Annoying teen arrested; harassed girls over the phone for months.

fag boy

Self posed photo of Jason Weriker singing to a girl he had just dialed at random.

The National Reporter
Teenage girls in Lyndonville, Vermont were breathing a sigh of relief today when they learned that the annoying person, who the local television news station had dubbed, “The Emo telephone crooner” was finally apprehended by the police late last night in his home.
Jason Weriker, 18 of Lyndonville was arraigned early this morning in district court on 328 counts of telephone harassment and using an electronic communication device to cause emotional distress to minors.
The National Reporter  went to Lyndonville to get a first hand account of Jason’s telephone harassment from some of his young victims.
“I mean, he like, you know, just sang this stupid song he like made up, you know?” 17-year-old Karen Winston said.
“It was all like, “I love you and I want to prove it by mutilating myself” stuff. And I could like,..hear him playing his crappy toy guitar to it as he sang, you know?”
The National Reporter – What did you say to him when he called you?
“I was just like,.. Oh I am so suuuuure!  Then I like, slammed the phone down and junk, know?”

Very pissed off girl

17 year old Karen Winston was hoping mad when the notorious Emo telephone crooner kept calling her up to sing morbid Emo love songs to her.

The National Reporter  visited another victim of Jason’s relentless telephone calls, six-year-old Tammy Turner.
“This weird guy kept calling me up singing scary songs to me.” She said.
The National Reporter-  Can you describe them to us?
Tammy nodded her head, yes.
After a few minutes of silence we asked her if she can remember what he sang to her.
“He sang really crummy and he was playing a toy guitar that sounded stupid.” She answered.
The National Reporter- Do you remember the words to the music he sang to you?
Tammy nodded her head  and we waited for another minute for her to say something.
The National Reporter – What were some of the words he sang to you?
“He said he was going to cut his skin off with a razor blade because no one loves him, then he started crying and said he loves me and he wants me to get a tattoo of his face on my hiney.”
The National Reporter  -Did you tell your parents about this?
“Yes, they called the police and the police came to our house and I told them what he said to me.”
The National Reporter – Are you happy now that he has been arrested?
“Yes, I hope he goes to prison forever because he stinks like doody and he is ugly too.”

angry six year old  girl

Six year old Tammy Turner; he wanted me to get a tattoo of his face on my hiney.

The National Reporter  went to Lyndonville high school to talk with some of Jason’s classmates to find out what they thought when they found out he was the Emo telephone crooner.
They were all laughing about it when I walked into the classroom.
“I’m not surprised that it turned out to be Jason.” 16-year-old Stephanie Wright said.
“He was really weird and he cried a lot in class. I mean, he would just start crying during class for no reason at all. Then he would get up and run out of the room and go to the nurses office.”
“Last year he took off all his clothes in the boy’s room and he wouldn’t come out.” Diane Johnson said. “The cops had to come drag him out in handcuffs.”
“He asked me out two weeks ago and I was just like,..Eeeeww,. no way, you know?” Barbara Laskowitz said.

female victims glad he was caught

From left to right; Diane Johnson, Stephanie Wright, Barbara Laskowitz.

For now Jason Weriker’s family has not been able to post the $50.000 bond set by district court judge Eli Weiner and he is being detained in the county jail under suicide watch until his trial comes up in June.
The National Reporter went to the jail late this afternoon to speak to Jason.
He was in a very sullen mood when we met him.
The National Reporter– What compelled you to make all those phone calls to the girls?
Jason began sobbing uncontrollably.
“I just wanted to sing my songs to everybody, but everyone hates me.” he sobbed.
The National Reporter- can you tell us why you told a six-year-old girl to get a tattoo of your face on her rear end?
“I wanted her to love me for who I am and not hate me like everybody else does. If she got my face tattooed on her rear end it would prove that she didn’t hate me. I was going to get one of her on my hiney if she got one of me first,..I’m telling the truth.”

jason behind bars

Jason Weriker speaking to The National Reporter from his jail cell; I just wanted to sing my songs to everybody, but everyone hates me.

The National Reporter would you mind singing one of your songs to us?
“What,..right now?”
“If that is alright with you.”
Jason’s lips began to tremble as tears welled up in his eyes.
He brushed his hair away from his face and began singing.

“Why don’t you love me?
Why do you hate,hate,hate me?
You make me cry when you hate me so, I want to take poison and die all day long.
Oh how I wish I can die, because everybody hates me.
Now I am dead and everybody is happy.”

As soon as he was finished he looked up at me, he was trembling and trying smile. tears were streaming down his face.
The National Reporter -Wow,..that really sucked. No wonder you got arrested.
Jason started bawling loudly and threw himself onto his jail cot.
“I don’t want to talk to you anymore”  He wailed,  “You hate me,..go away!!”
A few seconds later the jailer came in and told me my time was up and I had to leave.
The National Reporter  will be on hand when Jason is brought to trial in June.

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