chameleon pervert on the loose, wears disguises to get his thrills

crafty homo uses disguises to get his cheap thrills

The chameleon pervert caught on surveillance video doing his thing in a hotel rest room.

The National Reporter
Police in New York city are on the look out for a pervert who uses his craftiness to conceal his presence.
The chameleon pervert has been spotted several times lurking around rest rooms wearing disguises designed to camouflage himself while still remaining in plain view of his victims.
“This guy is causing a panic.” Sgt. Wayne Tully of the sixth precinct said. “We are getting at least two calls a day from terrified people who have had the misfortune of crossing his path.”
One witness said he saw him lurking around the mens room at Grand central station dressed up like a towel dispenser.
“The towel was attached to the front of his disguise so that when a ususpecting person used it to dry his hands,..well you know.” he said.
Another witness claims that he saw the chameleon pervert hanging around a bicycle park disguised as a bike parking rack.
“Guess where your bike tire went.” He said.”I’ll give you a hint. His ass was up in the air and he was smiling.”
The NYPD has stepped up its search for this menace and have created a special task force to hunt him down.

If you spot the chameleon pervert please call the police hotline immediately.
Your name will not be released.

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