What a find! Cache of Nazi gold unearthed in Georgia

Nazi gold

One of several crates of Nazi gold discovered buried in Frank Johanson's back yard.

The National Reporter
When Frank Johanson received the bad news about his septic system last summer he was already at his wit’s end.
The lifelong resident of Nahunta Georgia had lost his job five months earlier and just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, his wife Linda left him for his best friend Jason.
To add insult to injury,  right before she left she made sure to drain every cent out of their joint savings account.
For the next few months after that she belittled him in front of every person in town saying that he was a dud in bed and behaved efeminatly behind closed doors and enjoyed wearing her bra’s and panties.
She promised that she would never go back to that ‘fag loser’ as long as she lived.
And now on top of all the things that have gone wrong for him in the past few months, he was being handed an estimate for $11,000 to repair his clogged septic system.
“I thought I was done for.” Frank Johanson told The National Reporter.
“When I saw the estimate for fixing my septic tank I nearly passed dead away.  I couldn’t believe how much they were charging me just to put in a new pipe.”

Frank’s outlook on life turned completely around on the morning of July 22nd while watching the back hoe operator dig a huge hole in his back yard.
“I didn’t have anything else to do, so I pulled up an old lawn chair and watched them rip up my back yard.”  He said.  “When the hole really started getting deep the bucket snagged on a piece of old wood on the side of the hole and pulled it out.  When the bucket moved aside I could see a dark hole had appeared.”
The National Reporter – What did you think when you saw that hole?
“I didn’t know what to think.”  He said.  “I told the back hoe operator to stop digging then I climbed down to get a better look.  When I got right up to it I could see that it was a box of some kind.  The first thing that went through my mind was that it was a coffin.”
The National Reporter – Didn’t that give you the creeps?
“Oh, you bet.”  He said.  “But what’s worse if it turned out to be a coffin then I would have had to dig it up and rebury it at the local cemetary at my own expense.”
The National Reporter – What happened next?
“Well, I put my face up real close to see what was inside the box.  I couldn’t see anything because it was so dark in there.  Then I pulled off another piece of the old rotten wood to make the opening bigger.
To tell you the truth, I fully expected a skull to roll out.”  He said.  “When I had opened the box up a little more and looked inside, I could see something glimmering in the dim light, something yellowish.   I reached inside and grabbed it,  it was very cold and heavy.  When I pulled it out into the bright sunlight to get a better look at it, I thought I was going to faint dead away.
It was a solid gold ingot with German writing all over it and it had a big Nazi swastika stamped on it.

As soon as I saw all the German writing and stuff  I knew my grandpa must have had something to do with it.  He was in the American army in Europe during WW2 and he built this house.”
The National Reporter – Why didn’t your grandfather ever say anything to anyone about all this gold he had hidden in his backyard?
“He died at a very young age.” Frank explained. “He was killed in an auto accident just a few years after the war, so I guess no one else knew about the Nazi booty he had buried in his backyard.  I guess he never said anything to my grandmother about it either.”


Frank Johanson dancing for joy after discovering several crates of Nazi gold buried in his backyard.

“My life has completely changed thanks to this wind fall.” Frank told us. “I have millions of dollars in gold and the best part is, my wife Linda has forgiven me and returned home!”
“I have always loved him.” Linda said, as she hugged Frank in their basement gold vault.
“I never said any of those terrible things about him.   Mean people made all that stuff up to keep us from getting back together.”

Back together

Estranged wife Linda has forgiven Frank and returned home

The National Reporter wishes Frank and Linda well and we hope they enjoy the massive wealth that Frank’s grandfather risked his life stealing from the Nazi’s.
The last time we saw the happy couple, their good friend Jason was giving them a ride to the bank so they could put all the gold into a joint savings account.

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10 Responses to What a find! Cache of Nazi gold unearthed in Georgia

  1. you know who says:

    First of all Frank Johanson is a liar. Hey Frank i know how u really got that gold cause I put it there myself with a friend of mine. Didnt think i would remember did u? Dont forger who has the wishes still buddy. Ill give u one chance to let the truth be known before i make a wish youll regret. Everybody should be able to look and tell those are fake doctored photos. First there are no shadow under your little jump like there should be and the other photo with u and ur girl is fake too. Another doctored photo. im the one who made the deal with u and u take advantage of me. U of all peaple should know what i can do to u.

    • Boe says:

      Frank im sorry for that post above. I am not the one with the wishes nor will i ever wish harm on you or any other person in this world. I just wanted you to tell the truth about where it came from. I am born again Christian who sinned earlier just by writing that post above. See the person with the wishes might be true but the power of prayer and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is by far the most powerful and true thing on this earth. Ask for forgivness and repent of your sins and our Lord Jesus Christ will save you. Get Baptized as soon as possible to repel all evil in your life. God Bless You.

    • rick says:

      all them picture fake as hell he wish he found so many gold the box dont even have any dirt on there lame ass people xx

  2. david MacPhail says:

    So you think that grandad just came back from Nazi Germany with a truck load of gold and buried it in the garden? Yeah like the army would say “Yeah help yourself to one of our trucks and by the way take as much gold as you like.” Like the Jewish community would say “Yeah keep our grandparents gold which is rightfully ours and good luck.”
    This is a wind up.

    • Jackson46 says:

      The gold rightfully belongs to the people who were swindled out of it in the first place.
      Jews are swindlers and scam artists who robbed the German people blind during WW1 and the Wiemar republic.
      Underhanded Jewish thievery and hatred for Gentiles was the main reason why Hitler wanted to deport them out of Germany.
      What makes you think all the gold belongs to the Jews?
      The Germans looted gold from all over Europe.
      How could such a small ethnic group be in control of so much gold if the story’s of their thieving ways are lies being passed around by antisemites?

      • Tom Bustion says:

        Those are some really good points you made there Jackson46.
        I never thought about it before.
        How did such a small ethnic group like the Jews acquire so much wealth when the rest of Europe was struggling to rebuild their nations and economies after such a devastating war?

  3. Gary says:

    This it 100% total BS. Fabricated story. As Trump has repeatedly said Can’t trust the media. None of them.

  4. andrea ma]cgonaghue says:

    Sheer unbridled unforgiving hate is evident in these abhorrent emails. Sheer unAmerican1

  5. I am real says:

    I am the descendant of an SS General living in the usa. Wir sind wieder DA! You will never know what I know. Say bye bye to the usa- enjoy your homosexual marriage. We won.

    • Mrkoolio says:

      So you are the descendent of a criminal who was immoral scum? Congrats. “You will never know what I know.” Wow. Isnt that fascinating? If you knew snything of importance, you would be happynto broadcast that fact. You have zero….so you imply you know some big secret. Following that flaw in your character, you say, “we won.” Actually, Germany could have easily won, but you underestimated your enemy and overestimated you military savy. Plus, you were led by a 150 pound socially inept lunatic. The allies crushed you. Americans are always underestimated. We win wars we should have lost because our military is the finest the world has to offer…..and we just never give up…..as did your scared little hero ….refusing to stand trial and defend all his conduct. Plus, Germany is now a socialist country with Angela Merkle running it.

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