Joke shop busted for selling prescription drugs as a novelty item

Prescription drugs should never be purchased in a joke store.

The National Reporter
Frankies Joke emporium, a popular joke and novelty store in Clearwater Florida, got a surprise visit yesterday morning from the DEA.
Acting on several complaints and reports of young people being treated in hospital emergency rooms for prescription drug abuse, special agents seized several boxes of prescription drugs from the business.
Frankie Wilson, the owner of Frankies joke emporium had been selling pills to young folk as a practical joke item.
The National Reporter spoke with Mr. Wilson in the county jail shortly after his arrest.
The National Reporter – So Mr.Wilson, can you tell us what you were arrested for?
“I was arrested for no good reason, that’s what I was arrested for.” He huffed.
The National Reporter – According to the arrest report, you were arrested for selling prescription drugs to kids. Is that true?
“well yeah, I suppose so. But I wasn’t selling it to them so they could get high or anything like that.”
The National Reporter – What were you selling it to them for then?
“You know,..for goofing around with their friends and stuff.”
The National Reporter – I’m not following you.
“I was watching a drug commercial one night and they had all the warnings about the side effects and I thought to myself that I could make a ton of money selling these pills as a prank item, you know, like itchy power.”
The National Reporter – A prank?
“Well yeah, you know, like if you take this one pill you will get diarrhea and stuff, know? Ha,ha,..some of those pills have so many funny side effects that they should sell them in joke stores anyway. They cause explosive diarreah, uncontrollable flatulance, vomiting and dizzyness. Funny stuff like that,.you know? ”
The National Reporter – I see.
“Yeah, and theres another one that makes you all paranoid and stuff and gives you nightmares and makes you think about commiting suicide. haw,haw,’s funny as all hell!”
The National Reporter – You have some what of a warped sense of humor Mr.Wilson.
“What,,..I do?”
The National Reporter – You were selling dangerous prescription drugs to kids as novelty items so that they could give them to unsuspecting people as a joke to watch them suffer from the side effects.
Didn’t you stop to think for one minute that someone could have died from these pills?
Mr. Wilsons eyes darted about his cell as he tugged on his index finger, his lower lip was quivering.
“I don’t know.” He said, quietly.
The National Reporter – What the hell was going through your mind when you were handing out these dangerous drugs to kids as if they were as harmless as rubber dog poo?
“I don’t know.”
Mr. Wilson is being held in the federal facilitys in Tampa until his trial date.
As of yet, no one has come forward to post his 1 million dollar bond.

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