Talking gorilla recalls past life as fighter jet pilot

Talking gorilla

Bombo the talking gorilla speaking to spell bound scientists at UCLA

The National Reporter
Bombo the talking gorilla, who is the feature attraction at the San Diego Zoo, this week astonished a panel of scientists from UCLA when he told them that he can recall his previous life.
He claims that he was a North Korean jet fighter pilot who flew several mission over North Korea in the opening months of the Korean war and shot down many Yankee running dog lackeys.
A panel of UCLA scientists, both young and old, listened intentively as he described his previous life in meticulous detail.

gorillas audiance

Mesmerized scientists at UCLA listening to Bombo the talking gorilla discribe his past life.

The scientists were very sceptical of his claim and gave him a few tests to prove it.
They took him to the aeronautics museum and placed him in the cockpit of a North Korean MiG that they have on display and asked him to explain the function of all the instruments.
To their amazment, Bombo the talking gorilla pointed to each dial and gauge one at a time and explained precisly what each one did with 100% accuracy.
The scientists were speechless.

When the news of this amazing paranormal event reached Kim Il Jong, the president of North Korea, he demanded that Bombo the talking gorilla be repatriated with his home country immediatly or the United States will face dire consequences.

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