Three legged man sues ex boss; “He called me tripod.”


Don't call me tripod!

The National Reporter
Stanley Hybrick, a bank teller in Bangor Maine, has filed a lawsuit in district court claiming that he was harrassed at his previous job because of a birth defect.
“My boss called me tripod and it was very upsetting.” he explained to district judge Albert Swartzer.
“The customers would laugh everytime he paged me over the loud speaker. “Hey tripod, do your funny walk to my office.” he would say.
Judge Swartzer explained that technically, because he has three legs, he is a tripod.
Mr. Hybrick, speaking from his specially made chair that accomodates his extra extremity, said that he was aware of that, but continued that it was spoken in a derogatory manner to cause him anguish and humiliation.
His case will be heard within the next few months and this reporter will be on the scene to cover the procedings.

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