Adult film star, Gianna Michaels single handedly lands 1200 pound shark

Gianna is seen here posing with her trophy shark.

The National Reporter
Beautiful adult film star and Seattle native, Gianna Michaels, single-handedly caught a 1200 Lb. shark last weekend while on a fishing trip with a few friends.
The National Reporter – What did you think when you first snagged the shark?
“I thought my line got hooked on something, like a sunken boat.” She told us. “Then all of a sudden it swung my pole around and went under the boat.  That was when I knew I had something big.”
The National Reporter – Were you scared when you found out that you had an enormous shark on the end of your line?
“Not really, well, maybe a little bit.” She said. “Sharks are pretty dangerous, I was kind of afraid that the thing was going to leap out of the water and thrash up the boat, but when I saw that Captain Rollo was ready with a high-powered rifle I stopped worrying about it.”
The National Reporter – How long did you fight it?
“Wow, seemed like it took all day.” She said. ” But, it was only around an hour and forty-five minutes before it was exhausted and we hoisted it aboard the boat.”
The National Reporter – People are saying that you fought this shark all by yourself,  is that true?
“Ha,ha,. it sure is!”  She laughed.  “A few of the guys offered to take the pole from me when I started getting cramps in my arms, but I refused to let go so someone else would get all the credit.”
After Miss Michaels posed for the above exclusive photograph for The National Reporter,  she had the shark delivered to a local taxidermist to have it stuffed and mounted.
“This shark is going to look awsome in my apartment!”  She said.

Aside from her love for deep sea fishing, Gianna Michaels has other interests that are little known to the general public.
She has been an avid skeet and trap shooter since the age of 12 with several regional awards to her credit plus she holds a third degree black belt in Japanese Goju-ryu karate.

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7 Responses to Adult film star, Gianna Michaels single handedly lands 1200 pound shark

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  2. ali says:

    how old gianna???

  3. Fubsy says:

    Nice photoshop 🙂

  4. Allen Keys says:

    This isn’t a Photoshopped picture..
    I saw this in my newspaper when she caught the shark, but they made a mistake about how big the shark was.
    I think it was around four hundred pounds.
    No where’s near 1200 Lbs.

  5. Maybe she had SEX with the Shark, then Trapped the Shark in a Body Scissor Wrestling Move, after the Shark had Ejaculated and become too weak to struggle.

    Her Porno Film Experience no doubt helped.
    May she become an Inspiration for Millions of Rape Victims !!!!!!!

    • Muskateer III says:

      If she wanted to be an inspiration for millions of rape victims all she has to do is wear a muslim habib.
      Muslims and African rape gangs are breaking rape and assault records all across Europe while the stupefied Europeans continue to welcome them into their countries.
      You now what I am talking about, Ravi.
      When the Muslims invaded India to spread their religion of peace they managed to murder 80 million of your countrymen before you stood up to them and kicked them out.

      • Dear Muskateer III,

        Thanks for your reply.
        Although I am not Indian as my name suggests, I wholly agree with your Historical Picture of Muslim Invasions to India and European countries.
        However, my joke was supposed to be lighthearted and more focused on the Profession of Ms. Gianna Micheals.
        To drag the Muslim Invaders into the picture would have made the Joke more complicated to be effective, and shifted its focus.

        However, I do apologize if my comment was Insensitive (though Un-intentional), and insulted the feelings of Rape Victims (whither at the hands of Muslims, Africans or any others.

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