Tazered man runs like the Flash!

Police tazer had unusal effect on Philadelphia man.

The National Reporter

A Philadelphia man who was mistaken for a car thief was accidentally zapped with 50 thousand volts from a police officers Tazer gun.
“I thought he was the crook, he matched the description.” Officer Wally Banks said.
What happened when the man was jolted with all of that electricity is the really strange part of this story.
Instead of hitting the ground like a normal person, he just stayed in one spot about two feet off the ground with his legs going a mile a minute like a cartoon character while grunting “Gnaaa,..gnaaa,..gnaaaahh!!
A few seconds later he took off down the street at blinding speed.
Below are the actual photographs taken by passerby of the tazered man the moment he received the massive jolt of electricity and then speeding down the street at lightening speeds.


Look at him go!

He ran a total of two hundred yards before he ran out of steam and fell face first onto the asphalt and slid for seventy feet before he came to a halt in the middle of the intersection.
He was immediately transported to the hospital and treated for road rash and electrical shock.
A video of this unusual occurrence was made, unfortunately it has been confiscated by the police and the owner of the video camera was been arrested and charged with filming a police officer breaking the law.

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3 Responses to Tazered man runs like the Flash!

  1. dan says:

    this website is bogus it is clearly fake it is impossible to run that fast if you are making a fake website at least say it is fake and plus there is no such thing as road rash and tazer won’t get you into a hospital for electrical shock and the video can’t be confiscated for an officer breaking the law or that officer riveri dude wouldn’t be on you tube and the officer didn’t break the law the man did he broke the laws of physics also how come he has a shadow on the side of his face which has the sun aiming at it

  2. Flarbolexo says:

    Are you stupid?
    1.The National Reporter is not a bogus website, It is a real website.
    2.There is a such thing as road rash, it is a common term for the scrape a person receives when they fall off of a motorcycle..
    3. A Tazer will certainly get you into the emergency room.
    Quite a few people have died from Tazers.
    4.There are new laws arising in several states that make it a criminal offense to video tape police officers abusing citizens.
    6. The video of the event was confiscated. That is why it is not on youtube.

  3. Olds442 says:

    Never mind Dan.
    Dan is one of the know it all retards on yahoo answers.
    I often LOL at his idiotic posts over there.
    To get an idea of what a complete moron he is, he is bitching and complaining about this site claiming that it is bogus, as if he is the only one who can see it and everyone else reading this site are stupid and think it is real.
    Do yourself a favor Dan.
    Pull the broom stick out of your ass and look up the word, parody.

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