Ringo Starr speaks out about 7th Beatle, Billy Moore.

(Left) Ringo Starr (Right) Billy Moore

The National Reporter

Two years after The National Reporter  Investigated the claims of Billy Moore who insists he was the Beatles accordion  player during their early years,  we were invited to meet with former Beatle Ringo Starr to hear his side of the story.

The National Reporter interviews 7th Beatle, Billy Moore

The National Reporter – Hello Mister Starr, it is an honor to meet you.
Ringo Starr- Hello Mister Flashman,  I have been an avid fan of your splendid web news service since it began a few years ago and it is an honor to become a part of The National Reporter family.
The National Reporter – Thank you, we interviewed your former band mate Paul McCartney two years ago.
Ringo Starr- I know, Paul phoned me immediately after his interview with you.
He was all excited and talking a mile a minute about being in a story that was to be featured in The National Reporter.
I didn’t believe him at first,  but he kept talking excitedly about how he met Ace Flashman from  The National Reporter and he was just at his house in person.
He was carrying on and on about how he had been interviewed by a news service that had won awards for excellence in journalism, so I had to believe he was telling the truth.
The National Reporter –Yes, we have won the International Reporters Association award for Honesty, Integrity and Truth a third time since we interviewed Paul.
Ringo Starr- – That is very impressive, very impressive indeed.
The National Reporter –– Of course it is very difficult to win such an award.
We have to sift through thousands of stories each week separating true stories from made up stories.
You would be appalled at the completely silly made up stories we receive.
We pride our selves on our truthfulness and we would never ever post a made up silly story on this site, especially within view of our three IRA awards.
Ringo Starr- – That is why your news site is so reliable.
If it’s in The National Reporter you can trust the truth and integrity of the story.
The National Reporter –– That’s true.
Ringo Starr- -And I wouldn’t say it if I in any way doubted the validity of the The National Reporter.
The National Reporter –– Of course you wouldn’t.

The National Reporter –– Now Mister Starr, as you know we have already spoken to Paul McCartney about Billy Moore and his claim to have been a member of the Beatles.
What do you know about him?
Ringo Starr- – He was daft, a real kook. He used to shadow us where ever we went.
He was already irritating Pete Best before I joined the Beatles.
He would climb on stage and stand between him and his drums blocking his access to the whole right side of his drum kit while playing his accordion.
He was a real pest.
I remember when The Beatles were playing in Germany one night and out of nowhere Billy popped up on stage from behind Pete and got between him and his drums and he bumped into him ruining his piece.
Pete took his drum stick and jammed it into his leg as hard as he could.
Billy immediately dropped his accordion and fell face first onto his drum kit.
The guys stopped playing and turned around with shocked looks on their faces.
A second later two bouncers jumped on staged and dragged him off.
That was the last time we saw him until we got back to Liverpool and we were playing at the Cavern club.
The National Reporter –– How did this all begin with him, why did he think he was one of the Beatles?
Ringo Starr –– That was kind of Johns fault.
I was still with Rory at the time and I was in a club sitting at a table when John and Paul came in to ask me if I wanted to join the Beatles.
Billy Moore was walking around the tables playing his accordion.
I remember the agonized looks on John and Paul’s faces when they saw who it was.
I could hear Paul groaning something that sounded like, “Oh no,.. it’s the accordion ass hole who wants to join the band.”
Just as I began talking to them, Billy Moore came over and started playing his accordion.
They were trying to talk to me but I couldn’t hear what they were saying.
Finally John shouted over his accordion,”We want you to join the Beatles.”
As soon as he said that, Billy’s face lit up with a big smile.
He thought John was asking him to join the Beatles.
The National Reporter –– So it was a mistake?
Ringo Starr- – Yes, he really thought John was talking to him.
None of us were aware of the mistake until he began showing up at our gigs expecting to play.
The National Reporter –– Didn’t anyone explain to him that it was a mistake and he wasn’t in the band?
Ringo Starr- – Every time he showed up we would tell him he wasn’t in the band.
Brian told him over and over.
Every time he showed up he would have security toss him out.
He was arrested a few times then he just stopped coming around.
The last I heard he was going around telling everyone that he wrote all our songs and we stole them from him.
Then I heard he was trying to sneak back stage at one of the Rolling Stones gigs.
The National Reporter –– How long did he stalk them?
Ringo Starr- – Not long. By the time he began pestering them they were already big enough to have a strong security presence back stage and he couldn’t get past them.
The National Reporter –– well, Thank you Mister Starr.
I am sure our readers will be interested learning about this small bit of unknown history of the Beatles.
Ringo Starr- – It is an honor having the opportunity to share this story in The National Reporter with all of your esteemed readers.

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