Solid gold asteroid headed for Earth, world economy in peril!

Gold asteroid 1

Photo of the massive solid gold asteroid taken last week from the Keck observatory.

The National Reporter
An asteroid estimated to be the size of Manhattan is headed our way and is expected to strike some time in 2021.
Scientists at NASA were shocked when they viewed close up images of the speeding juggernaut taken by a deep space probe.
“I can’t believe it,’s made of solid gold!” exclaimed senior scientist Rick Williams when he saw the photographs.

voyager fly by

Space imager flying across the surface of the massive golden asteroid

The damage done from the impact of this asteroid will pall in comparison to the devastation it will cause to the worlds economy.
The value of gold will drop to nearly zero because of the amount of gold it will deposit in its aftermath.
“The only reason why gold is so valuable is because it is so rare. When this asteroid hits, gold will be more plentiful than iron. It will be worthless!” Said global economy expert Gig Young from his Manhattan office.
“The shear size and volume of this gold asteroid will certainly have a devastating impact on our economy. My suggestion is to buy platinum now before it is too late, lots of it!” he added.

Asteroid compared to Manhattan

Massive solid gold asteroid dwarfs Manhattan island

News of this impending disaster has been kept under wraps by the mass media under strict orders from NASA to avoid a world wide panic.
I am reporting it here at great risk to myself because I believe the public has a right to know.

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10 Responses to Solid gold asteroid headed for Earth, world economy in peril!

  1. Peter Phoenix says:

    This is PURE NONSENSE. What was he drinking.

  2. toddio warner says:

    solid gold thats crazy

  3. Brandon says:

    No it’s true but those images aren’t real, I mean who would fall for those photos?!

    • Buffy says:

      The photo’s are obviously artist renditions illustrating the size and magnitude of the gold asteroid.
      Who took the photo of the space imager flying over the surface of the asteroid?
      It was obviously pieced together to illustrate the size.
      I have seen images of a man standing next to a dinosaur to show how much larger they were than humans.
      I didn’t go off on a tangent denouncing the image as fake because people were not around when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
      Give us a little credit, Brandon.
      How stupid do you think normal people are?

  4. Klaus says:

    Nice typos.

  5. Stan says:

    On a clear night and good set of binoculars this solid gold asteroid can be located at
    The current coordinates are 5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″

  6. JW White says:

    Heavens streets are paved with gold. Read it in the Bible….

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