NASA Scientists confirm, Aliens can perform self rectal exams

NASA artist redition of a space alien performing a self rectal examination.

NASA computer image of a space alien performing a self rectal examination.

The National Reporter
For years people have been claiming that they had been taken aboard alien space craft and given rectal exams by space creatures.
These reports have always been dismissed as shear nonsense until NASA scientists discovered a species of aliens who apparently have a cultural anal fixation.
“It could be the reason why they have such long necks.” An un-named NASA scientist told us.
NASA scientist – “Their long swan like necks could have evolved as a result of their anal fixation from constantly trying to see their own anuses.
Over centuries of trying, their necks began to adapt and get longer to accommodate their obsession.” He said.
The National Reporter – So in your opinion, does this shed some credibility on all the people who have claimed that they had been taken aboard alien space ships and had their rectums examined?
NASA scientist – “I would not jump to conclusions, most people who make such claims are retards or loners just looking for attention. But we can’t rule them all out.”
The National Reporter – What if I told you that I had such an encounter, would you believe me?
NASA scientist – “Most certainly.” He said. “You are The National Reporters star journalist, so naturally you are telling the truth.
Everyone knows that The National Reporter is a two time recipient of the International Reporters Association’s coveted Seal Of Honesty in reporting award.”
The National Reporter – That is correct. We are compelled to tell the truth, unlike the notorious tabloids who make up stories just to make money.
NASA scientist – “That is true, the tabloids make up the most ridiculous stories I have ever read.” He said. “Some of them are so stupid and they never try to explain how they occurred, which naturally makes them suspect as to their authenticity. They sound like something a bored writer was just making up as he was typing. It makes me sick”
The National Reporter – I agree, total nonsense.
NASA scientist – “Absolutely.” he said.

The National Reporter – Now doctor, how did you come to the conclusion that these space creatures can perform such a difficult task like this?
NASA scientist – “We figured it out.” He explained.
The National Reporter – I see, that is very enlightening.
NASA scientist – “Yes,..most people would agree.”
The National Reporter – But then there are the doubting Thomas’s who would scoff at your findings.
NASA scientist – “Yes, there are always the non-believers despite the over whelming evidence of our research.”
The National Reporter – Well thank you doctor, this has been quite an interesting interview.
After the interview was over we got in our cars and drove away.

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4 Responses to NASA Scientists confirm, Aliens can perform self rectal exams

  1. Kitty says:

    According to the National Reporter is totally fake.
    Why would they waste their journalism skills on fake reports?
    I dont have time for this

  2. Stan says:

    Other certified and valid reports indicate is fake and not reliable.

    • GongoMongo says:

      Snopes is run by a a guy and his wife.
      They never leave the house, they do their investigations solely from internet sources.

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