Worlds first female sumo wrestler flattens polar bear in exhibition match

Fisrt female sumo wrestler

Fans of Sumo wrestling were stunned by Janeen Browns awsome power.

The National Reporter
Janeen Brown wowed the audiance at Japans famous Budokan arena last week when she became the first female competitor in the sport of sumo wrestling.
For her very first exhibition appearance, Janeen who weiged in at 1167 Lbs. wrestled with a 1214 Lb. polar bear named Chin chin.
“When they see me whoop this bear they is going to show me the respect I deserve.” Janeen said before the match.
When she walked into the arena she was met with boo’s and hisses from the male audiance.
Most of the fight attendees were confidant that Chin chin would end Janeens sumo career within moments after the match started.
But to their shock and horror, less than one minute into the match chin chin was pinned underneith Janeens sizable girth struggling to escape.
The referee, fearing for Chin chin’s life, stepped in and ended the match.
As soon as Janeen rolled off of him he got to his feet and scampered out the door with his tail between his legs amid the boo’s and cat calls from the angry crowd.
“No way did we think fat yankee woman would beat Chin chin, but fat woman beat Chin chin. We all very angry at stupid bear.” life long Sumo fan, Tanaka Wakanaka said.
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29 Responses to Worlds first female sumo wrestler flattens polar bear in exhibition match

  1. Her body is huge and so butt big like a airbag she so big she can crushed you.

  2. wow…………she’s so skillful…..i feel sorry for chin chin………….best of luck janeen………

  3. andy says:

    she must be very strong!

  4. drew says:

    I’d like to be her’s ……me and my brother like you.

  5. j-wreck says:

    daaayyyyuuuummmmm girl i be ya chair any day,an ass like dat damn

  6. Yorgustine says:

    Ya, to be spacious in the trunk as her is to have beep when backward locomotion.

  7. Tanaka Wakanaka says:

    Stupid bear bring great shame to Sumo.
    I there, I very angry at bear Chin Chin, want to cut head away from him.
    Stupid fat yankee woman smell and is great with fat and obessity.
    Not wish to her much lucck with sumo carrier, stupid bear ruin sumo!

  8. Tanaka Wakanaka says:

    Foook you bear! Foook you!!!

  9. I Really do NOT Doubt that there can be Afro-American Girls strong enough to Flatten to death Not only a Polar Bear, but even an ELEPHANT !!!!!!!
    But, I think than this Particular photo, is a FAKE. An Absolute FAKE !!!!!!!

    I do not think that All of is was created by 3Ds Max / Maya or any other 3D editing software;

    Do not believe me, Just look at the Photo Again.
    Look at the Sumo Girl.
    Look at the Polar Bear (Chin Chin).
    Also, look at the Background, the “Sumo” ring – Do you see the Smudge marks ?
    Look again at the Outline of the Polar Bear. Doesn’t it feel Artificial ?
    Doesn’t the Outline of the Black Sumo Girl (“Janeen Brown?”) feel Artificial ?

    Well, to me it seem that Three Different Photos,
    (One with a Polar Bear lying on its back, another with a Topless, Fat Black Girl,
    and another photo showing some sort of starting ceremony Before a Japanese Sumo match) were used, and that the Sumo-Girl, the Polar Bear and the Sumo background ceremony were ALL put together using a Photo Editing software Tool like Adobe Photoshop, to create this single photo on this site.

    Relative to the purpose of doing it, it maybe either;
    1) a Simple Practical Joke or
    2) a Deviant art Creation done by an Enthusiast of Black-White, Male-Female, mixed wrestling

    However, when I saw both the (edited?) Photo AND read the Article about it, I realised that one could view it in a different light.

    It maybe an Attack on the Japanese Paradigms of RACISM, and MALE Domination.
    I) A Male? White (and usually Fierce Meat Eating) Polar Bear nearly KILLED by a Topless BLACK Girl.
    II) A Male and or Pro-STRONG – MAN Audience first BOOed the Black Girl, thinking the White Bear will Destroy her Career,
    But in the end, it was the White Bear who was Nearly Killed by the Black Girl ( and the White Bear was later Booed by the crowd ).
    TABLES were TURNED – “BLACK GIRL” Totally Destroys “FIERCE WHITE Male? BEAR”

    Good Luck to Black Feminists (and Black Girls) reading this Article.
    Ignore the part about the Editing, and Challenge The RACIST White (and RACIST Japanese) Males, and DEFEAT Them (Kill them ALL).

    Best Regards,

    • Humanracematters says:

      You did a very good job exposing this obviously racist story.
      I thought it was real until I read your in depth research.
      All white supremacists should be rounded up and forced to swim in the Ganges river.
      A good dose of diseases and bacteria from all the shit and dead bodies floating down the Ganges will learn them!

      • Thanks.

        Please spread the Word to as many people as possible.
        For all its Good points I find many serious Drawbacks in Japanese Culture (Modern and Ancient).eg Mercillus Killing of Whales and Dolphins – and they like to Call themselves Buddhist.


    • OlaP says:

      Yes your right its total fake. A 1200 lbs polar bear is as mighty as it gets… this bear in this fake footage is a very young bear, no way near 1200 lbs. Not only that… it would had overheat in this conditions, still making a short work of a fat woman. And the referee is a dwarf compared to her, yet is the polar bear no way NEAR 1200 lbs compared to HIM. And look at her ass, its pretty close to the camera but still the nose of the polar bear is in front of it(!)

      • Thanks for your comments. They are very objective.
        I do not intend to insult any race, culture or any species of animal.
        However, we should as much as possible try to recognize and Expose malicious Media, which helps to Build and Enhance False Images of Animals and Human Beings.

        I do not really know Why, the creator of this fake photo did this.
        It could be to Insult Japanese Racism (both Polar Bears and Japanese are White, the Woman is Black.), where the ends are good and the means are bad.
        If it is to insult Black people (and Japanese people), then both the end and means are Bad.

        (Two things I Really Hate in modern Japanese culture, is their tradition of Killing Whales and Dolphins.)

        However, if on the other hand, we are to get the best of all culture and nations for the good of the world, then it is best not to rely on fakes (photos like this may have a purpose as an Art form, and Not as a representation of a Realistic image.)

        Japanese are good in inventing technologies, but the Black people are far better than them in sports.

        Best Regards (and appreciation for your comments),

      • I believe that the author of this story intended it to be humorous as they did with all the stories on this site.
        Obviously the photo isn’t real, an idiot can see that.
        Your in depth analysis of the photograph really wasn’t necessary for the rest of us to spot the fakery.
        After reading your exasperating revue of this story it made me realize that it takes a certain type of character to read racism in everything they see.
        You, Ravi Madanayke, fall into that category.
        You are an indoctrinated servant of political correctness who has taken it upon himself to police the words and ideas of others in search of improper thought.
        You are no different from the children in Nazi Germany who turned their own parents into the Gestapo for saying something amiss about Hitler.
        The appearance of People like you is an early warning sign that human civilization is about to come crashing down and we are all going to be absorbed into the globalist nightmare.

      • You are entitled to your opinion.

  10. Well gosh, thank you for your generosity.
    In a few years no one will have that entitlement.
    Keep policing the internet for improper thought Ravi.

    • Thanks Charles. Like you I too am against the New World Order and Globalism.
      Only, I did not think my comments would seem too globalist.
      All culture (even mine) have their drawbacks. But they all together make up the diversity of mankind.
      Wiping them out in the name of “Socialism” and “Political Correctness” is really not the right thing.
      Thanks for your comments too.
      However I stand by my opinion that Animals, Women and Minorities should not be made fun of in a dehumanizing way.
      Having said that, anybody who intends to do such a joke, is free to do so, at-least in the name of Free Speech, and I simply do not think they should be harassed.

      As Voltaire said, even if I do not agree with your opinion, I should risk my life to defend your right to your opinion (although at present I still do not have the courage to risk my life for anything !).

      Best Regards,

      • “However I stand by my opinion that Animals, Women and Minorities should not be made fun of in a dehumanizing way.

        When someone posts an image of themselves on the internet that makes them look ridiculous, they are voluntarily opening themselves up to ridicule.
        The image is obviously photo shopped and no doubt whoever made it used it because it is so funny.
        The only one to blame is the obese woman in the photo who posted a picture of her big fat ass on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

        By the way Ravi, why is it that you think only Animals, Women and Minorities should not be made fun of in a dehumanizing way?
        What about White Christian males, the people the politically correct hate with a passion?
        I think you may had a slight infection of cultural Marxism despite your dislike of globalism.
        Read this and you will get an idea of how you have been groomed to be a puppet by the very people you detest.

  11. Brittnay polanc says:


  12. Brittnay polanc says:

    I thought the bear was a fake

  13. John Bell says:

    Janeen Brown Please email me @

  14. John Ashe says:

    All of these comments and not one person wondered how a bear became a professional Sumo wrestler?
    Chin Chin has retired form Sumo wrestling and is now a commentator.
    Meanwhile over in South Korea, a king Cobra who is also a concert pianist is planning a world tour.

  15. Spaceflightengineer says:

    …some of the worst photoshop ever.

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