Katie Couric’s bombshell confession; “I had explosive Diarrhea on national television.”

The National Reporter
During an exclusive interview with The National Reporter , television news reporter Katie Couric recalled her most embarrassing moment in front of the television cameras.
“It was about five years ago.” She said. “I was doing a special show on the dangers of drug abuse when all of a sudden I felt nauseous and there was a sudden surge of pressure in my stomach.”
The National Reporter – Oh dear,..what did you do?
“I knew I was in trouble, I could feel myself getting very ill and I was going into a cold sweat. The pain in my stomach was beginning to overwhelm me, I felt like I was going to pass out at any second.” She said. “Then just as I felt like I was going to hit the floor, A gush of steaming hot liquid filled the seat of my pants and trickled down my leg. I was already in a panic attack when the awful stench rose up from my chair and stabbed into my nostrils, I almost threw up when I smelled it. It was awful.”

Instantly the seat of my pants filled with vile hot fluid, it was the worst day of my life.

The National Reporter – What did you do,..did you try to conceal it?
“The person interviewing me knew I had just soiled myself and so did the camera man. He zoomed in on my face just in the nick of time. The diarrhea began soaking through the fabric of my pants suit and it became quite visible. It was the most embarrassing moment in my entire life.” She said. “And to make matters worse, I was still struggling to keep myself from passing out cold which made it very difficult to speak while keeping a smile on my face.”
The National Reporter – It must have been quite an ordeal for you, but at least you were able to finish your interview without the viewing audience being aware of what had just happened.
“Yes, I am glad I was able to hold myself together. It would have been devestating to my career if I had passed out and fell out of my chair with my soiled rump staring up at the television cameras.”
The National Reporter – What happened after the interview?
“I got up and left as fast as I could, I was so embarrassed.” She said.

Run Katie,..run!

“I ran outside to hail a cab, it was pouring rain outside. I was hoping that a car would speed by and soak me with a big splash of water, but It didnt;t happen. I stood there for ten minutes trying to hide my face so that no one would know who I was. I could hear people behind me whispering the word diarrhea and snickering. I was humilated beyond belief and I will never forget that day as long as I live.”

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One Response to Katie Couric’s bombshell confession; “I had explosive Diarrhea on national television.”

  1. Willie brown says:

    Wow, I remember seeing that episode!
    I knew she was sick, she looked like she was going to pass out at any second.
    I had no idea that she blew a gusher in her pants.
    Wow, just,..WOW!!

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