Banana face wins 75 dollars in local store contest

Albert Dreken (banana face) receiving 75 dollar check from store owner Buck Stilman.

The National Reporter
Albert Dreken has never had much luck in his 19 years until he took a chance and bought a raffle ticket at his local hardware store.
“The ticket cost a dollar, but I had a feeling that I should risk it.”  he told us.  “I don’t know why I had such a carefree attitude that day, but I went for it and I am happy I did.”
The National Reporter – How did you find out that you were the lucky winner?
“They had the drawing two days before I found out that I had won.  No one showed up to claim the prize, so they wrote the winning number on a big piece of cardboard and put it up in the store window.
I was walking by and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check my ticket to see if it was the winner.”
The National Reporter – What did you do when you discovered that you were the winner?
“I felt pretty good about it.” He said. “I can really use the money.”

Albert Dreken (banana face) felt pretty good about winning the raffle.

The National Reporter – What are you going to do with your winnings?
“I was thinking of maybe putting most of it towards my electric bill and keeping a few dollars tucked away for a rainy day.”
The National Reporter – Perhaps you can take your girlfriend out for a movie and dinner.
“My what?”
The National Reporter – You can invest your money in stocks and bonds. You never know, you might get lucky again.
“I don’t want to push it.” He said. “Just because I won big this time doesn’t mean I will do it again.”

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