Michigan teen face’s 15 years in prison over misunderstanding

The National Reporter
Bryant Gissepy 16 of Reed city Michigan was arrested last week at Reed city high school after he had assaulted a teacher and gone into a rage of destruction all because he misunderstood a word.
For the third time in a week, Bryant had arrived late for school disrupting the class and annoying his teacher.

After being late for three days in a row she had enough and decided it was time for him to see the principal.
“I told him that because of his tardiness he would have to go to the principals office.” Bryant’s history teacher Ellen Parks explained. “As soon as I told him that his eyes widened and he glared at me angrily. The next thing I knew I saw stars and I felt myself  hitting the floor. I don’t remember anything after that.”

Bryant's teacher, Ellen Parks didn't know what hit her.

Witnesses say that Bryant become enraged as soon as his teacher said she was sending him to the office because of his tardiness.
“She was talking to him in the front of the class and all of a sudden he just hauled off and slugged her in the face.” Sally Porter, one of Bryant’s classmates told us. “We thought he killed her when her head hit the floor. She didn’t move at all.  That’s when Bryant went wild and started wrecking the room. He was tossing chairs around and smashing things.  Everyone ran, even the boys.”

Bryant went into an uncontrollable rage when he was told to report to the office for his tardiness.

When Bryant had smashed everything he could in the classroom, he stormed out the door and headed towards the office.
All the students ran to get out of his way as he stomped down the hallway punching lockers and kicking doors.
A minute later he barged into the office and started smashing everything  as the staff ran for cover.
“I didn’t know what was going on.” Mrs. Leesky,  the secretary told us.  “This kid just kicked the door in and started screaming insanely and trashed the office.”
“I thought he was on drugs.” Miss. Ryan said. “I ran out the other door and called the police from the pay phone in the hallway.  After I had called them I looked back inside and he was in the principals office throwing everything he could get his hands on around the room. He was over turning the furniture and breaking everything in sight.  He looked like he was completely out of his mind.”


Bryant's fit of rage finally ended in the principals office when the police arrived and subdued him.

The police arrived  a few  minutes later and confronted the insane teen in the principals office.
“That kid was out of his mind.”  Sgt. Dooley said. “His eyes were wide as saucers and he was frothing at the mouth.  We had to use the taser on him to bring him under control.”
The National Reporter  Do you know what set him off?
“From what we have found out after questioning him at headquarters  he misunderstood his teacher when she told him to go to the office for being late for class.”
The National reporter – How could he have misunderstood that?
“Well, when she said it was because of his tardiness, he thought she was making fun of him.  He thought she was calling him a retard and she was sending him to the office for his retardedness.”
The National Reporter was present at Bryant’s trial and according to his testimony his classmates had been poking fun of him all semester calling him a retard and a dummy.
He explained that when he thought his teacher was calling him a retard as well, he had enough and just flipped out.
He claims that he does not remember much of what he did and has apologised to her for punching her.
If convicted, Bryant face’s up to fifteen years in state prison.

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