Man who tried to mug Alison Angel gets fifteen years in prison

Don't mess with this chick! Victorious Alison Angel posing like Rocky Balboa on the L.A. county court house steps after her assailant was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

The National Reporter

The man who tried to mug adult film star Alison Angel was found guilty today on all the charges.
Alison Angel sat with her friend and karate instructor Gianna Michaels as the jury read the verdict to the packed courtroom.
Her assailant, 24-year-old Abdul Mustafa was found guilty of trespassing, assault, attempted rape, possession of a knife and possession of a controled dangerous substance.
Officials discovered a sizable amount of heroin concealed on his person when he was booked into the county jail last December.
When the verdict was announced, Miss Angel and Miss Michaels lept to their feet and hugged each other.
“We were so afraid that they were going to let him go, you know how the courts are.” Miss Angel told The National Reporter.
“I was so glad when the judge handed him fifteen years in the slammer.” Miss Michaels said. “I hope he likes having big Bubba as a roommate for the next decade.”

Abdul Mustafa, who still hasn't fully recovered from the beating he received from Alison Angel, is seen here hobbling into court for his sentencing.

After the trial, Miss Angel walked out side followed by a crowd of news reporters and struck up a victorious pose imitating Sylvestor Stallone in the movie ‘Rocky’ when he ran to the Philadelpia city hall and stood on the stairs surrounded by hundreds of his fans.
Miss Angel showed off her new purple athletic shirt with the Gojo-Ryu Karate emblem on the front.
As you may recall from the original report on the case, Miss Angel holds a brown belt in Goju-Ryu Karate and her friend Gianna Michaels who holds a third degree black belt is her instructor.

Read the original report here

“I wanted the shirt to psyc out the creep when he saw her wearing it.” Gianna said. “That Goju-Ryu fist caught his eye as soon as he limped into the courtroom on his crutches. He knows what it means and he better respect it.”
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16 Responses to Man who tried to mug Alison Angel gets fifteen years in prison

  1. if you’re blonde, hot, and knows karate, you should be allowed to do whatever you want!

    world for blondes!

  2. Haggi says:

    Any relationship to buck Angel ?

  3. Fubsy says:

    Hey guys, this story is a fabrication! A brilliant one…The Onion would be proud of your perfidy, lol!

  4. JohnT says:

    I have to agree with Fubsy. I know Alison personally. She doesn’t know karate. She did defend herself pretty good recently when a group of guys tried to rape her one night while on a stroll. She held them OFF long enough for people to reach her and help her fend them OFF. By the time the police came the situation was over. Even though she doesn’t know karate she still is a very tough lady, she has to be to keep her husband in line.

  5. Aston says:

    This is completely real. I know because I live in the area and I followed this story on the nightly news.

    • Aussie 41 says:

      Completely real? LOL. The photo above is fake and anyone with common sense would see and accept this.

      The head is of a lighter color then the body and so was photoshopped in and is of a male living in The UK who mugged a ex-boxer and got the injures you see in the photo.

      • Tigerwood says:

        Any one with common sense can tell you that this site is a parody.
        Someone without a shred of common sense would be all upset running around trying to prove what people with common sense already know.
        This is a joke site.
        None of the story’s are real.
        Go get some common sense, retard.

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    • Yeah, right……………..

    • The farting robot says:

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  7. Miriam says:

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    need your contact.

  8. climatiseur says:

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  9. Ray. Guthrie says:

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