A free prize in every box; Girl finds 1 pound block of hashish in her cereal box

Free prize winner

Janet Chow;It's party time!

Janet Chow sat down for breakfast the same way she always has.
But when she poured out her cereal last week an unexpected surprise plopped into her bowl.
A 1 pound block of pure turkish hashish with an estimated street value of over fifteen thousand dollars.
“I didn’t know what it was at first, I thought is was a big clump of brown sugar.” she said. “but when I smelled it I knew that it was definitely not brown sugar.”
The National Reporter – when did you find out what it really was?
“My friend Jeannie came over about fifteen minutes after I found it and she is a drug user.” she said. “I showed it to her and she sniffed it, then her eyes popped opened and she started jumping around all excited and told me it was brick of primo hash.”
The National Reporter- Did you notify the authority’s when you found out what it was?
“Oh hell no!” she laughed. “Me and Jeannie have been smoking it all week and selling little pieces of it to kids down at the school yard.  We made over two grand already and the kids are lining up to buy more.”
The National Reporter – What are you going to do with the money you make from selling it to the school children?
“Buy more!” she said. “This stuff is great!”

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