Acid peeing robot dog causing problems in NJ town

Robotic dog pees acid

Zipper the wonder dog has local residents fearing for their safety

The National Reporter
Residents in Colonia NJ are up in arms over a robotic dog that is wandering their streets.
“The robot dog is really cool to watch walking around, but the damned thing pee’s hydrochloric acid all over the place!” Hugo Riley of Normandy road said.
Damage done by the dog is clearly evident around town as evidenced by this fire hydrant on Inman avenue.

melted hydarnt

Scene of robot dogs destructive urinating.

Township police have issued a warning to all residents to stay away from Zipper the wonder dog.
“Our animal control people have tried everything possible to catch Zipper, but he is too strong. He has freed himself from steel box traps as easy as tearing out of a wet paper bag and tranquilizer darts just bounce off of him.” Woodbridge police chief William Trenery said.
For the time being, Zipper the wonder dog is still roaming the streets of Colonia destroying everything in his path with his never ending hydrochloric acid rest stops.
No one knows who built him or where he came from or for what purpose anyone would create such an abomination.
But one thing is for certain, if you see Zipper the wonder dog headed your way, run for your life!

Zipper the wonder dog

Zipper prowling a Colonia shopping center parking lot looking for something to destroy with his acid.

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One Response to Acid peeing robot dog causing problems in NJ town

  1. Cal from colonia says:

    Me and my friends totally saw this robot dog and we tried to catch it.
    It was like, no way man! then it sprayed us and ran away.
    I bounced a cynder block off of its head but it just bounced off and didnt do anything to it!
    We were all like, holy shit man did you see that bounce off its head!
    We followed it down Inman ave to the creek that runs next to the liberry.
    It crawled down into the creek and went into the sewer pipe that goes under Inman ave and it disappeared.
    We were like, holy shit, it totally disappeared in teh sewer pipe!
    I think that is where it came from.
    Me and my friends are going to go int teh sewer and find out where it is.
    I bet there is a secret lab down in the sewer and the government built it down there.
    We will find out and maybe get some pictures for national reporter.

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