White poop. The deadly secret.

The National Reporter
In recent months young people across the nation have been experimenting with a very dangerous chemical that can be easily obtained from dog excrement.
Reckless people have discovered the explosive properties of the crystalline substance that forms on the surface of dog poop when it turns white.
When combined with a simple base compound such as ordinary bubble gum, this white substance produces enough explosive power to rival military grade C-4.
So far there have been no serious injuries resulting from this dangerous discovery and law enforcement agencies from coast to coast are on the lookout for anyone experimenting with this substance.
Police cyber units are also watching the internet very closely for persons engaged in providing information on the manufacture of this lethal explosive.
The National Reporter has made this video in an effort to alert parents to this danger and to inform them of the tell tale signs that their children may be manufacturing this volatile explosive.
We advise parents to alert the police immediately if they hear a huge explosion in their neighborhood.

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2 Responses to White poop. The deadly secret.

  1. Demolitionman689 says:

    Me and my friends tried this and it didnt work at all.
    I think this is a big bull shit story to get peeple to pick up dog shit with their bare hands and kneed it into dough balls,.
    Seal of honesty my ass!

  2. Stan says:

    Works use a detonator like an
    M-80 no problem.

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