Special needs students topple school bus

All of the students leaned to one side causing the bus to topple over.

The National Reporter
Several special needs students from Parkside developmental center in Mulberry, Indiana were injured last week when the bus they were riding in toppled over onto its side.
Local residents ran out of their homes when they heard the loud crash.
“I didn’t know what happened.” Rosey Huffmyer said. “I was watching television when all of a sudden I heard this loud noise out front. It sounded like a plane crash.”
Jim Bronson was mowing his lawn when the crash occurred.
I was mowing the grass when I saw one of those short yellow buses coming down the street. It was leaning to one side and the wheels on the right side were coming up off the pavement. I could see everyone inside the bus were all crowded together on the left side of the bus. It looked like they were deliberately trying to make the bus fall over.”

The National Reporter was able to interview some of the passengers while they were being treated for cuts and bruises.
The National Reporter – can you tell us how your bus fell over?
“We was playing tip over.” 23-year-old Claude Harrington told us. “We was all leaning against the one side of the bus to make the wheels go up in the air, but then it went too far and we fell the **** over.”
“Yeah.” Jenson George added. “It fell over cause we was leaning to hard.”
The National Reporter – Whose idea was it to tip the bus over?
“It was my idea.” Eddie Baker said. “I wanted to do something fun, so I told everyone to get on one side of the bus and push real hard.”
The National Reporter– Did you know that the bus would tip over?
“Yeah, that’s why we did it.” He said.
“It was real fun!” Jenson said.

None of the rowdy special needs students have been charged with criminal mischief despite the damage they caused with their Tom foolery and they were all back at school the next day.
After the incident, school officials at Parkside developmental center announced that in the interest of public safety, all passengers on their buses are to be held in place with seat belts and required to wear safety helmets and the students will be accompanied by special uniformed safety monitors equiped with tasers.

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