iCarly’s Mischievous poltergeist returns with obscene prank

iCarly is a popular television series on Nickelodeon

The National Reporter
On August 2nd 2010, The National Reporter released video footage of an apparition appearing on the set of Nickelodeon’s iCarly series during filming.

Ghost haunts iCarly set

Since that video was released The National Reporter has received thousands of e-mails and telephone calls from concerned fans of the show.
Because of the massive public interest, The National Reporter has kept a close watch on the notoriously haunted set#7 at Nickelodeons Burbank studios where the series is taped.
During the taping of the latest episode entitled, ‘iSams mom’ the cast complained about an uneasy feeling they were having.
All of them were experiencing odd sensations.
“I had this weird feeling,.. like,.. there was someone standing right in front of me with their face just inches from mine.” Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Carly said. “It’s hard to explain, it was just totally weird.”
Jennette McCurdy who plays Sam said that she was suddenly engulfed in freezing cold air in a hallway as she walked to the set.
“It was as if that small space, about five feet long was below zero.” She said. “I could see my breath. It scared the heck out of me.”

It wasn’t just the cast who sensed a paranormal presence on the iCarly set.
The crew was also picking up on unusual occurrences as they worked.
“It felt like my body was being taken over and I was doing things, strange things, things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do.” One of the stage hands told us.
“It felt like I was asleep and I was dreaming that I was working. It was really bizarre.” One of the electricians said.

At the end of the show when Spencer, played by actor Jerry Trainor, pried off the apartment number from Freddie’s apartment and held it up, the work of the mischievous poltergeist came into full light.
unfortunately it was too late to stop it and the obscene image was aired across America in full view of millions of young fans.

Jerry Trainer unknowingly holding up the poltergeist prank number.

Close up of the poltergeist sick perverted sense of humor

As you can see the apartment address has been altered by the poltergeist.
Instead of 8D as an apartment number would be written normally, the mischievous ghost made a small change and added an equal sign turning it into 8=D.
Anyone who is familiar with internet abbreviations will recognise this immediately as the symbol for a penis.
When The National Reporter located the stage hand who was responsible for making the number, he told us that while he was making it he knew it was wrong, but it was like his body was taken over and he couldn’t stop.
After he had placed the number on the wall next to Freddie’s apartment door, he forgot all about it.
“It was weird.” He said. “I had absolutely no recollection of making the number or putting it up until after the show aired and everyone saw it.”
This new revelation of the vulgar nature of iCarly’s poltergeist is very disturbing.
Perhaps it is time for the producers to relocate to another studio or call an exorcist.

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4 Responses to iCarly’s Mischievous poltergeist returns with obscene prank

  1. I think that’s fake.

  2. Eric says:

    It isn;t fake. I saw the episode and it’s real.

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