Encrypted monument carbon dated at 65 million years old unearthed in Belize.

Bizarre monument was unearthed 75 miles west of Belize city.

The National Reporter
A team of archeologists searching for remnants of the meteor that struck the Earth 65 million years ago that is theorised to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, uncovered a bizarre granite monument last week 75 miles west of Belize city.
The huge stone monument, which is made of a type of granite that is not indigenous to South America, has symbols engraved on it that has left scientists completely baffled.
High resolution photographs of the strange markings have been sent to several linguistic labs around the world in the hope that someone might be able to decipher them. 

Archeologists examining the 65 million year old stone monument that they had unearthed.

“What we have found is very strange.” Said Professor Williams of Caltech. “Aside from the strange markings, the stone monument is right on top of the K-T boundary which would indicate that it was placed here immediately after the meteor struck the Earth.”
The National Reporter – So, what you are saying is that there may have been humans around at the time?
“What I am saying is that there was some sort of intelligent beings around who survived the meteor strike, this monument is proof of it. ” he said. “Whether or not they were human is the puzzling part of this since the human race didn’t come into existence until millions of years after the event.”
The National Reporter – What about an alien life form?
“There is that possibility, it would be foolish to rule it out.” He said. “When we decode the markings we should have a better idea who placed this here and what it means.”
The National Reporter was personally invited to go down into the dig by the team to get exclusive photographs of the monument and the strange writing. 

Close up view of the monuments strange markings

“We trust the The National Reporter for your integrity and for reporting the real story, unlike the tabloids who make things up.” Team member Sally Wostan said. “If they ever got a hold of this story before The National Reporter had a chance to inform the public with the truth, heaven only knows what sort of silliness they would fill their heads with.”
The National Reporter has been granted exclusive rights by the team to report any developments in the mystery surrounding this strange find and we will keep our readers updated on all these findings as they unfold. 
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5 Responses to Encrypted monument carbon dated at 65 million years old unearthed in Belize.

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  2. Ioan Radita says:

    Radiocarbon dating is a technique that uses the decay of carbon-14 (14C) to estimate the age of organic materials, such as wood and leather, up to about 58,000 to 62,000 years. How is possible to date granite monument 65 65 million years old ?

    • Ace Flashman says:

      The scientists who did the carbon dating on this bizarre monument used a special type of carbon dating that works on inorganic material such as stone.

      Thank you for reading The National Reporter and we hope you return real soon!
      The staff of The National Reporter.

      • Why is there nothing out there about this other then your story? No follow up, no other source? Explain that one, provide a link to back up your claim.

  3. This story was covered up by aliens.
    They deleted every piece of information on the internet to hide it from you.

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