“We teach you lesson America!” Kim Jong Un orders the construction of huge flying vengence penis

Korean despot Kim Jong Un is seen here cavorting with his blood thirsty henchmen watching the construction of the massive flying penis they plan to unleash on America.

Korean despot Kim Jong Un is seen here cavorting with his blood thirsty henchmen reading The National Reporters news story about the giant floating penis over North Korea. “Look, it my picture!” Kim Jong Un giggled excitedly.

The National Reporter

A few months ago The National Reporter informed our readers about the latest sighting of the notorious flying penis  over North Korea which outraged the chubby Despot, Kim Jong Un.
It is rumored that his recent disappearance from the public eye had something to with an emergency meeting he had ordered to exact revenge against the United State of America.
His threat to destroy America was aired on Korean television and seen by nearly one hundred people who have earned enough privilege to own television sets in that glorious peoples republic.
The CIA reported that it is highly likely that Kim Jong Un was indeed intending to follow through with his threat and was organizing the construction of a massive weapon in a remote area north of the 38th parallel.
When the word reached Washington the chiefs of staff ordered proof that he was intended to carry out this threat.

An American aerial reconnaissance plane snapped this horrifying image last week while on a highly classified fly over of the Communist nation.

Korean threat

Is this a giant flying penis that the North Korean madman is planning to launch on America?
The National Reporter was given a copy of this highly classified photograph for analysis by our science department who earned the respect of the Institute of science in Washington for their development of The Ghost-o-vision scope.
Our team of scientists used a special photographic process that allows them to magnify photographic images so that they could get a better look at the suspected flying penis and present the results to our loyal readers.

Close up shot

The National Reporters enhanced photograph clearly shows what appears to be a giant penis under construction on a remote North Korea military facility.
The Pentagon has secretly dispatched a fleet of anti missile cruisers and several submarines to protect our shores from giant sinister flying penises from North Korea in case Kim Jong Un decides to unleash his revenge.
General Bosco Stevens has contacted Kim Jon Un and issued a dire warning to him stating that the United States will not tolerate an invasion of our air space by flying penis’s or any other obscene flying objects intended to shock and horrify the American public.

Keep reading The National Reporter for any developments on this crisis.

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9 Responses to “We teach you lesson America!” Kim Jong Un orders the construction of huge flying vengence penis

  1. Stencher says:

    If he launches that thing it will start WW3.
    Doe he not realize that?
    The US will retaliate by building an even bigger one.
    Where will this end?
    The skies will be filled giant floating dicks soon and who is to blame?
    A couple of pranksters from Pittsburgh PA, that’s who!

  2. californian45 says:

    I have some serious doubts about the first image in this post.
    Was Kim Jong Un really reading the national reporter story on his computer like it says in the photo caption?
    If he was, how did you know this?

  3. Ace Flashman says:

    That is an excellent question Californian45.
    The photograph was taken by an affiliate free lance photographer who often takes photographs for The National Reporter inside of that communist dictatorship.
    She confirmed to us that he was in fact reading The National Reporters news story about the floating penis and he did indeed exclaim with child like excitement when he saw his picture.
    “Kim Jong Un is like giant baby. He make poopy in pants and play with baby toys.” she told us.
    She is a very reliable and honest person who meets the standards of integrity that the staff of The National Reporter has become famous for.

    Thank you for reading The National Reporter.
    Keep reading for further updates concerning this crisis.
    The Staff
    The National Reporter

  4. It'sButters says:

    I heard a rumor that the Pentagon has just purchased a huge roll of flesh colored mylar film and several containers of helium and it was shipped out to a top secret air base in Nevada.
    What do you suppose they are up to?

    • Twistedssisterforever says:

      This looks bad.
      It would be just like King Hussein of America to start a war with such a powerful nation as North Korea over such a silly matter.
      Get ready for the war of the floating penises.
      The damned things will be floating around everywhere before you know it.
      What a sick and dangerous world this has become.

      • Twistedssisterforever says:

        I just received information from an inside informant.
        King Hussein of America has seized the Goodyear blimp and it is being painted flesh color at this very moment in a secret hangar in Nevada.
        Kim Jong Un is threatening to build hundreds of flying penises that he will launch on America if King Hussein of America does not surrender.
        I will try to keep you updated as the drama unfolds.

  5. ANTIFARULZU says:

    Who is king Hussein of America?
    Is that supposed to be President Obama?
    Fucking racist.
    President Obama has done nothing but good and all you racists bitch about is that he is African American.
    Go back to Europe, racist white bastards.
    America belongs to the future, the non-white future when all you racists have been exterminated like vermin.
    I dream of drop kicking white babys into the fire pits.
    Fucking racists.

    • Twistedssisterforever says:

      Actually I am Asian, Japanese to be exact.
      So,..you dream of drop kicking white babies into the fire pits and you don’t consider yourself to be racist?
      Not even a little bit?
      How about psychotic?
      I have heard about you antifa people, you are some serious nut jobs.
      You pretend to be against racism but all you do is hate on white people and the Christian faith.
      You are all communist screwballs.

      • Steve Ross says:

        antifarulzu is probably working for George Soros.
        He pays communist nut jobs like that to search the Internet for anyone saying something that is critical to the leftist agenda.
        people like him like to cry fascist when they find someone who doesn’t agree with them.
        Then they try to silence them with any means necessary including violence.
        They are the worse kind of fascists there are.

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