Alison Angel flattens mugger

Dainty adult film star Alison Angel at home.

The National Reporter
Alison Angel, the petite beauty and star of several adult films was attacked outside of her home over the weekend by an obsessed fan.

Alison Angel is the second adult film star who has been in the news this week.
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Gianna Michaels lands 1200 pound shark

“I was out in my garden watering my tomato plants when this guy came up from behind out of no where and put his arms around me.” Miss Angel told us.
The National Reporter - What did you do?
“Well at first I was scared, but my karate training kicked in and I grabbed his arms and threw him over my shoulder.” she said.
Alison has been taking karate lessons from long time friend and co-adult film star Gianna Michael’s.
Alison holds a brown belt and she expects to be promoted to black belt early next year.
The National Reporter – What happened after you threw him to the ground?
“I thought he was knocked out at first because he just layed there for a few seconds. But then he got up and came at me again. That was when I really layed into him with a few round house kicks and a flurry of punches.” She said.
The National Reporter – Were you scared at all?
“Not at first, I just reacted and let my Karate training take over. The next thing I knew he was laying on the ground unconcience and I ran inside to call the police.”

The mugger has been identified as 24-year-old Abdul Mustafa, who had recently immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan.
Police have disclosed that he is a registered sex offender in Pakistan and had been imprisoned seven times for rape and child molestation before he immigrated to the U.S. last year.

Abdul Mustafa after being beat up by petite adult film star, Alison Angel.

When The National Reporter showed Miss angel the photograph of her attacker taken at the county jail, she let out a quiet girlish giggle.
“Oh my goodness,..did I do that?” she said.
She seemed kind of surprised at the severity of the facial injures that she had inflicted on him.

Breaking news! Alison’s mugger sentenced to fifteen years in prison!
Read it now!

Ooops,..I guess I don't know my own strength.

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21 Responses to Alison Angel flattens mugger

  1. masoud says:

    very nice

  2. Rick says:

    he got 15 years so if he paid u to be in a movie with you your would have got $15,000 so it about money not have some strange guy touch u

  3. Fubsy says:

    Lol! For a minute I thought this was a real story!

  4. Shady says:

    Quite a fake story. Even name of ‘abdul Mustafa’ is fake because muslim never use this name. abdul means man of and mustafa is Muslim prophet. After abdul muslim always use God’s name like abdul Allah means. Man of God. abdul samad (another name of God), means man of God, abdul aziz (aziz is another name of God). They never use man of Prophet. Though they use ghulam e mustafa. Means slave of prophet. Little knowledge is like bad porn. You do everything to impress but all in vain. Same is this sham story. And why US officials gave immigration to someone without backgroud checks? Such a fake!

    • Ace Flashman says:

      Sorry Shady, but not everyone from Pakistan is a Moslim.
      Nowhere in this story did we say he was.
      And as far as the U.S. allowing him to immigrate, well that’s the U.S. for you.
      They let anyone in these days.

      Thank you for reading The National Reporter.

    • Rob says:

      hey muslim, Just google the name Abdul Mustafa… it IS a real name (in fact some ‘maulana’ is named that… isnt that someone similar ot a priest?). Now wheather you Sunnis think of other muslim sects as muslims or not is your issue, dont blame it on others by making it a ‘conspiracy’ (its the stupidest weapon you stupid muslims have).

      You are just a dumb little muslim cunt who is intentionally trying to fool the non muslims and the ignorant muslims because you cant live with the reality of your pathetic religion.

      • Aussie41 says:

        Hey Rob, did common sense rob you in not knowing that you need to proof read your rants before replying?

        As you not making sense, especially with spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • Gwenpeace says:

      Yea right, because Islam is the religion of peace.
      Anyone named Abdul Mustafa would never rape anyone because their name is magic.

  5. Jason says:

    Rick, Alison Angel is a solo adult star. She doesn’t do stuff with dudes.
    Regardless, don’t be a douche.

  6. l01229014 says:

    l’homme de ma vie tu apres pour etre avec dt moi

  7. Joe Kuprevich says:

    alison has found a new home with me…so all u wannbees can suck wind…she is mine forever…getting married to her and 5 other beautiful women…so if u c the name pegasus0069 u will know who she belongs to…

  8. pegasus0069 says:

    If u think shes bad u dont want to try honey knows her shit…I was rated a walking killing machine…ur heart promptly served in 5 seconds…or ur thorax ripped out. Ur choice….

  9. GWatt says:

    The guy deserved it and more!!! Way to go!!! :) Its because of situations like this that I had my daughter take Krav Maga.

    This part should probably be posted somewhere else. I have just one question, how does a person get a passport let alone be allowed to migrate here?
    “The mugger has been identified as 24-year-old Abdul Mustafa, who had recently immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan.
    Police have disclosed that he is a registered sex offender in Pakistan and had been imprisoned seven times for rape and child molestation before he immigrated to the U.S. last year.”

    • Gwenpeace says:

      Damn right he deserved it.
      If she didn’t know karate he would have raped her. maybe even killed her.
      Kudo’s to Miss Angel!
      She made the world a little safer thanks to her Karate skills!
      She deserves a medal.

      • Bullshit, the bitch should have bent over and let him hump her and none of this bullshit would have gone down.
        Bitches got no say in sex.
        If a man want’s to fuck, the bitch has to let him or get her face punched.
        Bitches don’t need to learn karate.
        They need to learn to please men.

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