Man grows potato with internal organs

Dissected potato contains living flesh organs like a human being

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Idaho is famous for its potatos, but a recently developed strain of potato has local farmers and the state agriculture department worried.
Zack Efram, a local potato grower and amature genetic scientist has managed to create a new strain of tuber that contains working organs like a human being.
The National Reporter went to Idaho to speak with Mr. Efram about his creation.
The National Reporter – How did you manage to create a potato with organs?
“Well, I started with frog genes, you see. I introduced a frogs genetic code into the cellular compound of a potato.” He said. “I was trying to create a potato with an elastic skin that would have a meaty taste to it, but it failed over and over again.”
The National Reporter – What was your reaction when you opened this potato and saw that it contained internal organs?
“Well, I was taken back a little, you can imagine seeing something like that. The little heart was beating and I could see greenish blood pumping through the tiny veins. The whole inside of the potato was alive when I sliced it open.”

Idaho potato farmer Zack Efram is seen here holding a freshly picked living organ potato

The National Reporter – What happened after you sliced it open?
“After I sliced it open? Well, the organs were moving around because they were alive and functioning. But after a few minutes they slowed down and stopped. I guess the damn thing died.”
The National Reporter – Have you tasted any of these organ potatos yet?
“What are you kidding?” He laughed. “I wouldn’t eat one of those damn things if you paid me a million bucks. Shoot, they scare the hell out of me, are you serious?”
The National Reporter -What are your plans for them?
“Well hell, I don’t know.” He said. “I wish I hadn’t grown any of them at all. They’re all over the place now. Some of the damn things are sprouting legs and walking around the farm. My wife is scared out of her mind of the damned things.”
The National Reporter – They are growing legs and walking around? That is amazing.
“Yeah,..amazing. You can have the whole lot of them.” he said.

Zack Efram isn’t sure what he is going to do with these amazing potatos and we have learned that the Idaho department of agriculture may seize his farm to prevent the spread of his living organ potatos as they have been declared a biological threat.
As always, The National Reporter will stay on top of this story as it unfolds.

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