Maternity ward miracle, woman lays egg!

Edith Romwell and her bouncing baby egg are doing fine.

The National Reporter

Edith Romwell of Iowa surprised hospital officials at Des Moines general hospital maternity ward last week in what is being heralded as the very first incident of a human being laying an egg.
The bizarre miracle occurred last week after Edith arrived at Des Moines general hospital in extreme pain and an exceptionally swollen belly.
“When I saw how swollen she was I knew something strange was going on.” Nurse Betty Billingsly told us. “I have been a maternity nurse for over twenty years an I have never seen a woman that large. It was incredible.”
Because of its massive size, the egg had to be delivered via a cesarean section during a grueling seven hour procedure.
“When I opened her up I was completely puzzled by what I saw.” Doctor Farnsworth, chief surgeon said. “I mean,. it wasn’t what I was expecting to see. I opened her up and there was this weird solid white shell in front of me with pulsing veins and arteries. At first I thought it was a massive tumor, but then I realized that it was an egg like a bird would lay,. It blew my mind.”

The egg was covered with pulsing viens and arteries.

Biologists from all over the world have been arriving in Des Moines to study the strange egg.
“This much stranger than goat man baby.” Doctor Ilia Kragovich from the institute of Moscow told us.
“In my country man goat baby fall from sheep and die. We save remains in museum jar and have many people to see it all the time,. is true.”
For the time being, Edith Romwell and her husband have custody of the egg child pending an investigation by the federal department of strange birth investigations.
“ The thing that worries us the most is what is in side the egg.” Special agent Jackson Mooney told us.
“What if it isn’t human? What if it’s some sort of monster like a dinosaur or something? What then?

What then indeed.
As always, The National Reporter will keep our readers up to date on further developments in this strange case.

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