.

  12. Jake Vinskey says:

    I’m not saying this isn’t real but how come you didn’t try catching it or tranquilizing it, i mean that could have been a scientific discovery

    • SinisterStevieSexton says:

      Rifles that fire tranquilizing darts are illegal in NJ unless you are an animal warden.
      I know because I used to be an animal warden in NJ.
      Beside, the whole point of Dave Morrison’s woodsy quest was to capture the elusive creature on film.
      I don’t know about capturing it.
      That would be quite a frightful adventure.
      Just looking at the creature that close up would certainly have the ability to dislodge a few lost condoms from deep inside my rectum, let me tell you.

  13. Jake Vinskey says:

    i had a question for you SinisterStevieSexton. are you a molester or something i mean i’m just talking about tranquelizing not condoms.

  14. Jake Vinskey says:

    hey ace were did you go to get this picture me and my friends might want to see it in real life someday. PLEASE TELL ME THANKS.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      The picture was taken at the location on the map above.
      We here at The National Reporter refrain from encouraging private citizens to engage in hunting supernatural creatures.
      It is very dangerous and should only be attempted by professional monster hunters who have a well equipped van and a talking great Dane.

      • James says:

        Good picture, although I wonder if it’s the Jersey Devil? It looks like a Giant Sloth with wings. I wonder if it might be a new creature entry rather than the Jersey Devil?

  15. rosebuds123 says:

    stop using you computer for stupid pictures we know the are FAKE!!!!! why do people lie so much

    • Tinky too says:

      Rosebuds, when are you going to come out as a homosexual?
      It is making you very irritable denying it like this and it is affecting our relationship.

  16. James says:

    Are you sure thats the Jersey Devil, it looks more like you discovered something very different.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      You will have to ask Dave Morrison.
      He is the person responsible for the photograph.
      The National Reporter was not involved in the stalking and photographing of the elusive beast.
      We reported the story as told to us by Mr.Morrison.

      Thank you for reading The National Reporter and we hope you will continue to read all of our exciting and provocative news stories.

  17. ChristyS. says:

    I’m sorry, but the thing in this photo does not look real to me. The light hitting it is not the same as the light in the rest of the forest. It looks like it was created on a computer, like in World of Warcraft, for example, then cut and pasted into this photo. I’m willing to give your story the benefit of the doubt, but I am not buying the picture.

  18. UAZFGAHG WGT says:


  19. Linda Beyer says:

    I’m related to the Jersey Devil…and I can tell you THAT IS NOT MY BROTHER!!

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