Hospital error sends human liver to cafeteria

Human liver donated by Palestinian child was rushed all the way from Israel

The National Reporter
A major hospital in the U.S. who’s identity is being withheld by The National Reporter in compliance with a gag order issued by a federal judge, was embarrassed by a terrible error that occurred in the hospital’s receiving department.
A human liver that was donated by a Palestinian youth and flown all the way from Israel for an emergency transplant, was accidentally redirected to the hospital’s cafeteria where it was promptly cooked and served to visitors.
“How the hell were we supposed to know it was a human liver!?” Chef John said angrely.”They are trying to put the full blame on me and my cooking staff,..they are the ones who sent us the damned liver!”

Human liver mistakenly served as a meal to hospital visitors

The National Reporter was refused an interview with the hospitals administration, but we did manage to meet with two of the doctors who were going to perform the emergency transplant.
“We were waiting for the liver for hours.” Doctor Brimwell said.”the pilot of the private jet that was flying the liver in from Israel kept us updated every fifteen minutes on his location and estimated time of arrival. When he made his last transmission he told us that he had landed and the liver had been placed in an emergency vehicle and was on its way to the hospital.”
The National Reporter -What happened next?
“Nothing happened.” his colleague Dr. Whanbana said. “We waited and waited but the liver never arrived.

Two frustrated and very angry Doctors. Brimwell on the left and Whanbana on the right.

“An hour after the liver left the airport we suspected that something was wrong, we assumed the ambulance got into an accident so we called the local police.” Doctor Brimwell explained. “The police told us that there had been no accidents involving an ambulance.”
“I checked downstairs to see if it was being held up by someone who was unaware of the urgency of the delivery, but no one knew anything about it.” Doctor Whanbana said.
“Then a dock worker told me a package arrived an hour earlier that said ‘Liver’ on it and it was sent to the kitchen. My heart sank when he told me that because I knew then what had happened, I just hoped that it wasn’t too late.”
“unfortunately we were too late.” Dr.Brimwell sighed. “If only we had waited on the delivery dock all of this would have been diverted.”
The National Reporter – So what happened to the liver?
“It was chopped up and cooked with onions and served to a gentleman and his wife who were visiting a sick friend. They had no idea that they were eating a human liver, in fact they even complimented the chef.”
The National Reporter – What happened to the patient who was waiting for the liver?
“He’s back on the dialysis machine waiting for another liver donor.” Dr. Whanbana said.” But our sources in Israel have informed us that another young Palestinian boy is eager to save the life of our patient and is willing to do what ever is necessary to save him.”

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