Confirmed! NYC streets are haunted by the spirits of horses

Horses circa 1800's

NYC Fire horses circa 1850

The National Reporter
Before the advent of the automobile, the streets in our large city’s were teaming with horses hauling cargo and passengers.
In those days horses frequently lost their lives due to accidents, over work, heat and exhaustion.
The death toll among these noble beasts of burden was frightening.
It is said that there is not one inch of NY city streets that had not been the scene of death for some unfortunate horse.
When you consider the thousands of miles of streets in NYC, that is an incredible number of horses.
Paranormal researchers have been investigating reports from local residents who claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions of horses walking the streets.
The National Reporter asked one of these witnesses to describe what he saw last summer on a hot calm July night around 3:00am.
“I couldn’t sleep because of the heat, so I went out on the stoop to smoke a cigarette.” He said. “As I sat there I could swear there was something big moving along the street right in front of me.
It was the damnedest thing, I could just barely make out the shape.
But from what I could tell, was a horse.”

Other witnesses have similar story’s of barely visible horses walking past them on the streets late at night, some have even claimed to have seen their ghostly outlines in broad daylight.
But whether or not any of these story’s are true can not be verified nor should they be considered absolute proof that such things exist.
The National Reporter Contacted the Canadian Academy of Paranormal Research and Investigation ( CAPRI ) and invited them to investigate the strange occurences on the streets of NYC.

On their very first day they made remarkable findings with their special ultra violet paranormal imaging cameras.
In broad daylight they were able to capture the image of a ghost horse walking through a group of bicyclists and joggers.
The people on the street were completely oblivious to its presence.

Ghost horse shit through special ghost lens

In this enhanced photograph, a Ghost horse can be seen walking right through a group of NYC residents out for their daily exercise. CAPRI technician Gus Fowler in Tyvek suit scanning ghost horse manure in foreground.

When the image was take, CAPRI technician Gus Fowler said he had detected a strong presence of ghostly residue right in front of him.
His hand-held ectoplasmic microspore monitor was clicking like crazy he said.
Then it went through the roof for some reason, he had no idea why until the film was developed and he saw it for himself.
“Well, I’ll be,.. that’s why my detector went crazy. A horse ghost walked right behind me.” He said.

Over the next few days the CAPRI investigators staked out streets that were very busy in the 1800’s and had a high number of horse deaths.
On their second day they noticed a group of mounted police officers getting ready to ride out to central park for their patrol.
One of the horses was acting nervous and kept swinging its head around looking back.
The officer kept telling his mount to calm down, he had no idea why he was acting so skitterish.
CAPRI quickly snapped two photo’s of the scene.
On normal view and one enhanced by their special equipment.
What they saw when the photo’s were developed was absolutely astonishing.

Ghost horse humping

The police officers horse was being mounted by a ghost horse

The ghost horse was trying desperately to mount the police officers horse.
“I guess instincts from life remain after death, at least they do for horses.” Gus Fowler said.
What was really perplexing to the CAPRI investigators was the large amount of ghostly horse manure piled in the streets.
In some places it was neck-deep.
“It’s a good thing its ghost poo and no one can see it, feel it or smell it.” Camera technician Mary Albright said.
She pointed to a large crowd of people standing on the corner on the other side of the street from us waiting for the light to turn green so they could walk across.
“The horse ghost manure is over their heads right there, it’s about nine feet deep.” She said. “It’s kind of funny because they have no idea.”

Miss Albright swung her camera around and took two quick photo’s of a young lady crossing the street right in front of us.
She turned and smiled when she saw the flash of the camera, although she seemed a bit confused as to why we were chuckling.
There was a rather huge pile of ghost horse manure directly in front of her in the cross walk.
“What’s so funny?” she asked, smiling.
We both smiled back and told her to be carefull where she is walking.
The girl turned around and gazed at the cross walk for a few seconds and shrugged her shoulders.
Then she plodded right through the big pile of manure completely unaware of it.
The pile was so massive it reached her knee’s.

Watch out for that pile!

The young lady had no idea what was so amusing to us as she plodded through the heaping pile of ghost horse manure completely unaware of it.

Over the next few days, CAPRI was able to document the presence of hundreds of ghost horses and massive deposits of the ghostly manure they leave behind.
Although it poses no health threat because it is just ectoplasma, CAPRI felt the need to document it as well.
The ghost horses seemed to prefer one large open area frequented by joggers, pedestrians and bicyclists for some unknown reason.
It was quite a mess, fortunately no one knew about it.

joggers tracking through droppings

This wide open street seemed to be a favorite rest stop for the ghost horses. A ghost horse can be seen on the right side of this enhanced photograph.

The National Reporter stayed on the scene with CAPRI as they snapped hundreds of Photos in this particular area.
“If these people knew what they were walking in there would be a riot.” Gus Fowler said.
Mary Albright laughed out loud when she saw two women joggers sitting right on top of a huge pile of fresh horse ghost manure sipping spring water and talking.
Right behind them no more than three feet away, a ghost horse was busy unloading a seemingly endless stream of urine on the ground.
It was splattering right in the women’s faces and yet they were totally oblivious to it.

If you or anyone you know are interested in this phenomenon,  the CAPRI researchers are still on location and welcome the public to view their research.

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10 Responses to Confirmed! NYC streets are haunted by the spirits of horses

  1. Jenny Lyonics says:

    PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!! losers!!!! lmao.

    • Ace Flashman says:

      While many of our photographs may appear to be Photoshopped, It is merely an illusion generated by the mind in conjunction with the amazing storys The National Reporter covers.
      The reporting staff at The National Reporter prides themselves on their abilty to cover storys in a professional manner that the mainstream media refuses to report. You can rest assured that the staff at The National Reporter works diligently to seperate true storys from fabricated storys.
      Every story we publish is true and carries The world famous and highly respected seal of honesty from the International Reporters Association.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond and we hope you will continue to enjoy our highly informative news storys from across the nation.
      The staff of The National Reporter

  2. mort goldman says:

    Ace ,you have a huge talent for writing sci-fi fantasy!This story is great but I especially loved the one about the cat skeleton with the human head found in the great pyramid.Why don’t you stop wasting your talent and start developing a screenplay. I am sure M Night Shyamalan would be extremely interested in your work!

  3. Bri says:

    Hoping very much this is a joke and these photos are meant as such. Of not, well, next time find someone who knows equine anatomy. Photo #1; horses neck is too long; actual proportions would put the nose behind the guy. Photo #4 horse is waaay too big. Don’t even try to say it’s a draft because it obviously isn’t and I have drafts.

    • Billybutton says:

      The horses neck just looks like it is too long because it is a ghost horse.
      Ghost horses can contort their bodys into any weird shape they want.
      I am an expert on ghost horses because I live in New york city.

  4. Laci lutz says:

    Omg that’s so funny I love this kind of stuff and me and my mom are going to NYC soon so ill keep my eyes sharp and ready b sure I don’t step in horse crap 😉 lol

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