Kaley Cuoco’s sickening restaurant experiance

Kaley Cuoco plays Penny Dunlop on the hit comedy series 'The big bang theory.'

Kaley Cuoco plays Penny Dunlop on the hit comedy series ‘The big bang theory.’

The National Reporter

Television star Kaley Cuoco who plays sexy Penny Dunlop on the hit television sitcom ‘The big bang theory’ got a rather disgusting surprise while dining in a popular Hollywood eatery.
The incident occurred last weekend when the actress and a few friends went to a popular Hollywood restaurant.
“We had been filming an episode of the big bang theory all day and I was starving.” Miss Cuoco told us.
The National Reporter– I’ll bet it tasted good.
“I don’t know I didn’t eat it.”
The National Reporter– Why not?
“Well, When the waiter placed it in front of me I couldn’t wait to dig in. I started cutting it up when I noticed a strange knot in the meat.”
The National Reporter– A strange knot?
“Yes, a strange knot. It was really hard and difficult to cut though even though the knife was sharp.”
The National Reporter– oh, I see.
“I finally cut the meat up and I was about to eat it when a gentleman who was sitting at the next table jumped up and shouted, Don’t eat that!”
The National Reporter– What did you do?
“Well, I dropped my knife with the meat on it and the man took the plate away from me and looked at it up close.
After a few minutes of examining the meat he told me I was lucky I didn’t eat any of it.”
The National Reporter– What was wrong with it?
“The man was a cancer specialist and he told me the tough knot was actually a malignant tumor”
The National Reporter– Gross.
“You can say that again.” she said. “When he told me I nearly ate a cancerous tumor I almost threw up right then and there.”
The National Reporter– Wow,..ha,ha,..gross.

Watch for cancerous tumors like this in your steak dinners

Watch for cancerous tumors like this in your steak dinners

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10 Responses to Kaley Cuoco’s sickening restaurant experiance

  1. yousef59 says:

    real or hoax?
    if real, what happens to us and we do not know???
    why no action is taken??

  2. yousef59 says:

    …cancerous tumors…from steak.

  3. Bob says:

    Kaley makes me puke – such a skanky ho

    • Vrometer@hotmail.com says:

      You know you will never have her so you lash out in anger at her.

      • Linda34 says:

        That was the first thought that came to mind when I read his comment.
        A lonely little man masturbating his life away.

      • Teddytherageking says:

        Any guy who pukes at the sight of Kaley Couco has some very serious sexual issues.
        Face it, the girl is beautiful and any normal guy would be attracted to her.
        Bob must be a homosexual if Kaley makes him puke.

      • SaratosaSammy says:

        The first word that came to mind when I read Bobs comment.
        He must be.

  4. Lassie the homo says:

    Ha,ha, Everyone thinks Bob is a homo.

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