Billy Moore, the 7th Beatle speaks out.

One time Beatle Billy Moore breaks his silence after fifty years and talks about his time with the fab four.

One time Beatle Billy Moore breaks his silence after fifty years and talks about his time with the fab four.

The National Reporter
Billy Moore, who was once known as the 7th Beatle has agreed to emerge from his obscure life as a street musician and talk openly with The National Reporter about his time with the Beatles and the unfair treatment he has received from the media regarding his contribution to the band.
This reporter caught up with the seventy four year old Billy Moore as he sat on a street corner in Whilshire England knocking out a few rock and roll rhythms on his legendary accordion.
The National Reporter – Hello Billy, My name is Ace Flashman. I am a reporter for the National Reporter.
Billy Moore –“Hi Ace, I understand you have a few questions you would like to ask me about my time with the Beatles.”
The National Reporter – Yes, When were you with them and how long did you perform with them?
Billy Moore –“Well,..let me see.” He said. “I remember playing with them when Pete Best was the drummer. So I guess it was before Ringo joined the group.”
The National Reporter – You are of course referring to Ringo Starr the famous drummer.
Billy Moore –“Yes,..that’s the one. Ringo Starr. He was the drummer after Pete Best.”
The National Reporter –Yes, he was. And what instrument did you play?
Billy Moore –“well, I played this right here, my accordion. I was the Beatles accordion player.”
The National Reporter –I don’t recall ever hearing a Beatle song with an accordion in it.
Billy Moore –“They cut all my music out, those bastards.”
The National Reporter – Who cut it out, the Beatles?
Billy Moore –“The Beatles and the producers.” He grumped. “They cut all my best stuff out. Hell, I was the most popular Beatle. All the girls used to rush the stage shouting, Billy! Billy!”
The National Reporter – Is that so?
Billy Moore –“Of course it is, you scrawny pencil necked geek. How do you think they got so famous?”
The National Reporter – Because of their music and their new look?
Billy Moore –“No, you dumb little pigeon fart, It was because of me!” He said angrily. “I’m the one who got that whole screaming thing started with the girls. Not them.”

The National Reporter –I see, and why did they dismiss you from the band?
Billy Moore –“They didn’t dismiss me, I quit on the ungrateful bastards because they never gave me any credit for all the work I did to get them to the top.”
The National Reporter – All your work?
Billy Moore –“Yes, I wrote all their hit songs. I wrote she loves you and I wanna hold your hand, not them! They took my songs and wrote their names on them then they kicked me out.”
The National Reporter – I find that hard to believe.
Billy Moore –“Well believe it you little shit, I’m not making it up.”
The National Reporter – I still find it very difficult to believe.
Billy Moore – “Awwww,…PPPppBbbbppppptttt to you , ya bastard!”

After my interview with Billy Moore I decided to investigate the story from another perspective so I looked up Paul McCartney and paid him a visit.
The National Reporter – Hello Mr.McCartney, My name is Ace Flashman. I am a reporter for The National Reporter. I am here today to ask you a few questions about a former member of the Beatles.”
Paul McCartney – “Oh, The National Reporter you say? I love the The National Reporter because of their interesting stories and in depth reporting and the fact that they won the International Reporters association award for truth, honesty and integrity in journalism two years in a row.”
The National Reporter – Yes, we do pride our selves on that achievement. Not many news services have won it since it began right about the same time that the National Reporter launched it’s internet based news service.
Paul McCartney –“Yes, it must have been a great honor to be the recipients of one of their very first awards for Truthfulness, Honesty and Integrity in Journalism.”
The National Reporter –Yes, yes it was a great honor.
Paul McCartney –“And it will be a great honor answering any questions you have about the Beatles.” Paul said.

Paul McCartney was happy to answer all of the questions we asked about the Beatles and Billy Moore.

Paul McCartney was happy to answer all of the questions we asked about the Beatles and Billy Moore.

The National Reporter –Well, thank you Paul.
Paul McCartney –“No, thank you for the honor and privilege of inviting me to talk to you and allowing me to become a part of The National Reporters long and illustrious history of truthful and honest reporting.”
The National Reporter – A short time ago I was speaking to a gentleman named Billy Moore who claimed that he was the seldom talked about 7th Beatle.”
Paul McCartney –“Hmm,. I do seem to recall a rather eccentric fellow who used to shadow us. He would turn up at our early gigs with his accordion in hand expecting to play as if he was part of the group. Is that the fellow you are talking about?”
The National Reporter –I believe so, Yes I am certain that is the fellow I was talking to a short time ago.
Paul McCartney –“Oh sure, I remember him.” Paul told me. “Everywhere we went he would show up with his accordion. Even when we went to play in Germany in the early years when we were still struggling he would show up.
We would be on stage playing a song when all of a sudden an accordion would break in and start playing the song. We would turn and there was Billy Moore standing behind us on stage playing his damned accordion.”
The National Reporter –He told me that he was the 7th Beatle and that he was the one who got the girls to start screaming. He also said that he wrote I want to hold you hand and she loves you, the Beatles first two big hits in the states.
Paul McCartney –“Rubbish, pure rubbish. He was daft, a real pest, nothing more. He followed us everywhere. We finally had to get an order from a magistrate to bar him from our concerts. He was arrested four times for ignoring it.”
The National Reporter –I see, He didn’t tell me that. He said you and the other Beatles kicked him out after you stole his songs and took credit for them.
Paul McCartney –“Billy Moore was a bit of a character. I remember when we were just starting out and we were doing some publicity shots around some old junk cars. It was the four of us with our instruments when all of a sudden he popped up from out of nowhere and stood between me and Ringo holding that damned accordion.”
The National Reporter – Yes, I have that photograph and I will post it on The National Reporters web page when I publish this story.

From left to right, Paul McCartney, Billy Moore, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison.

From left to right, Paul McCartney, Billy Moore, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison.

Paul McCartney –“Billy Moore was a nut. A real head job.” Paul said. “We finally got away from him when he was committed for attacking a police man during one of our concerts when we returned from our first trip to the states.
That was when Beatlemania was in full swing.
The National Reporter – What happened?
Paul McCartney –“He tried to sneak into one of our concerts dressed like a teenage girl.” he said. “One of the police officers spotted a rather ;large bulge under his dress and pulled him aside to question him. He thought it might be a bomb or something. When they searched him they found his accordion strapped to his waist. He admitted that he was going to jump on stage and start playing it with us.”
The National Reporter – Well, thank you for your time Paul.
Paul McCartney –“Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of The National Reporters family. It was an honor doing this interview with you.”
The National Reporter – Don’t mention it.
Paul McCartney –“Oh by the way, didn’t tell Billy Moore where I lived did you?
The National Reporter – Ha,ha,ha. So long Mr. McCartney.

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