Mysterious boulders falling from the sky over small Oklahoma town.

The National Reporter
During the last two weeks of August,  residents of Enid Oklahoma had been coming under attack by mysterious boulders falling from the sky.
“We didn’t know where they were coming from.” Life long Enid resident James Claver told us. “We would know when the damned things were coming because we could hear them whistling through the air, and then a second later all hell would break loose.”
Residents theorized that the boulders may have been meteorites that were coming into the Earths atmosphere at a very low angle and skiffing along the nearby lake cooling the surface, which of course would explain why they were not red-hot as meteors usually are.
While the meteor skiffing on the lake theory was the most widely accepted theory, some of the towns folk believed that evil spirits were at work. 

“I ain’t falling for none of that scientific clap trap.”  86-year-old Greg Haspen said. “I’m telling you this is evil powers at work.”
Greg’s wife, Arlene had a different idea as to where the mysterious boulders were coming from.
“They’s rolling down the mountain because of avalanches.” She said.
“There ain’t no damned mountains around here!” Greg snapped.
Other residents had some unusul theorys, unfortunatly The National Reporter  did not have enough time to interview everyone.

Clockwise from top left. Kitchen wall damaged by ten pound boulder in first reported attack. 11,000 Lb. Boulder crashed through this man’s roof and sliced his sofa in half. 700 Lb. boulder smashed into the rear end of a car. Massive boulder crashed into the front of this residence sending the homeowner to the emergency room.


“It all started out looking like typical kid stuff.”  Sheriff Mack Futotrile said. “I answered the first call which I just assumed was vandalism.  A ten pound boulder had crashed through a woman’s kitchen window and ripped a big hole in her wall.”
The National Reporter -When did the more serious attacks begin?
“Two days after that first attack, a massive boulder fell from the sky and tore through an elderly gentleman’s roof and ended up embedded in his living room floor after it sliced his sofa in half.”
The National Reporter- Is it true that someone was severely injured when boulder crashed through the front of their house?
“Yes, Marvin Young, a retired electrician.” He said. “The boulder crashed right into the front of his house while he was watching television. He was hospitalised in very serious condition.”
The National Reporter – We also heard a report that flaming bundles of wood fell from the sky and caused a few fires.
“Yes,. one home burned to the ground as a result of the burning wood.”

Top left; House struck by three ton boulder is on the verge of collapsing.
Top right; Giant boulder came from out of nowhere and smashed into this concrete wall.
Bottom; House on fire after being struck with an enormous bundle of flaming wood.

On the night of September 7th, Sheriff Futotrile and his department got a break on the origins of the mysterious boulders.
They received an anonymous phone call instructing them to stake out Peach St. around noon the next day and to keep their eyes peeled for boulders flying up into the sky.
The next day Sheriff Futotrile and his deputy’s concealed themselves along Peach street and watched the sky.
At around 1:30 pm their lucky break finally came.
They spotted a huge boulder streaking skyward from the back yard of a nearby house and the deputy’s quickly converged on the property.
They immediately spotted two teenagers hastily trying to hide a homemade wooden contraption of some sort in their garage.
It was later confirmed to be a a catapult.

Arrested for destruction of private property, attempted murder, arson and reckless discharging of a lethal weapon, were two 17-year-old high school students, Ben Garner and Thomas Greenspan.
Both are being held without bond at the Oklahoma youth detention facility.

Top; Ben Garner and Thomas Greenspan.
Bottom: Homemade catapult that terrorized the town for weeks.


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2 Responses to Mysterious boulders falling from the sky over small Oklahoma town.

  1. Marshall Brown says:

    This explanation seems highly unlikely. Look at the small wooden catapult made up of a few wooden two-by-fours. It appears capable of tossing a basketball over a single story home, but not much more. Now look at the size of the boulders that fell from the sky. Read their weights; 700 to 11,000 lbs, the smallest of which would be impossible for two teens to move at all, nevermind lifting and positioning them onto this tiny little catapult without crushing it. Lifting boulders of this size would require a good sized crane. Tossing them up into the sky would require far more energy than any ordinary catapult would be capable of producing.

    • gee whiz says:

      Correct. Anyone believing that stupid crap would be at as smart as those two mental cases look. That ole man had the best answer, but his wife…? ….mental….

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