The Jersey devil captured on film!

Leeds point (red circle) alleged birth place of the Jersey Devil.

The National Reporter
Dave Morrison, a life long New Jersey resident, had planned on capturing the Jersey Devil on film ever since he learned about New Jerseys official monster when he was in the third grade.
Story’s and sightings of the Jersey Devil ( Also known as Mother Shrouds devil child and Mother Leeds 13th child.) have been circulating around the garden state since 1735 when the Jersey Devil is alleged to have been born in the small village of Leeds point.
Dave Morrison set out last October a week before Halloween to finally fulfill his childhood dream of photographing the Jersey Devil.
“I had twenty camera’s all equiped with motion detectors set up in the thick woods East of Leeds point road.”  He said.  “Anything that moved in front of them would get its picture taken.”
The National Reporter – How long did it take you to get your photograph of the Jersey Devil?
“About three days.” He said. “I checked the camera’s every day to see if they had been tripped off.  Every camera was tripped off when I checked them in the morning and it cost me a small fortune to develop all that the film. I ended up with dozens of photographs of deer herds and even one with a raccoon playing with the lens, but nothing out of the ordinary. That’s is, until the third day.  I got up early to collect all the film from the camera’s as I did the previous two days and took them back to my motel room to develop them.
I looked over the negatives and it was the same stuff.   Deer, wild turkeys, raccoons and squirrels jumping past the lenses, nothing out of the ordinary. That is until I got to the negative with the big shadow in the middle of the path. I figured it was just a group of deer standing around.   I took out my magnifying glass and held it up to get a closer look.   My heart started pounding a mile a minute when I saw what it was,  I could see what it was but I didn’t really want to believe it until blew it up and printed it out on paper.  When I had done that I couldn’t believe my eyes. There is was as plain as day sitting on its haunches no more than twenty-five feet away.
It was the Jersey Devil!
I estimate that when standing upright, it was at least ten feet tall.
It had a face like a horse and bat wings exactly like so many witnesses described it. I guess it is safe to say that they were telling the truth when they said they saw it.” 

Photograph of the legendary Jersey Devil taken with a hidden camera in New Jerseys pine barrens.

The National Reporter – How did you feel when you saw it?
“To tell you the truth, I was kind of scared.” Dave said. “Even though it was just a picture I couldn’t help but feel a little terror when I looked at it. I felt like it knew I got it’s picture and it was going to get me for it.”
The National Reporter – I’ll bet you aren’t too excited about going back into the woods to collect your camera’s.
“No, I’m not.” He said. “I borrowed every one of them from my friends, so I can’t just leave them in the woods. I guess I will go back first thing in the morning and collect them, then I’m getting the hell out of here. I am scared out of my mind right now at the thought of having to go back into those woods by myself.”
The National Reporter – I don’t blame you one bit.
“You know,..if the Jersey Devil came back it would make a great story for The National Reporter, especially if they had a reporter on the scene.”
The National Reporter – Yes, that sounds very interesting Mr. Morrison and I hope you have no problems rounding up all your camera’s.
“I’ll bet you would get a great big raise if you were to interview the Jersey Devil.  Imagine the publicity for The National Reporter!”
The National Reporter – Yes,..a great big raise and oodles of publicity.   Well, thank you for your time Mr. Morrison.  I will see to it that your picture gets published as soon as possible.
“Hang on,.. I’ll write you a check.” He said. “I’ll leave the amount blank and you can fill it out for what every you want. All you have to do is go into the woods with me.” 
This reporter dashed out of the motel room before Dave Morrison could get out his check book. Getting the news to our public as fast as possible is job #1  at The National Reporter.

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