Ghost captured on video during filming of iCarly episode.

The National Reporter
Cast members of the popular iCarly television series got quite a shock during the filming of their most recent episode entitled, “iGot a Hot Room!”
During one of many takes where Carly Shay, Played by actress Miranda Cosgrove, was supposed to run up stairs to her room and change her jacket, the cameras picked up a strange disturbance behind fellow actor, Jerry Trainor.
The National Reporter interviewed the cast late last week to get their thoughts on the paranormal occurance.
“I did feel a slight drop in temperature while we were taping that scene, especially right when that thing appeared.” Jerry Trainor told us. “I also had a weird feeling that somone was standing behind even though I knew no one there.”
Jerry Trainor plays Carlys older brother, Spencer, on the show.
“I never really believed any of this ghost stuff until I saw the footage, is this for real?” Actress Jennette McCurdy said. “This is really creepy, I’m kind of scared to be here now.”
“I know what you mean.” Miranda Cosgrove added. “Just the idea that there might be a ghost here makes my skin crawl.”
Nathan Kress, who plays Freddie Benson, seemed to be amused at his co-stars frightened reactions to the video.

The cast of iCarly from left to right; Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress.

“There isn’t anything to be scared about.” He said. “Even if there really is a ghost haunting the place what is it going to do? A ghost can’t hurt you any more than a shadow can hurt you.”
As the cast members discussed Nathans theory on what possible injurys one might incur as a result of being assaulted by a ghost, the head of Nickelodeon studios walked in and stomped over to Dan Schneider, the producer of iCarly.
He seemed angry.
I could hear him sputtering angrily about firing the “treasonous bastard” who leaked the ghost story to the press.
The person who sold the video footage to The National Reporter need not worry about their identity being revealed because The National Reporter is a responsible and highly respected news service whose integrity is above reproach.
This is why we consistantly win the prestigious “seal of Honesty” from the International Reporters Association which we proudly display at the right of this page.
Our #1 goal is bringing top quality news storys to the public on issues that the mainstream press is afraid to report.

Update 8/6/2010: After this footage first aired on The National Reporter website and on our youtube page, several people have come forward claiming that they have seen mysterious occurances in different scenes from iCarly episodes.
It wasn’t until The National Reporter first aired this ghost footage on 8/2/2010 that they realised that they may have been witnessing actual paranormal activity occuring on the set during filming that the cast and crew were unaware of.
We here at The National Reporter will do our best to keep our readers updated on any events concerning the haunting of the iCarly set.

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10 Responses to Ghost captured on video during filming of iCarly episode.

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  2. Mina says:

    If you watch closely you can see that the white thing that forms stays on the screen and still there briefly, now superimposed on the green and white robot. So it’s in the tape and not in the kitchen. Since the scenes are edited, my guess is that the person who sold you the tape put the white thing in himself and didn’t get it all out before the scene changed to the girl.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      That is an after flash caused as a result of the silver on the robot figure.
      It was fully analyzed by the scientific staff at The National Reporter before the video was released.
      Another false claim being made by doubters is the fact that they do not see this apparition while watching the episode on television.
      Please pay attention to the video narration.
      The video footage in which the apparition appears was discarded and the scene was done over again.
      This discarded piece of video footage was purchased by The National Reporter from an unnamed employee of Nickelodeon for an undisclosed price.
      The apparition was analyzed before the video was released and it was proven to be authentic by a team of well known paranormal investigators.
      Jennette McCurdy is NOT the employee who sold us the video footage as some people are now claiming.
      The unnamed employee is NOT a member of the cast..
      If you have any questions about White glass, the material used in our patented Ghost filter, please ask your science teacher about it.

    • j says:

      i agree with Mina the video is too perfect like the fact that the laffing that is a recording used in all i carly episodes so this means that this video has been edited first then the fake ghost was added. i have seen paranormal activity and i know how to fake it as will.the ghost in the video doses not fit and the lighting is not rite at all the light is coming from the top of the screen and the ghost’s lighting is coming strait on in the video, and another thing ghosts tend to show more shape and, if you say that the ghost is self illuminating will ghost use the light around them but the ghost in this video is not .the ghosts actions are almost too predictable as will

      • Ace Flashman says:

        Your expertise in paranormal research and investigation is lacking in many areas.
        As far as the laugh track on the iCarly scene, that was added for effect so as to give the viewer a better sense of the program that they have come to know.
        We would however be interested in the paranormal activity you claim to have witnessed.
        Do you have video or audio track of the occurrences?

  3. Ramsay K says:

    Please correct your video, the sound stage facility where they shoot iCarly is not the animation studio in Burbank, they shoot at the Nickelodeon On Sunset in Hollywood, previously the ‘Earl Carroll theater’ and then the ‘Aquarius Theater’, a significant figure in Hollywood history, it’s been talked about as haunted for years!

    • Ace Flashman says:

      Thank you for taking an interest in The National reporter and all of the fine reporting we bring to the public.
      The image of the Nickleodeon facilitys we used in our video concerning the paranormal occurances on the iCarly set was sent to us by the producers of the show to use for illustration purposes.
      Being that we here at The National Reporter are swamped with hundreds of storys each week, we are forced to take journalistic shortcuts in order to make our deadlines.
      We are sure you understand our position in this matter.
      Thank you for reading The National Reporter and we hope you will return to read more of our unique storys that the mainstream media is too timid to print.

  4. debra skinner says:

    I agree with ramsey k. My daughter can tell what kind of ghost it is. She says its a woman. Here shell explain it to you. Look at the close picture and you will see hair streaking down. Just pay attention. Whoever thinks its fake then why wont you experience it yourself. Nichole lepin.

  5. Troop Holden says:

    It’s a hoax because when it goes to another shot the “ghost” is still there and it is still desentigrating

    • Ace Flashman gave a very reasonable explanation for the silver flash when the scene changes in his first comment above.
      You should read the discussion about the video before you write a uneducated response to it.

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