Rapper Kanye West #1 suspect in empire state building feces fiasco

The observation deck of the empire state building attracts thousands of visitors a week.

The National Reporter

Rapper Kanye West who is best known for his compulsion to upstage celebritys with ourageous interruptions is suspected of defecating high atop the empire state building on the observation deck.
“I saw him walking away from the area where it ( the poop) was discovered and he was pulling his pants up, you should have seen the look on his face when I snapped his picture,” Harvey Lowell said.
Mr. Lowell gave The National Reporter a copy of his famous photograph so that we could share it with our readers.

Kanye West is seen here fleeing the scene of the crime while quickly pulling up his trousers.

The National Reporter is not going to say he is guilty of public defecation or not since we are not in the business of starting rumors or making things up, but after examining the photograph it becomes very clear why the NYPD considers Kanye West the number one suspect in the case.
The fece’s was removed early this morning by the special investigations unit and is expected to be flown to Washington for a full analysis in the FBI’s forensics lab.

NYPD taping off the scene of the crime.

The reason why kanye West is the number one suspect in this case isn’t just because of the damning evidence and the photograph.
It is because he has done this sort of thing before.
In November 2008 he urinated on his dressing floor at the MTV awards show in England.

Kanye West pee’s on dressing room floor

The NYPD and the FBI have asked for any witnesses to come forward who may have seen who is responsible for this filthy act of vandalisim.
Your name and address will be held in the strictest confidence.

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8 Responses to Rapper Kanye West #1 suspect in empire state building feces fiasco

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  2. Pelican neck says:

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      • B. Panther says:

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