Alison Angel flattens mugger

Dainty adult film star Alison Angel at home.

The National Reporter
Alison Angel, the petite beauty and star of several adult films was attacked outside of her home over the weekend by an obsessed fan.

Alison Angel is the second adult film star who has been in the news this week.
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Gianna Michaels lands 1200 pound shark

“I was out in my garden watering my tomato plants when this guy came up from behind out of no where and put his arms around me.” Miss Angel told us.
The National Reporter – What did you do?
“Well at first I was scared, but my karate training kicked in and I grabbed his arms and threw him over my shoulder.” she said.
Alison has been taking karate lessons from long time friend and co-adult film star Gianna Michael’s.
Alison holds a brown belt and she expects to be promoted to black belt early next year.
The National Reporter – What happened after you threw him to the ground?
“I thought he was knocked out at first because he just layed there for a few seconds. But then he got up and came at me again. That was when I really layed into him with a few round house kicks and a flurry of punches.” She said.
The National Reporter – Were you scared at all?
“Not at first, I just reacted and let my Karate training take over. The next thing I knew he was laying on the ground unconcience and I ran inside to call the police.”

The mugger has been identified as 24-year-old Abdul Mustafa, who had recently immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan.
Police have disclosed that he is a registered sex offender in Pakistan and had been imprisoned seven times for rape and child molestation before he immigrated to the U.S. last year.

Abdul Mustafa after being beat up by petite adult film star, Alison Angel.

When The National Reporter showed Miss angel the photograph of her attacker taken at the county jail, she let out a quiet girlish giggle.
“Oh my goodness,..did I do that?” she said.
She seemed kind of surprised at the severity of the facial injures that she had inflicted on him.

Breaking news! Alison’s mugger sentenced to fifteen years in prison!
Read it now!

Ooops,..I guess I don't know my own strength.

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273 Responses to Alison Angel flattens mugger

  1. masoud says:

    very nice

  2. Rick says:

    he got 15 years so if he paid u to be in a movie with you your would have got $15,000 so it about money not have some strange guy touch u

  3. Fubsy says:

    Lol! For a minute I thought this was a real story!

  4. Shady says:

    Quite a fake story. Even name of ‘abdul Mustafa’ is fake because muslim never use this name. abdul means man of and mustafa is Muslim prophet. After abdul muslim always use God’s name like abdul Allah means. Man of God. abdul samad (another name of God), means man of God, abdul aziz (aziz is another name of God). They never use man of Prophet. Though they use ghulam e mustafa. Means slave of prophet. Little knowledge is like bad porn. You do everything to impress but all in vain. Same is this sham story. And why US officials gave immigration to someone without backgroud checks? Such a fake!

    • Ace Flashman says:

      Sorry Shady, but not everyone from Pakistan is a Moslim.
      Nowhere in this story did we say he was.
      And as far as the U.S. allowing him to immigrate, well that’s the U.S. for you.
      They let anyone in these days.

      Thank you for reading The National Reporter.

    • Rob says:

      hey muslim, Just google the name Abdul Mustafa… it IS a real name (in fact some ‘maulana’ is named that… isnt that someone similar ot a priest?). Now wheather you Sunnis think of other muslim sects as muslims or not is your issue, dont blame it on others by making it a ‘conspiracy’ (its the stupidest weapon you stupid muslims have).

      You are just a dumb little muslim cunt who is intentionally trying to fool the non muslims and the ignorant muslims because you cant live with the reality of your pathetic religion.

      • Aussie41 says:

        Hey Rob, did common sense rob you in not knowing that you need to proof read your rants before replying?

        As you not making sense, especially with spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • Gwenpeace says:

      Yea right, because Islam is the religion of peace.
      Anyone named Abdul Mustafa would never rape anyone because their name is magic.

      • R.S.Madanayake says:

        Hah, haa, Haaaa! Islam is a Religion of Peace! Or is it for killing us infidels Piece by Piece. More likely, Islam is a religion of Piece !!!!!!!

        OK Western Girls, time for Reality. Get together, and Beat the SHIT out of these Muslim Rapefugees !!!!!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Rick, Alison Angel is a solo adult star. She doesn’t do stuff with dudes.
    Regardless, don’t be a douche.

  6. l01229014 says:

    l’homme de ma vie tu apres pour etre avec dt moi

  7. Joe Kuprevich says:

    alison has found a new home with me…so all u wannbees can suck wind…she is mine forever…getting married to her and 5 other beautiful women…so if u c the name pegasus0069 u will know who she belongs to…

  8. pegasus0069 says:

    If u think shes bad u dont want to try honey knows her shit…I was rated a walking killing machine…ur heart promptly served in 5 seconds…or ur thorax ripped out. Ur choice….

  9. GWatt says:

    The guy deserved it and more!!! Way to go!!! 🙂 Its because of situations like this that I had my daughter take Krav Maga.

    This part should probably be posted somewhere else. I have just one question, how does a person get a passport let alone be allowed to migrate here?
    “The mugger has been identified as 24-year-old Abdul Mustafa, who had recently immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan.
    Police have disclosed that he is a registered sex offender in Pakistan and had been imprisoned seven times for rape and child molestation before he immigrated to the U.S. last year.”

    • Gwenpeace says:

      Damn right he deserved it.
      If she didn’t know karate he would have raped her. maybe even killed her.
      Kudo’s to Miss Angel!
      She made the world a little safer thanks to her Karate skills!
      She deserves a medal.

      • Bullshit, the bitch should have bent over and let him hump her and none of this bullshit would have gone down.
        Bitches got no say in sex.
        If a man want’s to fuck, the bitch has to let him or get her face punched.
        Bitches don’t need to learn karate.
        They need to learn to please men.

  10. gap11559 says:

    Alison Angel told me this story is not true here is her twitter ask her

    • Casey12 says:

      LOl, that’s a fake Alison Angel site. There are dozens of them.
      Every famous person has people impersonating them on twitter.
      Alison Angel quit the adult film business and has turned her back on any further publicity to distance herself from her past.
      She is a wife and mother now.
      I have no reason to believe this story about her beating up a mugger is real either.
      It’s just for fun.
      The fake twitter account is different.
      It’s kind of creepy.

  11. gap11559 says:

    Casey12 says: tweet her you will see i am right

    • Casey12 says:

      You said she told you the story is fake.
      I checked and there is no comment from you or her saying the story is fake.
      This is an interesting comment on her twitter site.

      That fake Alison Angel better watch out or the real Alison Angel will beat her up with her karate.
      She must be a black belt by now.

      • gap11559 says:

        Alison Angel i though you were not going to read this stuff .well guys you now have her attention .Casey12 says: the reason its not on her twitter page about the mugger story is it was in a private message .

  12. Casey12 says:

    Sure it was.
    A private message that no one else but you and her can see.
    How convenient.
    Will the real Alison Angel please stand up?

    • gap11559 says:

      it was in an email here is her response to the mugger story .That story is pretty badass. I have never trained in martial arts. I have thankfully never been attacked. I have a concealed carry so I hope nobody tries to attack me. I have no problem shooting and killing anyone who threatens my life or my families. =)

      • Casey12 says:

        Right, and the pope is Jewish.
        Hey look, I got an e-mail from Hillary Clinton and she says; I set those people up for ambush over there in Lybia, but vote for me in 2016 anyway!
        Like I said, this story about her beating up a mugger might have had the truth stretched a little.
        But come on, do you really believe that is the real Alison Angel?
        It’s probably some fat fifty year old man wanking his wiener and getting off by pretending he’s her.

      • gap11559 says:

        i am done responding to you .i guess you just cant handle the truth . put of a profile on id here is the link its run by nikki sims (next door nikki) and her husband only real verified models are on there .breana lee, andi pink, many more .but you wont believe that either

        Please do not link to any website that is age restricted.
        T.N.R. Web Security Staff

  13. Casey12 says:

    I can handle the truth just fine and the truth is there are a hell of a lot of impersonators on the internet.
    If you want to believe you are communicating with the real Alison Angel, then that is your business.
    I am going to remain skeptical about someone claiming to be a celebrity on a medium where you can be anyone or anything you want to be.

  14. Casey12 says:

    Besides, the national reporter has the seal of honesty from the international reporters association so this story must be true.

    • FooFooMeat says:

      Ah yes, the great seal of honesty and integrity. Without it all these story’s would be fake.

      • gap11559 says:

        the story is false .she told me herself . but i cant make anyone believe nor do i care to much if you do .i just wanted to get the truth out

      • FooFooMeat says:

        Even with the seal of honesty and integrity you still don’t believe it?
        Wow, some people.
        Is anyone supposed to believe you talked to Alison Angel?
        How can we be sure?
        Do you have a seal of honesty and integrity like the national reporter.

  15. gap11559 says:

    here is her real and only twitter account .she came out of retirement to stay in touch with her fans ask her yourself she will respond

    • FooFooMeat says:

      LOL, right.
      Dear Miss fake Alison Angel.
      Is that really you or some big fat middle aged man masturbating like a wildman behind his computer screen getting off on guys thinking he is Alison Angel.
      I don’t have a twatter account and I don’t want one because they are for fags.
      Why doesn’t she just say the story is fake on her twatter page?

      • gap11559 says:

        she did to me in a private message and email but i guess i cant make you believe me .i know the truth so i am done

  16. FooFooMeat says:

    And the truth is you have been talking to a guy who is posing as Alison Angel on twitter.
    I tell you what, have her post a picture of herself with this story on her computer screen next to her holding up a sign saying the story is fake.
    Then maybe I will believe it is really her and this story is bogus.

    • gap11559 says:

      the fact is i dont care that much to ask her to do all that sorry +

      • FooFooMeat says:

        That tells me that you are not 100% sure it is really her or not.
        You know that if it really is just some fat middle aged guy pretending to be her on twitter and he tried to post a picture like that it would have to be Photoshopped and you can tell when a picture has been Photoshopped.
        Your on going fantasy of being friends with Alison Angel would come crashing down and you don’t want to take that risk.
        Come on, she gets her picture taken all day long.
        What would be so difficult about having her take a selfie next to her computer with this story displayed on the monitor with her holding a piece of paper with something written on it?

      • gap11559 says:

        ill tell you what she is making me a pic holding a kitchen whisk as a joke for another site .no on else has such a pic of her .ill post that for you .she is retired from modeling and does not have her pics taken anymore .she has a family and will do that pic just for me .the other thing is to annoying for me to ask her

  17. FooFooMeat says:

    You should ask her if she is a black belt yet.
    Maybe you can get a picture of her and Gianna Micheals working out in the Dojo wearing their Gis.
    I just don’t understand why you refuse to believe this story.
    There are several people who left comments who claimed to have seen this story on the news.
    Are they all lying?

    • gap11559 says:

      she does not take marital arts .the only thing true in the story is that she is friends with Gianna Micheals . i am a second degree karate black belt that is how i came to ask the question about the story being true . i thought it was cook she studied martial arts and kicked this guys ass .she said she has a gun permit and would have shot him ..ill post the pics she send me

  18. FooFooMeat says:

    You posted a photo of a food mixer.

    • gap11559 says:

      i know i was testing to see if i could post a pic . now i know how when she sends me the pic holding the whisk i bought her .by the way if you look at the pic of her outside the LA COURT HOUSE AFTER THE VERDICT YOU CAN SEE ITS PHOTOSHOPPED . she was sick yesterday but i sent her that pic and she said look at it its fake

      • FooFoomeat says:

        It’s possible that the photo was made for illustration purposes for the story.
        News agency’s do that all the time.
        When you post your image of her holding the whisk, how is it supposed to prove that you bought it for her and it isn’t just a picture you found of her holding a whisk?
        I can post of picture of her wearing a tee shirt and claim that I I bought it for her.
        If you can get her to take a picture of herself holding a whisk that was allegedly given to her by you, why can’t she pose next to her computer with the national reporter story on the screen holding up a piece of paper saying the story is fake?

      • gap11559 says:

        i can prove i bought the whisk because it was on her amazon wish list i can show you the purchase and the pic of the whisk before she does the pic .then when you see the pic you will see its the same whisk i bought . she posted a pic the other day in a Kentucky tee shirt another fan bought her would you like to see that pic . as far as the mugger story i am not going to ask her any more about it . that pic is fake the story is fake read the first few comments they all agree its fake

  19. FooFoomeat says:

    How does it prove you bought it for her?
    She had it on her amazon wish list then she bought it and took a picture of herself holding it.
    How easy would it be to post the picture and say you bought it for her?
    If she can take a selfie of herself doing something as trivial as holding a ten dollar food whisk she can certainly take a selfie of herself sitting in front of her computer with the story of her getting mugged on the screen while she holds up a piece of paper that says fake story on it.
    You can say the story is fake, the pictures are fake and the first couple of commenters say it’s fake.
    Despite all that, the national reporter has for two years in a row been the recipient of the international reporters association award for honesty and integrity and truthfulness in reporting.
    It is a true story.

    • gap11559 says:

      i bought it and can prove it from my receipt on amazon .i am not going to ask her about the mugger story anymore .after she sends me the pic of the exact whisk i bought and post it if you still dont believe me its on you

      • FooFoomeat says:

        All you can prove is you have a receipt for a whisk, that’s all.
        It in no way proves this story is fake.
        The only one who can prove this story is fake is the real Alison Angel with one simple picture.
        I think the real problem here is the person you believe is Alison Angel is an imposter, most likely a man who is obsessed with Alison Angel and he is impersonating her on the internet.
        Alison takes plenty of pictures of her self so there is no reason why she can’t take one of herself sitting next to her computer with this story on the screen holding up a piece of paper saying the story is fake, or real.
        I’m not trying to make you angry,
        I am just not convinced that this story is bogus.

      • gap11559 says:

        i am done with you bye

  20. FooFoomeat says:

    I knew you couldn’t prove it.
    You have your suspicions about this person claiming to be Alison Angel, but you refuse to come to terms with it because it will ruin the illusion.

  21. FooFoomeat says:

    the pic of her outside the LA COURT HOUSE AFTER THE VERDICT YOU CAN SEE ITS PHOTOSHOPPED . she was sick yesterday but i sent her that pic and she said look at it its fake

    She examined it and she could tell it was faked?
    How long did she scrutinize the photo before she came to conclusion that is was fake?
    If she really was Alison Angel and the story and photo were fake, why would she have to examine it to see if it was fake?
    You my friend are being take for a ride by an imposter.
    I hope this person didn’t get any of your personal information from your Amazon purchase.
    You should check your accounts for suspicious activity.
    Seriously dude, don’t trust anyone over the internet.

  22. gap11559 says:

    today is Alison Angel s 29th bday .

    • FooFoomeat says:

      Is that the real Alison Angel or the one you think is her?
      Other famous birthdays for April 7th.
      Billie Holiday
      Ravi Shankar
      “Crazy” Joe Gallo
      Wayne Rogers
      John Oates
      Janis Ian
      Jackie Chan
      Russell Crowe

  23. iT678posse says:

    Why do so many people here think this story is fake?
    I remember when it happened.
    It was in the newspaper.
    It was weird because i just finished fapping to one of her videos and when i was done I read the paper and there was the story about her getting mugged.
    Does she really sell her used panties?

    • gap11559 says:

      she wants to sell some of her outfits she shot in .as for the story you must have cum to hard its fake weather you want to believe it or not.if you like her so much go on twitter and say hello only use the profile i posted there are lots of fakes

      • iT678posse says:

        Thanks, i will have to check out what she has for sale.
        About that story, i read it in the paper so i know it really happened.
        Unless the national reporter has a newspaper too. LOL.

      • gap11559 says:

        since she told me the story was fake herself i believe her .she does not even know who Gianna Michael’s. is .you can see the ;pic outside the court house is Photoshopped. she lives in ohio not LA why would they be in a court out there

  24. FooFoomeat says:

    A few posts back you said she was friends with Gianna Micheals.

    gap11559 says:
    the only thing true in the story is that she is friends with Gianna Micheals

    Now you say she does not even know her?
    It is said that if a person wants to be a good liar they have to have a good memory.
    There is something fishy about this person who is claiming to be Alison Angel over the internet.
    I bet if she did send you a picture of herself sitting in front of her computer with the story of the mugger on the screen that it would be Photoshopped.

    • gap11559 says:

      yes i did say they were friend i misunderstood her reply i asked again and she had no idea who she was .get the pic at the computer of of your head its not happening . i will post the whisk pic when i get it .i can post a current pic of her with some gift cards i got her off her amazon wish list if you like

  25. gap11559 says:

    i sent those exact gift caeds off her amazon wish list she took a pic and posted on twitter .what do you say about that

    • FooFoomeat says:

      You posted a picture of Alison Angel holding some gift cards.
      So what?
      A selfie of her sitting in front of her computer holding up a piece of paper that says “fake story” with the mugging story on the screen that isn’t Photoshopped would be more convincing.
      To bad she is willing to pose for any kind of picture except that.
      How convenient.
      Don’t you think that is kind of suspicious?

      • gap11559 says:

        how dumb can you be i bought her those exact gift cards .are you just to stupid to see your wrong

  26. FooFoomeat says:

    I bought her this lovely pink dress.

    • gap11559 says:

      you muxt be 10 years old asshole

    • gap11559 says:

      here is my proof i bought them were is yours
      Delivered Jan 16, 2015
      Sephora Gift Card $25
      Sold by: ACI Gift Cards, Inc.
      Olive Garden $25 Gift Card
      Sold by: ACI Gift Cards, Inc.

      • FooFoomeat says:

        Mary Kay dress company
        Toledo, Ohio, USA
        Delivered Nov 30, 2014
        Visa Card $750.00
        Sold by: Mary Kay dress store
        (1) Lovely pink dress.

      • gap11559 says:

        amazon does not let you know the street address your sending things to but tell me the state and town she lives in .when you do ill post the state and town i sent the gift cards to off my amazon purchases

    • gap11559 says:

      your a fucking Moran

  27. gap11559 says:

    the pic is over 8 years old nice try dick head i dont think it was del in 2014

    • FooFoomeat says:

      It was a typo.
      I contacted Mary Kay dress company and they explained that they had an old computer and it had been affected by the Y2K problem and the dates were screwed up.
      Everything they sold was dated eight years ahead of the actual time the merchandise was sold.
      I have a copy of the letter I got from the person in charge of sales if you would like to see proof.

  28. FooFoomeat says:

    Here is a copy of the letter.

    Dear Mr. FooFooMeat,
    Thank you for your purchase of (1) Lovely pink dress, $750.00.
    We are responding to your inquiry concerning the date this item was purchased.
    We regret to inform you that our computers at the time had been affected by Y2K
    and the dates got all fucked up.
    The date of your purchase may have indicated a future date and time that the merchandise was delivered.
    We hope that your friend –Alison Angel– enjoys your purchase and we look forward to serving you again.

    Yours truely,
    Agatha Brown
    Consumer service dept.
    Mary Kay Dress company
    Toledo, Ohio

    • gap11559 says:

      amazon does not let you know the street address your sending things to but tell me the state and town she lives in .when you do ill post the state and town i sent the gift cards to off my amazon purchases

  29. gap11559 says:

    y2k was 15 years ago she would have been 15 not in the adult business nice try

  30. Megadeth467 says:

    I just read your comment where you claim is the letter you recived from the dress company.
    Your real name is Mr. FooFooMeat?
    BWaaaa haaa haaa haaa!!!!

  31. Megadeth467 says:

    By the way, I am on gap’s side on this.
    I believe that really is Alison Angel he is talking to.
    No imposter could keep up a twitter site that long and fool so many people.
    The real Alison Angel would have had it removed a long time ago.
    Don’t forget, Alison Angel isn’t her real name it is more of a product name so she technically has a copyright on it.
    And isn’t just her alone who is protecting that name from infringement.
    However, I would like to see a picture of her sitting next to the computer monitor with this story on it.

    • gap11559 says:

      Megadeth467 i just dont want to ask her about the mugger story anyone we have talked about it enough. the recent pic i posted with her holding gift cards off her amazon wish list is 1005% real. if your a fan here is her twitter account again its the only place that is real .

    • gap11559 says:

      as for her twitter account being real there is no doubt. all the other Alison Angel twitter accounts have pics from her sets that re at least 8 years old .on the account i posted you can see current selfies she posts with her twitter name across them so no one can steal them .you can see she is much older in the selfies .no one else has current pics of her .

  32. Megadeth467 says:

    All the other Alison Angel twitter accounts?
    How many people are pretending to be her?
    Damn, that really sucks.

    • gap11559 says:

      looks like about 6or more fakes and many on facebook

      • Megadeth467 says:

        Is it against the law to impersonate her like that?
        Is there anything she can do to make them stop?
        Can you imagine someone thinking its her and buying a pair of her pantys?
        You think they are real but its from a big fat smelly disgusting nigger who wiped them on his ass.

      • gap11559 says:

        not much they can do but complain to the site .nikki sims ( next door nikki ) was kicked off facebook because they said she was fake yet there are like 20 fakes of her on facebook .so nikki and her husband started there own free social site only verified real models on there come join of you like its free and great ..i am g-dog on there

  33. Megadeth467 says:

    You know what?
    I know how she could prove it is really her very easily.
    She should just make a short video of her self saying this is the real me or something like that and put it on the top of her page.
    There is no way a fake can do that and that will prove conclusively that it really is the person they are claiming to be.
    They should all do that.
    This way all the frauds can be deleted without worrying about deleted the real person like you said they did with Nikki.

  34. FooFooMeat says:

    I don’t know Megadeth, It is very easy to make a fake Alison Angel picture like that.
    Here is one based on the body of an actual Alison Angel internet impersonator.

    Can you tell the difference between the fake and the real thing?
    Notice how she is clearly identifying herself as Alison Angel in the pink text.
    She is even wearing Alison Angels famous trademark TV antenna on her head just like the real Alison Angel.

    • gap11559 says:

      Photoshopped pics like this are easy to see them as fakes when you enlarge them .the pic of her holding the gift cards is real enlarge it if you like plus you can tell she is older but you dont believe anything so i dont care what you think .i bought the cards off her wish list sent them to her house she made a pic and posted it .amazon does not show the address but does show the town and state you think someone just happened to get the exact gift cards took a current pic of her and shopped it to scam me your crazy

  35. gap11559 says:

    ill send her this pic so she can have a good laugh

    • FooFooMeat says:

      Internet imposters are no laughing matter.
      Here is an actual image of the real Alison Angel.

      Can you spot the difference?
      The real Alison Angel wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but a genuine RCA television antenna.
      If you examine the first image very closely you can clearly see that the imposter is wearing an inexpensive Taiwan brand antenna.

      Also if you look very closely you can see her heavily calloused fists from her extensive karate training.

      • gap11559 says:

        the pic anyway you look at is is almost 10 years old .the one i posted is her 2 weeks ago .with gift cards i bought her not the same thing

  36. Why does this woman wear a television antenna on her head?
    Is she on some television series or something?
    I have never seen it.
    Is this is the same woman who fought off the mugger?
    I don’t get it.

    • FooFooMeat says:

      She just doesn’t look the same without her trademark television antennas.
      Why did you Photoshop them out?
      How is she supposed to fight crime without her antennas?

  37. FooFooMeat says:

    If that picture was Photoshopped as you insist and some mischievous prankster adorned her head with false television antennas as a lark, then how do you explain this advertisement for RCA television antennas featuring Alison angel herself?
    She is actually stating in plain English that she fights crime while using RCA brand television antennas on her head.

  38. Aswanedam says:

    I heard Alison Angel stopped a bank robbery once.
    She knocked out the crooks with a pack of french fries.
    I knew one of the cops that came to clean up the mess after she was finished beating them up.
    He said there was a french fry lodged in the cinder block wall.
    He said it hit with the velocity of a high powered rifle bullet.
    Witnesses described the heroic woman as a cute blonde wearing a set of television antennas on her head.
    I am not making this up.

  39. KennyMacormick says:

    Wait, Alison Angel wears an tV antena on her head and goes around fighting crime?
    Is that why she left the adult film business?
    Was she wearing the antena when she beat up the guy who tried to mug her?

    • gap11559 says:

      kenny she does not wear anything on her head the pic is fake so is the mugger story

      • FooFooMeat says:

        Don’t listen to him Kenny.
        He is just trying to hide her secret identity.
        Alison Angel is a crime fighting crusader who fights crime while wearing a television antenna on her head.
        RCA used her in their advertising campaign because she prefers their superior product when she is out fighting crime.
        Gap11559 airbrushed out her antenna in the photo I posted above to conceal her true identity.

  40. KennyMacormick says:

    If she really was a crime fighter who wears a TV antena on her head, how why come the story isnt in the national reporter?
    Wouldn’t that be just the sort of sensationlaist story this sight would report about?

    • This Alison Angel story has taken a new twist in light of the recent revelation of her occupation as a crime fighter.
      What is the purpose of the television antenna she wears on her head?
      Is it there as part of her crime fighters costume or does it serve a technological function?

      • gap11559 says:

        because it was made up by the idiot that posted the fake pic of her with it on her head .i posted the real pic .its 10 years old .the pic i posted with the gift cards is from a few weeks ago .she made for me for buying her the gift cards and posted it on her twitter page

    • gap11559 says:

      are u from uniondale

  41. Stacy Lee (BANNED) says:

    Gap11559 is the only one here who isn’t a complete retard.
    The story about Alison Angel getting mugged is obviously fake and intended as a joke.
    But you guys who are twisting the story around saying she is a crime fighting super hero who wears a television antenna are retarded..
    It just doesn’t make any sense.
    How did she become a crime fighting super hero who wears a television antenna on her head?

    • gap11559 says:

      because it was made up by the idiot that posted the fake pic of her with it on her head .i posted the real pic .its 10 years old .the pic i posted with the gift cards is from a few weeks ago .she made for me for buying her the gift cards and posted it on her twitter page

      • Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

        I understand that part.
        What I don’t understand is how the story got so twisted around that she ended up being a super hero crime fighter who wears a television antenna on her head.
        I think your friend foofoomeat smokes a little too much weed, LOL.

  42. FooFooMeat says:

    Alison Angel is indeed a crime fighting super hero who wears a television antenna on her head.
    Gap11559 is trying his best to hide her secret identity from the world.
    He is like Bruce Waynes butler Alfred to Alison Angel.
    Alison Angel also drives around in a sports car that is fully equipped to fight crime like the car the Green Hornet drives around in.
    This car also has a giant set of television antennas on it.
    If I can find it I will post a picture of it, but you can expect Gap11559 to airbrush out the giant antennas like he did with her picture above.

    • gap11559 says:

      he just thinks he is cute .he does not want to admit Alison Angel.and i are friends on twitter and we pm each other every day .the gift card pic proves she is real since i bought those exact cards off her amanzon wish list sent them to her she took a thank you pic and posted it

      • FooFooMeat says:

        Of course I believe you and Alison Angel are friends.
        Why would a complete stranger work so diligently to hide her secret identity?
        It is obvious you know her personally because you know that she is a super crime fighter who wears a television antenna on her head.
        Stop being so stubborn and admit it!

  43. FooFooMeat says:

    Here is a famous photograph of Alison Angel disarming a live bomb that was planted in the park by the arch villain known as “Bomber Bob.”
    Take note of her TV antenna disguise she wears so that no one will know who she is.
    This photograph has been touched up to make it look as if she is playing with a football and her famous television antennas have been brushed out.
    This deception is being carried out by her top secret concealment team whose job is to hide her secret identity from the public.

    The photograph that Gap11559 posted of her holding the gift cards he allegedly sent her is actually a signal to her that he is on the job censoring any information that may jeopardize her secret.
    Her secret that she is in reality a super crime fighter who wears a television antenna on her head as a disguise.

  44. FooFoomeat says:

    And on top of all that that she is a crime fighter.

    • FooFoomeat says:

      Do you see how she has the bottom part of her face covered with that device she is holding?
      She is covering her face in that picture because she is not wearing her television antenna disguise.
      If she was to show her face without her antenna disguise everyone would know it was her.

      Was she wearing her television antenna disguise when she beat up the guy who tried to mug her?

  45. Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

    He is either retarded or high on drugs, probably both.
    I am still trying to figure out how he came to the conclusion that Alison Angel is a crime fighting super hero who disguises herself by wearing a television antenna on her head.
    It makes absolutely no sense at all.
    Someone said he made it up, but I am trying to figure out how he made it up.
    It was just all of a sudden out of the blue she was this antenna wearing crime fighting super hero.
    I am totally confused.

    • gap11559 says:

      nopthing to be confused about he made it up you guys keep responding so he keeps it up

      • Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

        I understand that he made it up.
        I am just confused as to how it happened.
        All of a sudden she was a crime fighting super hero who wears a television antenna as her disguise.

  46. FooFooMeat says:

    You should never criticize our super hero crime fighters because they do so much for the world and no one appreciates them for it.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    All of you!
    For shame.
    Especially you Gap11559 who denies that she even exists.
    Shame on you!

    • Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

      You are just amazingly weird.
      I mean clinically weird.
      Gap11559 has been trying to prove that he knows her and now you are saying that he is denying that she exists?
      I don’t suppose you can explain that anymore than you can explain how she suddenly became a crime fighter who wears a television antenna on her head to disguise herself.
      I am still waiting to hear it.

  47. gap11559 says:

    she sent this pic to me only today

    • FooFooMeat says:

      Her new hand held super hero crime fighter device looks much better and it isn’t as conspicuous as the head mounted antenna.
      I have a very hard time recognizing her when she is holding it.

  48. FooFooMeat says:

    I hope I haven’t placed her in any danger by exposing her secret identity.

  49. Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

    I should get a sense of humor?
    You are hurting this woman with your lies and I am supposed to think it is funny?
    Typical male, you are all pigs who delight in making women suffer.
    I am done talking to you.
    Fuck off.

    • gap11559 says:

      stacy you can talk to me do you have twitter or yahoo messenger

      • FooFooMeat says:

        Why in Gods name would you want to get involved with that nasty bitch?
        I am all to familiar with her type.
        Trudging through life leaving a trail of broken marriages and empty ice cream cartons in her wake snarling all the way.
        She hates being female and takes it out on every guy who crosses her path.

      • Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

        No thanks.
        I dont want to get involved with some odd ball.

      • gap11559 says:

        i am not an odd ball just trying to get the truth out

  50. Stacy Lee(BANNED) says:

    What truth would that be, that you know a porn star and she isn’t really a super hero with a fucking antenna on her head?
    No thanks.
    I meet enough odd balls in the real world.

  51. On behalf of The National Reporter we wish to apologize to gap11559 for Stacy Lee’s insulting comments.
    She has been permanently banned from posting any further comments.

    FooFoomeat, you are pushing your right to post here as well.
    This will be your only warning.

    Web Security Staff
    The National Reporter

    • gap11559 says:

      Alison Angel is a very nice young lady and my internet friend .she thinks the mugger story is funny .she has been out of the adult industry almost 10 years and people still remember her . the pics i posted she sent me are recent you wont see them anywhere else except her twitter

      • FooFooMeat says:

        Yeah, she does sound like she is a very nice person from what I read on her twitter site.
        And all that stuff about her being a super hero who wears a tv antenna on her head,..well,..I kind of made that up.
        I’m glad they banned Stacy Lee.
        She was just plain out nasty with no sense of humor at all.

  52. Raymond Bead says:

    So Alison Angel is a crime fighter of some sort?
    Does she work for the police department?

    • gap11559 says:

      no ramond it was a poor attempt at a joke by foofoomeat

      • Raymond Bead says:

        I wrote my comment before I read the whole ridiculous conversation.
        I thought at first she was working undercover for the police or involved in a neighborhood watch program and she wore some sort of two way radio head phone that had an antenna mounted on it.
        After reading everything foo foo meat said and seeing his Photoshop pictures of her I see it was all a joke.
        I assume she was busting a gut laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

  53. Iconoplastic says:

    Why did they let that guy into the country?
    He was a registered sex offender.
    He was a convicted rapist and a child molestor.
    Thank goodness Alison was able to fight hm off and kick hi s ass.
    She is a super hero in my book!

    • Bandidos MC says:

      Are you serious?
      The only thing believable about the story is she was out watering her tomato plants.
      It would be nice if it was true and she really did beat the shit out of a filthy sand nigger.

    • gap11559 says:

      i guess you dont reaD ALL THE COMMENTS THE STORY IS FAKE

      • Bandidos MC says:

        This is a humor site.
        Some of the story’s crack me up.
        It would be nice if she really did beat the shit out of some skum bag like that.

  54. Beano12 says:

    Good for her!
    She did a good job giving that rapist prick an ass kicking!
    I wonder what went threw his mind when she spinned around and punched his face in?
    WOw, I would have loved to see it!

    • Speckles says:

      Why do they allow her to go around dressed like a super hero fighting crime?
      Aren’t their laws against vigilantism?
      I am not opposed to fighting crime, I just think Alison Angel should leave it to the police and stop endangering herself by going around fighting crime as a costumed super hero.
      Has she lost her mind?

      • gap11559 says:

        Speckles the story is fake if you read my posts and not the others you will understand

  55. Speckles says:

    O.K. I see it now.
    Funny stuff.

  56. Speckles says:

    Gap1159, I see you are a 2nd degree black belt!
    Most people don’t have any idea how much time and effort goes into getting that far.
    I took Karate when I was in high school and one of the women in my Dojo (who was a 3rd degree brown belt at the time) was at the local shopping mall.
    She was getting into her car with an armful of packages when she was approached by two black guys.
    One came at her from the back of her car and the other one walked around to the front.
    They grabbed her and knocked the packages out of her hand and tried to get her purse.
    Bad idea.
    She whipped the crap out of both of them.
    When the cops caught up to them one of them had a broken jaw and the other one had two broken ribs.
    Feel good story of the year!
    Whether the story about Alison Angel beating up the mugger is real or not (I assume it isn’t) it is still an inspiration.
    There is nothing I like better than hearing about a woman beating the living shit out of a mugger or a potential rapist.
    Don’t bother telling me she isn’t a super hero who wears antennas on her head.
    I read all of foo foo meats comments.

    • gap11559 says:

      both story’s are fake .Alison Angel is on twitter and the pics i posted are current she sent me .she is a very nice girl .now a nurse and mother

      • Willy69 says:

        Alison Angel disguised as a mild mannered nurse working for a large metropolitan hospital, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

      • gap11559 says:

        more like a hard working single mother trying to make ends meet .but your way is a cool idea .

  57. Burpofizzo says:

    How does she find the time to be a crime fighter?

    • gap11559 says:

      in between feeding her kids and nursing people back to health .very funny question

      • Burpofizzo says:

        She must have amazing powers and ability.
        Does she get her super powers from the television antenna she wears on her head or is that just a disguise so people won’t know who she is?

  58. Megyn Price and Alison Angel are sisters.

  59. Ilovefish says:

    That doesn’t make any sense.
    If she was adopted by the Hells Angels why would she be a crime fighter?
    She would be a biker chick up to no good staring trouble in the neighborhood.
    They do look like they can be sisters though.
    I wonder if they are related?

    • Niugweire says:

      I read someplace that they are sisters who were separated at birth.

      • Sharknado says:

        According to funtimefreddy, they are sisters who were separated at birth.
        He sounds like he knows what he is talking about so it must be true.
        As for her TV antenna that she wears on her head as a disguise.
        It makes sense because when she is wearing it no one is looking at her face, they are all looking at the TV antenna.
        Clever girl.
        I wonder if she has any arch enemies like the Joker or the Penguin?
        What does she call herself when she is in her crime fighter disguise?
        Does she have an Alisonmobile and a side kick?
        Does Maygen Price know her sister is a crime fighter?
        Is she a crime fighter too?

  60. Alison Angel put an M-80 in my mailbox one time and blew it to pieces.
    She jumped into her get away car with another girl and I think it was Megyn Price because they looked a lot alike.
    Later that night they came back and let all the air out of my tires then they spray painted ‘HOMO’ on my front door.
    Here is a picture of her running from the scene of the crime.

    This picture has been certified by photograph experts not to be photoshopped.

    • Sharknado says:

      Is that Alison Angel or Megyn Price running away from your front door?
      It’s hard to tell because they look so much alike.
      Where were you when they spray painted your door?

      • I was masturbating.

      • Alison Angel and her sister Megyn Price call me on the telephone at least six times a day to prank me.
        They don’t say anything, they just make funny faces and hold up insulting cartoons they drew of me.

      • This is my turtle army I assembled to protect me from Alison and Megyn.
        I’m not fooling around with those girls, I mean business.

      • gap11559 says:

        you guys have lost your minds

      • Spunky3637 says:

        Its better to lose your mind than lose a finger in a vicious turtle attack.
        This woman thought it would be fun to feed this swarming herd of angry turtles.
        She thought they would like to eat some leaves, but she was wrong,..dead wrong.
        They wanted human blood!
        This is the last photograph taken of her.

        All they found was one of her shoes covered with blood.

    • Argggh,..I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

      Did you show the police that picture of Alison Angel spray painting homo on your front door?
      They probably wouldn’t do anything to her because of her super hero status.
      Super hero crime fighters often go off the deep end because of all the pressure they are under to fight crime.
      I bet if you had a turtle guarding your front door he would have chased her away before she had the chance to vandalize your house like that.

  61. Spunky3637 says:

    One time a turtle bit me.
    It is no laughing matter when you have a swarm of turtles coming at you with hell fire in their eyes..
    Most people don’t see the danger of being chased by such slow creatures.
    But every time a slow moving creature starts chasing someone they always trip and fall and sprain their ankle.
    That’s how they catch you.
    Alison and Megyn are probably reading this and laughing.
    They fail to realize that in every movie where a slow moving creature chases a woman they ALWAYS trip and fall and can’t get up.

    • Argggh,..I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

      The Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg as most people believe.
      The great white turtle rammed it then it ate all the people who jumped over board.
      I saw the only video of the attack.
      It was terrible.

  62. Susan Barkly says:

    Her karate teacher is Gianna micheals

    • gap11559 says:

      she has never taken karate and does not know Gianna micheals dont believe most of the stuff here unless i post it and a few others .no mugger , no super hero, no antenna.just a working retired solo girl that is now a nurse and single mother

      • Peck R. Ed says:

        I was in the hospital where Alison Angel works as a nurse.
        I was visiting a friend and I got onto the elevator with a cute blonde nurse.
        I turned and smiled at her and to my amazement it was Alison Angel
        I smiled at her and she smiled back.
        I was just about to say hello when I blew a great big smelly fart.
        I didn’t even feel it coming, it just slipped out unexpectedly and it was very loud.
        I was mortified.
        I looked at her and I could see that she was trying her best to keep from laughing.
        I tried to say excuse me, but all that came out of my mouth was, “Erc,…ussa,..Gneck,..umm.”
        She immediately started pushing the stop button as fast as she could and the elevator stopped at the next floor.
        She dashed out before the doors were completely open and a second later I heard her burst out laughing.
        I closed the door and continued up to the top floor where my friend was and by the time I got there everyone knew what happened.
        I think I heard someone saying it over the PA system that the fart guy is on his way to the top floor.
        When I got there the doctors and nurses were chuckling and looking at me and some of them were making fart noises as I walked past.
        I always wanted to apologize to her, but I am still too embarrassed about the incident.

      • gap11559 says:

        ill send this post to her email for you sure she will remember

  63. Peck R. Ed says:

    Alison will most likely say she doesn’t remember it to spare me any further embarrassment.
    Either that or the flying saucer story is true.

  64. Randy Krugel says:

    Quick question for Gap11559.
    Is this the real Alison Angel or a fake?
    I read back in these comments about people pretending to be her and she is trying to shut them down.
    If it is fake, does she know about it?

  65. Randy Krugel says:

    Thanks for confirming it.
    I have read Alisons Twitter site and then I found that Facebook site.
    I could tell right away that they were written by two completely different people.
    The real Alison on Twitter is cheerful and out going while the fake one seems to be trying to give the impression that she is gloomy and depressed.
    Who ever is behind the fake facebook account must have some emotional issues and is using Alison as a pin cushion.
    A form of Self inflicted punishment for his or her failures using Alison in effigy.

  66. Pecos Bill and the wild cahoots says:

    Alison Angel and Megyn Price are not sisters who were separated at birth.
    They are not related at all.
    TV antennas and killers turtles?
    How do you guys come up with this stuff?

  67. Felix DeKatt says:

    I found this picture on Alison Angels twitter site and it freaked me out!
    How in the hell did she get that rubber duck to look at the camera?

    • Arggh, I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

      Obvious Photoshop is obvious.

      • Tootyurfloot says:

        That isn’t a Photoshopped picture.
        She obviously has peeps that are fully functional as you can tell by this message she left on her site to them.

        Alison Angel ‏@AngelBunnyAA 12h12 hours ago
        It’s waaaaay too early for work. Cheers to my working peeps.

        Working peeps must be peeps that can be posed in any position.
        Hence, working peeps.

      • gap11559 says:

        if you guys have any ligate questions for her go to her twitter and ask her

      • Arggh, I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

        Highly unlikely.
        Peeps are a tasty treat that no one can resist eating.
        If Alison Angel even so much as touched one she would have eaten it immediately.
        I suspect she used some sort of magic to make the duck turn it’s head and look at the camera.
        She might be a Genie.
        Look how she has her arms folded across her chest.
        Just like Jeanie from the famous I dream of genie television documentary’s about a magical genie with magic powers.

        The only logical conclusion is Alison Angel is a Genie who uses her magical powers to fight crime.
        The television antennas channels her powers.

      • Pecos Bill and the wild cahoots says:

        Gap11559, they are probably all blocked from pestering people on twitter.

  68. Linda Blair says:

    Alison Angel is related to Barbara Eden too?
    I am a personal friend of Barbara and I am going to ask her.
    Visit my web page!

    • Pecos Bill and the wild cahoots says:

      Linda, you don’t have to bother Barbara wit this silly nonsense.
      It’s just a bunch of spaced out 14 year old pot heads blabbering on and on trying to out do each other with the dumbest storys they can make up about Alison Angel.

  69. Arggh, I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

    In the blink of an eye (as if by magic) this giant rubber duck appeared in the coastal waters of Portugal and attacked the Portuguese navy.
    All ships were lost.
    It disappeared in a wisp in pink smoke after the battle.

    What was Alison Angel doing at the time?

  70. Pecos Bill and the wild cahoots says:

    gap11669, you should ask her if she has been deleting a sudden rash of nasty obscene comments.
    7chan are notorious forum raiders who spend all their time bothering people on the internet.

  71. stevie Kaluboius says:

    If Alison Angel was my girlfriend I would hug her and kiss her then I would marry her.

    • Captian Phartsalot (BANNED) says:

      Stevie, you are a fag.
      Alison Angel would never go out with a little faggot like you.

      • gap11559 says:

        that is not nice .like she would go out with any of us

      • Stan Connoly says:

        What a nasty thing to say to a little kid.
        You should be ashamed of yourself, but you are probably proud.
        Jack ass.
        She probably thinks it was a very sweet thing to say.
        As for the rest of the moronic garbage.
        How did she get the duck to look at the camera?
        She’s a genie and she has magic powers?
        Seriously, how old are you guys?

      • gap11559 says:

        Stan Connoly she doe not read any of this she only knows the stuff i tell her that is on here

  72. Nubian warlord (BANNED) says:

    I can’t post anything on twitter.
    Twitter banned me because I am Black.
    twitter is a racist white supremacist hate site that only allows the white devils to post there.
    Pasty face melanin depleted white racists are the devil!

    • gap11559 says:

      if twitter banned you it was NOT because of your skin color .there are lots of blacks on twitter including the president

      • Nubian warlord (BANNED) says:

        Obama aint no nigga.
        He a uncle tom who take his orders from the melanin depleated white devils.
        He a slave to whitey.
        Twiiter banned me because I black, no other ways around that shit.

      • gap11559 says:

        No need for racist rhetoric on this forum

    • Arggh, I'm a crusty old pirate (BANNED) says:

      Shut up, nigger.

  73. Take your race war somewhere else.

  74. Kathy Robinson says:

    I remember this when it happened, but it wasn’t Alison Angel.
    It happened to her friend and fellow adult film actress Lia. who went by the name, Lia19.
    Some guy tried to grab her out by her pool and he slipped and hit his head on the concrete.
    He got up and staggered away while she called the cops.
    They caught him a few minutes later walking down the street with a bloody gash on his head.
    No one got beaten up by a karate expert.

  75. Laurie Flanigan says:

    Is it politically correct to call African Americans ‘You know whats’?
    That sounds very hateful and racist to call them that.
    Besides, the guy who mugged Alison Angel looks like typical inbred white trailer trash.

    • gap11559 says:

      she was not mugged by anyone

      • Laurie Flanigan says:

        If she was it would be 100% chance that it would have been a white man.
        It is a well known fact that White men are responsible for just about all the rapes and they rape thousands of black women every year.
        The White race is a disease that needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

      • gap11559 says:

        you will be blocked soon there is nolplace for that rhetoric here or in life

  76. Laurie Flanigan says:

    Blocked for what, for telling the truth?

    • gap11559 says:

      this is not the place for your raciest comments .i did not like Kathy Robinson s comments either

    • Kathy Robinson says:

      Do you think you are telling the truth?
      LOL, you are a racist who makes up lies to further your racist rhetoric.
      Saying that White men rape thousands of Black women every year is complete and utter bullshit.
      The reason why I referred to them as ‘You know what’s” is because they are the usual suspects in interracial rape cases.

  77. Kathy Robinson says:

    Here is some more truth for you, Laurie.
    I hope you can handle it.

    I would like to know more about how you think the White race is a disease that needs to be eliminated from the face of the Earth and why you think this makes you an anti-racist.
    The more hateful crap I read from people like you the more I understand the truth behind the Pro-white mantra..
    Anti-racism = Anti-White.

  78. Alice Baker says:

    I knew Blacks were responsible for a very large portion of the crime committed in the country, but I had no idea that it was this much!
    The reason why no one is aware of it is because the media is hiding it.
    They are hiding the massive Black on White violence while spot lighting the rare White on Black violence.
    The media is trying to make White people look like the worst people on Earth with biased and distorted reporting.

  79. That is not true.
    I researched Abdul Mustafa and he really is a sex offender from Pakistan.

    • gap11559 says:

      this guy is real but the story was taken from someone else he did not assault her .no one did

    • Sendemback says:

      He most likely didn’t attack Alison Angel or any other female for that matter.
      Most sand niggers are homos who molest young boys.
      Our own soldiers who are fighting in Afghanistan are being ordered to ignore the sand niggers raping little boys.
      It is really disgusting.

      “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”

      The practice is called bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene

      We have millions of these pedophile faggots swarming into the western nations raping everyone that gets in their way.
      Muslim rape gangs have grown out of control in Europe in the past few years and with all the millions of new arrivals from the shit holes where rape is a part of their culture the rapes are going to more rampant than the rape of German women and children at the end of WW2.
      Get used to hearing mobs of pedophile worshiping faggots yelling “bacha bazi” at night as they roam the streets of our former white homelands looking for victims.

      • Fenic fox lover says:

        How could Abdul Mustafa mistake Alison Angel for a little boy?
        Does he have poor eye sight?
        Even if he did mistake her for a little boy, how could he get past Peter and Elliot to attack her?
        This story just doesn’t add up.
        There is something wrong here.

      • Humanracematters says:

        Xenophobic garbage.
        There are no Muslim rape gangs roaming Europe.
        We must open our doors to the refugees and wipe out racism.

  80. gap11559 says:

    people if you cant stay on topic get out of this form .here is a pic of Alison Angel she posted on facebook yesterday .her legs still look great

    • Stewart Griffen says:

      My girlfriend was attacked by a convicted rapist child molester Muzzie scumbag just like the one depicted in this story.
      Posting articles about the muzzie rape gangs roaming the streets on Europe in increasing numbers is important.
      People need to be aware of what is happening because the main stream media is hiding it.
      If Alison Angel ever is attacked by one of these Jihadist rape gangs I hope she is carrying her pistol and blows the bastards brains out.
      I will personally pin a medal on her for braver and valor.

      • gap11559 says:

        this is not the place for these discussions

      • Stewart Griffen says:

        Yes it is.
        The MSM is hiding it and we have to spread the news anywhere we can.
        Shout it from the roof tops.
        Our soldiers are in the mid-east fighting these bastards while they are invading our white Christian homelands raping and murdering at will.
        The damned MSM shows images of women and children refugees, but in reality they are mostly military age males flooding in.
        Our soldiers are barking up the wrong tree.

  81. gap11559 says:

    your topic may be a good one but this is about Alison Angel nothing else

    • Stewart Griffen says:

      Since you have proven it is fake we might as well make good use of the comments section.
      It has quite a few readers who are completey in the dark about what is going on with these so called refugees.

      • Stewart Griffen says:

        More news that the MSM will hide to protect the Islamic take over of Europe.

        A Muslim refugee somehow managed to snatch a toddler, rape her in an asylum center in Sweden, and nearly got away with his deviant actions, until the girl’s mother discovered the crime.

        The officials on the Swedish Migration Board attempted to cover up the rape of the toddler in order to protect a 40-year-old Muslim illegal, Speisa reports. Police confirmed that the leftists moved the rapist to another building in an attempt to thwart his arrest.

  82. Charlie356478 says:

    Alison Angel kicks muggers ass!
    Fantastic story!
    Go Alison!

  83. Alison Angel (BANNED) says:

    Deleted by TNR security staff.
    Note to posters.
    Anyone who is caught impersonating a person with criminal intent (harassment,slander or extortion) will be dealt with in compliance to federal statutes.
    TNR security staff

  84. You can tell her the matter is being resolved and the offender has been blocked.
    The offending comment has been deleted to spare her from any further embarrassment.

    TNR security staff

  85. Stalin says:

    Looks like she has lost her weight. Why? there’re rumours about her being on drugs. Is that true?

    • gap11559 says:

      no alison does not use drugs or smoke has no tattoos or does hard core sex .she is not bisexual.she only did some minor girl on girl stuff with women for her site .she is very much a prude in real life .she is a fun person with a great personality .she is on twitter now only and occasionally does non nude cam shows on my free cams this is her twitter link stop by and say hello she is very fan friendly

    • Kasco quotaumper says:

      LOL,. I saw that routine on Family guy.

  86. Bill stedgway says:

    There are nude pictures of her when she was ten years old?
    No thanks, that child porn stuff is illegal.

    • gap11559 says:

      funny if you want to message her she is on the twitter i posted in early posts its the only real one

      • Bill stedgway says:

        Wow, I completely misread what you wrote.
        Her pictures are ten years old.
        I thought you meant she was ten years old when they were taken.

      • vic says:

        I was also friend of the account @AngelBunnyAA but by a misunderstanding she blocked me (I do not speak English I communicated with her with the translator of google) I sent messages to other friends of Alison so that they speak with her to solve the misunderstanding but I have not achieved anything, my account on twitter is @ vistoirez15b2
        Could you help me become Alison’s friend again?

      • vic says:

        Account on twitter is @viramirez15b2
        Account on twitter is @viramirez15b2
        Could you help me become Alison’s friend again?
        I was also friend of the account @AngelBunnyAA but by a misunderstanding she blocked me (I do not speak English I communicated with her with the translator of google) I sent messages to other friends of Alison so that they speak with her to solve the misunderstanding but I have not achieved anything


  87. vic says:

    As I am free I finish reading all these comments on this obviously false but funny news, I was also on the twitter account of Alison Angel @AngelBunnyAA but I block myself for a misunderstanding (I do not speak English I used the google translator to communicate with her)

  88. Sharky says:

    A registered sex offender who had been imprisoned seven times for rape and child molestation was allowed to immigrate to the US??? And now the taxpayers are on the hook for 15 years of incarceration at $50-$75k/yr.

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