Teasing zoo arrogance! “I will feed puppys & kittens to my aligators.”

Little puppys like this are doomed to become alligator food if you don't help.

Little puppys like this are doomed to become alligator food if you don’t help.

The National Reporter
A few weeks ago we here at The National Reporter made a dire plea to our readers to stop the sadistic goings on at a Portland zoo where cruelty is the main attraction.
Owner of teasing zoo; ha,ha,you cant stop me.
We are talking about the abomination called Bob’s teasing zoo.
This sick and twisted business is still open despite our efforts to shut them down.
As a result the owner of the zoo, Bob, is planning to increase his cruelty to punish us for trying to rescue the helpless animals in his grips.
He sent a letter to us here at The National Reporter mocking us and the loyal readers who signed the petition to have him shut down.
Here is the letter he sent to our office reprinted here word for word in violation of his court order forbidding us to reprint it on our webpage.

To whom it may concern,
Listen up you dweebs, your stupid petition and your punk readers can’t stop me from doing what I want to do, understand?
If I want to allow the public to tease stupid animals like they want then that is what I am going to do.
Who cares?
Judging from the tiny number of animal lovers who signed your stupid petition certainly not most of the population.
So, here is what I am going to do just for shits and giggles and to teach you and the other stupid animal lovers a lesson.
I am going to put cute little puppy’s and kittens on sheets of ice and float them out into the middle of the alligator pond.
It will be funny as hell watching the ice melt and the creepy little puppy’s and kittens struggling to keep from falling into the water with my starving alligators.
And you know they are starving because they are my alligators, ha,ha,ha!
I hope you come and see us when we open up this new exhibit.
Bring your camera too, you and your stupid petition can’t stop us because there are not enough stupid animal lovers who care.

Your pal, Bob.

Now is the time to act before this evil bastard starts his sadistic act of animal cruelty.
Please sign the petition and save these poor defenseless animals!
Sign the petition to close down this evil establishment!

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One Response to Teasing zoo arrogance! “I will feed puppys & kittens to my aligators.”

  1. Those fiends! I am all for the rescue of puppies(I even own two myself!)

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