Woman goes door to door selling kisses to save public pool

Kissing booth

Teresa Johnson; I am doing what I can to raise money for the community pool.

The National Reporter
Teresa Johnson, an 18 year old community activist, came up with an idea to save the public pool in her small town.
A portable kissing booth so she can raise money by going to to door selling kisses.
“It’s very tiresome with all the footwork, but it has been well worth my efforts.” She said with a smile.
Well worth her efforts indeed!
So far Teresa has raised nearly 11 thousand dollars and at 25 cents a kiss, she has been a very busy young lady.
Once the news of her door to door kissing booth spread, the teenage boys and young men in her town couldn’t wait for her to knock on their doors.
“I bought 20 dollars worth of kisses when she came to my house.”
James Adams, 21 of Bakerston street Said. “I heard she is going to be on Bleeker street tomorrow, me and all of my friends will waiting for her with our money!”
If she keeps up her good work, the community swimming pool will be open for business next summer looking like new.

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