Skeletal remains of half cat / half human now on display in Cairo museum

The National Reporter
The skeletal remains of what appears to be a half  human / half cat has been removed from the recently discovered hidden chamber of the great pyramid and is now on display in Cairo’s national museum.
Scientists from around the globe have been arriving in Egypt to study the strange skeleton,  many of them do not believe that it could be real.
“We know that the ancient Egyptians were accomplished taxidermist, this is most likely one of their creations they made to scare away thieves.”  Dr. Jason Hendley of Oxford university told us.

Find out more about this amazing story here.
Hidden chamber discovered in peak of great pyramid

Some of the scientists agree with Dr, Hendley while others are less sceptical.
“I find it quite perplexing that the spinal column of the creature is actually attached to the skull.”  Dr.Winston Gorjone explained. “If this was the creation of some ancient taxidermist, the attachment of the skull to the spinal column would have been obvious.  There would be wire holding the skull to the spinal column. In this case, there is not.   The bone is fused together naturally which would indicate that this skeleton may indeed be the remains of some long forgotten species of animal.”

The half cat/ half human skeleton that was found in the recently discovered hidden chamber in the great pyramid.

“What we must not forget is that ancient Egyptian lore is filled with half human/half animal beings.” Dr. Gorjone said. “The question that now lies before us is whether or not they were imaginary or if they really existed.

Examples of ancient Egyptian half human/ half animal Gods.

The National Reporter – What can you tell us about the mysterious floating orb that was found in the hidden chamber?
“I am not at liberty to discuss it.” Dr. Gorjone said. “For now the golden sphere is considered a state secret by the Egyptian government and we are not allowed to discuss it with anyone.”
The National Reporter – How soon do you think the secret of the floating sphere will be uncovered and when it is, will this information be released to the public?
“Right now the sphere is still inside the great pyramid. From what I have been told it can not be moved.  Technicians have tried using hydraulic pistons to force it free from its present position, but the force field it is generating is to powerful.   What it is and how it has managed to stay afloat for thousands of years is still a mystery.”

The National Reporter  will be on hand when the mystery of the floating orb is discovered and we can guarantee our readers that they will read it here first.

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62 Responses to Skeletal remains of half cat / half human now on display in Cairo museum

  1. Lloyd morgan says:

    the weired cat man thing is very srage and coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool:)

    • Graeme Andreissen says:

      you forgot the most important part, FAAAAKE. if you look at the skeleton at all you can see that the skull does not match up to the rest of the skeleton, and if you look even more closely (which most people obviously did not go through the trouble of doing) you can see the actual skull, so it would be either photoshopped on or it is a new species, complete with two heads, one of which is fake and floats beside the head connected to the spinal column.

      • I have met people who can turn into cats and their head is the last part to change into a cat. They spin at a blurring pace & transmogrify into a cat. They can not change straight back into a human again for several hours. (They hate dogs….lol). And they do not sleep. For some reason “sleep” is anathema to them.

  2. Zanda Check this out!

  3. mee meep says:

    akward skeleton!!

  4. RealityCheck says:

    Wow, This is really amazing!
    I am going to plan a trip to Cairo just to see this skeleton!

  5. Cruz David says:

    could be real or not

  6. Hoopity dopity says:

    Holy crap!
    My cousin is in Cairo and she just e-mailed a photo of the half human half cat.
    It’s fuggin real!!!!!

  7. movingnotion says:

    Reblogged this on movingnotion and commented:
    I’ve been dreaming of giant human skeletons lately and this is what I got! The world is older than we’re told. Who knows what creatures once walked the earth before the bible was written! Only the earth is a living witness of the most ancient history and we are not here to judge!

  8. RegusPelter says:

    I would bet any amount of money that this thing is the skeleton of an actual Sphinx.
    There are so many sculptures of them, they must have been real creatures.
    Maybe they could talk and think like humans.
    This story is truly amazing the more you think about it.

  9. how would it be possible for that to even be true they must have put bones together to make it look like that so in any shape or form, i do not believe that. the head doesnt even look like it fits the body.

    • Rick101 says:

      If you read the story concerning the skeleton, experts examined it and the found that the skull is attached to the rest of the skeleton naturally.
      It was not pieced together by a taxidermist or by fakery.
      It is real.

      • Barbu Cezar says:

        As far as I know, this ‘skeleton’ has been

      • Barbu Cezar says:

        As far as I know, the ‘skeleton’ was found behind a giant wall, which was only perforated. So how did they get the remains out if they didn’t have permission to break the wall. Moreover, the air shaft was so small that only a small robot could get there, but no humans!

      • says:

        I have a friend who works for a certain clandestine organization and he told me how they got it out.
        At midnight a crew of contractors with a fleet of giant cranes literally dismantled the top of the pyramid piece by piece and very carefully removed the skeleton.
        It was during this operation that they found out that they could not move the golden orb from it’s position.
        They were also running out of time because it was almost sunrise so they had to replace the massive blocks as fast as they could before the tourists began arriving.
        This is all true, I am not making it up.

  10. Daniel says:

    To any of you that are in doubt that this is real let me take you on a breif history tour. In Genesis 6:1-4 you will see the account where these creature originated from. Fallen angels were having sex with humans and with beast and so God destroyed every living thing with a flood, accept for Noah and his family and the animals that were not unclean or defiled. Look up Nephilims skeletons, and you will see the abomination of this genetic mutation of thes giants. For you bible student read the account of David and Goliath and his brothers with 6 fingers and 6 toes and what they they wore and the length of their beds, this is not normal. See references Num 13:33; Deut 2:11,20; 3:11-13; Joshua 12:4;13:12;15:8;17:15;18:16. In Isa 34:14 we can see something that is similar to the cat man and it is called a Satyr or Pan or half goat and man. If you really want to understand the perversions also see the book of Jude verses 3-19 will take you from Egypt to Sodom to the seas to the heavens, to the pits of hell; showing us where these demons were conceived and lived and died or will be destroyed. Also for the Greek Mythologist, for a clearer picture of the different creatures that show up in your research you will find that they really did exist, and you have the evidence from Gods word. Revelations 4:8-9 here we can see beast that God created to worship him that are a mixture of man and animal. In the spiritual word you must come to grips that Satan is a counterfiter and he has made his own version of creatures to copy what God was going to do in the future as seen in the book of Revelations. Also see 2 Corinthians 11:1-15 We are given a warning of how Satan has, is, and will operate. Jesus gives us something to prepare all that are truly looking for the truth by and throughout history or his-story. In Luke 17:22-37 we can see from Genesis to Revelations the things that has been and will happen again. In 1 Peter 3:20; 2 Peter 2:5 God continues to remind us that he has prepared a way for us to excape the coming distruction on this 3rd rock from the sun, and that will be what is called the rapture or harvest of the church or called out born again spirtually saved people. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Just to clear this up, Satan will counter this event with ailen abductions. Now some of you may be laughing at this point and some of you are saying now I see, or that is what I also know to be true. We all need to judge a righteous judgement but most of all look at the biblical facts that I was lead by the Holy Spirit to share with you. Romans 3:1-(4)-8. I pray that you find Jesus before it is too late and you are not able to get on his spiritual ark, beam me up Jesus!

    • UngawaBooyah says:

      At first I thought it was fake and then I found it on google.
      It really is on display at the Cairo museum and I plan on visiting it real soon.

    • Paul G. says:

      What a waste of time, my friend, and of your personal life. As a joke, however, is really … laughable.

    • Duncan says:

      Oh dear, you silly, silly man. You’re just the kind of person who’d believe anything they thought suited their own ideas. If there is a God, a real God, then he dosn’t need all this crap. And Satan?, who the hell do you think invented him?

  11. Daniel says:

    Sorry about the typos in my take on the cat/man of Egypt.

  12. UngawaBooyah says:

    The national reporter is owned by the onion, obviously.

  13. jackogomez says:

    I can’t believe how bad the photoshop is…

    • Dave Mann says:

      Actually it is a very good Photoshopped image.
      You are only criticizing it to make it appear as if you know what you are talking about.

  14. Jackie says:

    Dr Jason Hendley does not show up on the staff list of Oxford University, & a google search of him only shows this link…

    • Floogleman2435 says:

      You actually did a Google search for the guy?
      I mean seriously, you really tried to find out if he is real?
      Maybe he was one of the scientists that met with the talking gorilla who, in a previous life, was a North Korean jet fighter pilot.
      I don’t know what is funnier, the story’s on this site or the retards who think they are real and research them.

  15. Luna says:

    This is amazing! Believers and Skeptics alike would admt that thi is neat! (Sorry for the ypos Im still getting used to my new keyboard :-()

  16. Alice says:

    So anyways, I got this thing from YouTube and this is what it says. ‘All you need is to believe and it will work for sure! Say it 1 time at anytime of day, if you mess up do it again. Warning: This is REAL-Being half animal means you can shape shift into a animal’ and the spell! ‘Gods of nature and divine I want to be half animal, please grant me my wish and I will honor you with all my heart. Grant me my wish, make me a ________.’ So this means you only shift! Not have a weird skeleton like that! It’s like shifting into a werewolf, or a wolf, or whatever! 80|

  17. Wanko2718 says:

    I tool on look at the half man half hippopotamus and I laughed my ass off.
    I can’t believe there are people stupid enough to think this story is real and are researching it and accusing the national reporter of making it up.


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  20. says:

    what do you expect from the “national reporter?’
    The national reporter has a fine reputation for bringing the facts to the public.
    It is very disheartening to read so many negative comments from the very people this respected news service is trying to inform with factual evidence.
    There are people leaving comments here who have actually seen this half cat half human skeleton in the Cairo museum.

    • neles says:

      it’s very simple!
      A dna test can b done to reveal if the skull and the skeleton have the same provenience!

    • Graeme Andreissen says:

      Its very disheartening to see people actually believe this, it has completely destroyed my belief that the majority of humans are capable of higher level thought and scepticism. This articles only success is the proving that uncommon sense (formerly called common sense) is a lot rarer then previously thought.

      • It is very disheartening to see someone who is completely lacking a sense of humor.
        It must suck being you.
        Trudging through life with a miserable scowl on your face stomping on flowers and scaring babies.
        You have proven that people who lack the ability to see the lighter side of life are the scourge of humanity and the cause of all our problems.
        Fuck you, eat shit and go howl at the fucking moon you cynical old crab.

  21. Sania says:

    yes, i did see the skeleton in the Cairo Museum

  22. weird says:

    3 times fake. interesting that a dead animal remained (in that corridor) in feet – didnt fall, just stands.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      That is truly amazing.
      How do you explain it?

    • thetans says:

      Maybe the fact that the cat/man/demon was standing up as a skeleton had to do with the golden orb that was just floating and not movable in the other room. I think there is a whole “other” power there and a lot of unanswered questions about the world before or maybe even durning the ancient Egyptians. Btw ask yourself…. WHY would workers go to all that BOTHER to put that human-cat creature blocked into a single small room behind that stone block? Why? What purpose does the orb serve? Did the cat man die in there? If yes then there should be claw marks on the stone walls. What IS that thing? Remember there are loads of skulls around the world (namely Peru and Sumer). Where human (supposedly) heads have been elongated or WIDENED so much so that some have even been proven to not be of human origin. Look up Ide Thomas and la marzulli. They talk about the nephilim and marzulli in particular talks about paracas skulls DNA . I truly have to wonder what that cat human demon was in the pyramid. It’s obviously not a slopped together creature. No wire holding the head to the body. Why go to so much bother to block it in? The great pyramid always has been an anomaly. So is the sphynx. The sphynx they say is FAR older than was initially thought. Not built by ancient Egyptians. Water has created fissures on its back. Theorizing the area was tropical once. Also think about the “gods” of ancient egypt? The ancients weren’t dumb ignorant people. Read ciceros writings. Code of Hammurabi. So. Why if ancient people were not dumb ignorant people would they bother drawing repeatedly very colorfully the pictures of thoth, horus, anubis as man animals? Maybe the possibility exists that there were such bird men other human/animal DNA crosses. Its possible this world was once far different than we see today. So many ancient cultures know if the “third eye” pineal gland. As did the sumerians and ancient Egyptians maybe there is an ancient power there we have yet to rediscover.

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  24. Doina Cociuba says:

    Could outerspace entities create such a unbelievable combination?….

  25. Alina says:

    It is not a half cat/human!!! If u put someone (young)in a small room that person it will develop in that small environment .and of course the joint will “adapt”.So that person grow up in that tunnel so that why walked in four members.The skull could be a malformation or had something around the head which took the shape of a oval (is not do unusual to have a bit a oval skull) .For example in medicine short Achiles tendon will give a walk in the toes so that for that person because of the small coridor develop that toes walk and is normal the hands to be down for the equilibrium and “walk”.(this is my theory) 🙂 ( so sorry for my mistakes and grammmer)

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  27. Johnd185 says:

    Wonderful site. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat! cedfacdbbbee

  28. Bubba Jay says:

    So it seems that the ancient Egyptians pictures portray what was really alive in those days and not just a figment of their imagination. Chimeras. Of course now this skeleton is going to be removed from public view and relegated to some dark room in a basement together with the skeletons of all the other giants found in caves and unearthed. Scientists always do whatever their bosses say..ultimately, governments pay their salaries and sponsor their research..


  30. Trisha says:

    This entire site is all satire intended to make people laugh.
    The funniest thing about it is how the pseudo-intellectual types go out of their way to research the story’s to prove they are made up so all the stupid people can see how smart they are.
    While they are out scouring the internet for their proof, the people they look down their noses at are sitting back enjoying the story’s and being entertained as the site authors intended.
    I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair when I looked at the picture of the half human/half hippopotamus with the international reporters association seal of honesty award right next to it.
    We ‘stupid people’ know it is all made up and only real actual idiots would waste their time researching them.
    This also applies to those of you who are angry because you think you are being lied to.
    How stupid can you be?
    It’s all a joke and the joke is on you.
    Who are the real morons?

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  32. Kelvin Tier says:

    This incredible anomaly is certainly worth researching and investigating for people who are interested in knowing the truth, to find out whether it is real or not.

    For those people who go through the process and put in effort to research and find out more on such info and research similar cases, regardless whatever your conclusion may be, your knowledge/consciousness will expand and you will be a step closer to the bigger truth.

    I encourage everyone to take a step forward into the unknown and there you will discover the truth. Do not let people with negative energy (insult, criticism, personal attack) to discourage your journey in seeking truth.

  33. theodorous says:

    Your comments are better than the photo. Made my day! Thanks.

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  36. Gracie says:

    I thought this was okay but it was not the information that I was looking for because I kind of don’t know if I am half cat or not maybe I am quarter cat .i know I am something that is not just human and I want to know what.

    I wish you could help

    But I think I’ll look somewhere else but this would be really good for a school great job I’m really liking it thanks a lot

  37. Dieter Wolfgang Schminke says:

    This is better than “Believe it or not”
    What a lot of hog wash

  38. wasitaliens says:

    Skull looks Paracus. Is the sagittal suture fused? What is it’s cranial capacity compared to human/Paracus norm? Has there been DNA testing of the skull and other locations to compare to see if they match? What does DNA and carbon dating show? So many unanswered questions which could easily be answered. Need more data!

  39. Robert Smith says:

    In oldest Egyptian history there is a detailed history of how they achieved .remarkable results
    manipulating the embryos of human, birds, and animals to achieve the results they desired in
    creating half human half bird identities, half human half animal creatures, and many others. The
    walls of all the pyramids are covered with these creations. Thoth himself, was half human, half

  40. FUCK YOU says:

    Which fucktard posted this fake AF bullshit?

  41. You wouldn’t say such things if you were there when me and Phillip seen what we seen here in Blvd. Park was. 3 years ago and let me tell you this that thing is really an extraordinary fast moving creature is generated a sort of energy light blur it moved so fast but came right up to my face 2 times and screamed sounded like a 1000 pigs did this ran from in front of us 20 feet dead end came back 60feet.20 feet it stops and screamed in my face another dead end back 30 feet screamed at my face turned 180 degrees and ran 10 feet into and right through the fence lept in 2 steps and was on the roof of the gard3n shed and then escaped into the woods this shit was real . looked just like a human but had cat like face on a pork y pig bulbous head human female with tail breasts and claws with wite fur allover lotsa teeth and big claws it coulda killed us no prob

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