Astonishing discovery; Massive cave found in NYC’s central park

Aerial view over central park showing the location of the cave entrance

The National Reporter
A massive cave network estimated to be as extensive as Monmouth caves in Kentucky, has been discovered in New York city’s central park.
The cave entrance was discovered by accident a little less than a month ago when a dog chased a ball into a rarely traveled wooded area.
The National Reporter asked the NYC parks commissioner how such a huge cave located in the middle of the worlds largest and most populated city could have remained undiscovered for all these years.
“Well,.I guess the reason no one has ever stumbled on it is because there is nothing but city folk living here.” He said. “City folk don’t know the ways of the wilderness, so they are less likely to wander off the paved paths to go exploring in the bushes. They would get lost.”
The National Reporter – That would explain why all caves in the U.S. park system are located in the country. They were all discovered by country folk who know how to explore the bushes beyond the beaten path.
“That is correct.” He answered.

The entrance to the cave lies hidden in the bushes about fifty feet from the well-traveled path, covered with greenery it is barely visible even up close.

the well conceled entrance to the cave lies around fifty feet from the well-traveled pedestrian path

Once inside the well hidden entrance, the cave opens up into a palatial chamber.
Scientists have already begun digging for artifacts in the main chamber and have found nothing interesting so far.

Just inside of the mouth of the cave is an enormous chamber.

The cave continues on for a few hundred feet until it comes to a pit that is around five hundred feet deep.
The National Reporter donned the special gear provided by the NYC spelunkers society and went down below with the team to explore the subterranean chambers.
In one small alcove there was an old rusted out model T ford that had been sitting for ages.
No one knew how it got there or what happened to the owner.
it is speculated that he ended up in the cave by accident and perished when he became trapped.

The National Reporter's Ace Flashman seen here repelling down into the five hundred foot deep cave pit.

A model T ford that somehow ended up at the bottom of the deep pit in an alcove. There was no trace of the owner.

As we explored farther into the extensive network of tunnels and chambers, one of the team members noticed some drawings on the walls.
We all huddled in for a closer look and it was obvious that they were prehistoric cave paintings.
They were later estimated to be over 250 thousand years old.
The style and techniques used in the drawings are remarkably similar to cave paintings found in Europe.

Cave paintings estimated to be around 250 thousand years old

The fantastic central park cave is closed to the public for now, but is expected to open up this summer in mid July sometime.
There will be a brand new paved path leading to the entrance so that it will be easy to find and an elevator is being installed to take visitors down the deep pit where they can explore the subterranean chambers and view the prehistoric cave paintings.
There will be several brand new McDonald’s, Burger king and Kentucky fried chicken restaurants opening up on all levels of the cave as well as retail stores, movie theaters and a new branch of the Chase Manhattan bank.
For added security there will be new police sub stations on every level of the cave.
Plan on making a special trip to central park cave with the entire family!

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28 Responses to Astonishing discovery; Massive cave found in NYC’s central park

  1. Trish says:

    I have tried to verify this story and can find nothing else but your story. If this story is true, why isn’t the Internet flooded with stories of it? Just curious. Would love to know who owned the Ford and the story behind how it got there…

    • Ace Flashman says:

      It is easy to dismiss a true story like this when the main stream media refuses to acknowlege it.
      Fortunatly, The National Reporter is not intimidated by controversial news storys and we refuse to back down from reporting a news story simply because larger news services cower in fear of losing any credibility by reporting them or they are located in dangerous places.
      The reason why you couldn’t find any other sources about this story is for the simple fact that The National Reporter is the ONLY news service with reporters who were brave enough to repell down into the depths of the unknown on a thin rope as witnessed in central park.
      The main stream media was there, this is true.
      But their reporters wet their pants when they peered down into the blackness of that bottomless pit.
      Only Ace Flashman, star reporter for The national Reporter, had the guts to decend into the cave with the brave sperlunkers and together, they made history.

      Keep reading The National Reporter for more ground breaking news storys from around the nation.
      And remember, if you read it in The National Reporter, you probably won’t read it anywhere else because only The National Reporter has the courage to publish controversial storys.

  2. Steven Pazienza says:

    McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC inside the cave?? That is awful , I greatly dislike the obese American society and everyone who eats at those establishments. I am a New Yorker since I was a baby and to flood history with gluttony like this is purely pathetic and greedy.

  3. When I was a kid older brother told me about a cave in the ” north west part of the park but I never got to go see it. That was 1973 and the memory lingered until I decided to check on the net about it today. I am so surprised that no one knew of this. My brother told me there were a good number of people who knew of it and that they would go there to get away from the stresses of the city.

  4. mash says:

    mcdonalds, chain of fjhbaskjfdbgai eww! eww! off course theyde take a natural wonder and shit all over it!

  5. David C says:

    LMAO….this is awesome.

  6. Craig Grant says:

    Wall paintings 250,000 years old ?????????????????????? A model T looking like that after dropping 500 feet into a hole ?????????????? Interesting that the oldest cave paintings are about 42,000 years old. These paintings at 250,000 would of blown the scientific world away not to mention they are on the American continent some 225,000 + years before we suspect humans inhabited America

    • Mister Frisbee says:

      Bull. You just copied the picture and put it in your flicker account then came here to lie about it with your made up story..
      You liar.
      Why are you such a liar?
      Does it make you feel like you are better than everyone when you lie?
      You are a monster and no one likes you.
      I wish I had a million dollars.
      That would teach you a lesson. .

  7. brandon says:

    people definately knew about it, a new yourk family lived in it during the depression of the 1920’s!

  8. C. D. weller says:

    i’m in it right now. They got wifi

  9. I’m a native New Yorker and there is a cave in Central park but I find the size of this one incredulous. It’s been used in films.

  10. There is a small cave in the park discovered in 1857. here’s the link from the NY Times archive. google Indian caves to find it.

  11. Yappp says:

    They should definately encourage local busiinesses rather than allowing chains to just take over the cave-mall. We have so very few giant caves in the middle of cities and it would be a shame for yet another one to be full of starbucxxes and baby-gaps.

    As for the cave paintings, a little pressure-washing ought to clear up that problem.

  12. It’s so funny reading all the comments with so many actually believing that this is a true story and no effort was even made to make it so but quite the opposite! I guess this just shows how gullible people really are.

  13. Travis Mark Hilton says:

    I have found the entrance to the cave i’m going to upload photos on my Facebook

  14. Travis Mark Hilton says:

    They should just leave the cave system alone why must the city built it to their own

  15. Travis Mark Hinton says:

    Well I went looking and I’ve ventured but it just wasn’t the cave the National reporter was talking about. There is a cave but it is sealed off except for a small part where a racoon lives. I made attempts to go in and some otjer the guys too but couldn’t so the pictures above does not exist in Central Park… Damn shame…

    • Ace Flashman says:

      That is a shame you couldn’t obtain any photographs of the cave.
      The National Reporter often pays thousands of dollars for interesting photographs as long as they are real and not photo shopped.
      We insist on real images and reject anything that isn’t real.

      Join the thousands of new readers who come here each week and enjoy the exciting news reports from The National Reporter!

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  17. Ace, darling!!! You and Mummie should grab a coffee sometime very soon at “21” or The Russian Tea Room and discuss our scoops and sources!! I think we’ve got a lot in common… oh! ..and I’ll ask my pal Weegee to join us! He sends his warmest regards!! Xoxoxo, Sybil Bruncheon!

  18. Macka says:

    i am actually going to die of laughing most of you gullible people must have issues o believe this rubbish

    • Macka says:

      oh yeah and the car is photoshop, theres barely any grammar throughout the whole thing, and u use a picture of a crevice and then escalate it to some huge cave entrance.


    • Casualsex says:

      Only idiots need to come forth and declare that the story is fake,
      All of us “gullible” people know it is a joke.

  19. John Gordon says:

    This is WONDERFUL ! I love this story. I grabbed that hook and plunged it right thru my jaw. It was not until I got to the part about fast food and retail, that I discovered just how gullible I can be. My favorite past time is mind freaking people and I really enjoy it when when somebody gets me. I happened across this sight and I will put it into my rotation. Kudos Mr. Kent !

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